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This is a tiny house for rent on a private farm in China Spring, Texas which is located about 12 miles northwest of Waco.

The home is listed over at the Tiny House Marketplace on Facebook for $1,150 per month, small dogs are allowed with a deposit. It has an outdoor area, kitchen, bathroom, and a large bedroom that doubles as a living area. What do you think?

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Tiny House on a Private Farm in China Spring, Texas for $1,150 per month

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This is to let you know about this Minnesota Tiny House vacation experience hosted by Kim on Airbnb. The tiny house is located right on Minnesota Lakeshore out of Faribault, Minnesota.

It’s a 267-sq.-ft. home on wheels, parked with an oversized deck, all overlooking the lake which you can kayak on if you want to. Did you know, this THOW was featured on Tiny House Nation back in 2015, it’s on Season 1, Episode 8, according to the Airbnb listing? You can probably watch the episode on Amazon.

The family that owns it lived in it for 4-and-a-half-years, but once their kids grew up, they decided to have more space. So now they share their tiny house with the community as a vacation rental experience. How cool is that?

267-sq.-ft. Family-friendly Tiny House Vacation in Minnesota (Lakefront!)

Family-friendly Tiny House Vacation in Minnesota Lakefront via Kim on Airbnb 001

Images via Kim/Airbnb

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This is the Snails Away Tiny House Rental in Bloomington, Indiana.

It’s a custom-built tiny house on wheels built by Carpenter Owl available to book on Airbnb.

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Snails Away Tiny House Vacation in Indiana

Snails Away Tiny House Rental in Bloomington Indiana via Annie on Airbnb 001

Images © Annie/via Airbnb

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This is a 100 sq. ft. tiny house located on a tiny farm in Victoria, BC, Canada.

It is featured on Airbnb for rent at $80 CAD per night.

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Tiny House on a Tiny Farm in Victoria, BC For Rent!

Tiny House on a Tiny Farm in Victoria, BC

Photos via Airbnb

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This is The Sabine, a Tumbleweed Cypress Model at Austin’s Original Tiny Home Hotel in Texas.

If you’re looking to vacation small, but don’t just want a room, this place is adorable. It even has a downstairs bedroom which I would love in my own tiny house someday. Minus an oven, the kitchen has all you need to enjoy a self-catered holiday (or you could experience the Austin food scene!). Take a look!

Book your stay here and get contact information for Tumbleweed below!

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The Sabine: Tumbleweed Cypress Model at Tiny House Hotel

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Last week we shared Tiny House Finder with you, but today we want to share Try It Tiny, a new website specially designed for those wanting to rent a tiny house or land to put one on!

The site allows “Hosts” to sign up and share the tiny house they have for rent, or land they are willing to share with a tiny home. “Guests” can then rent the home or land after creating an account.

Unlike most Airbnb tiny houses for rent, those on Try It Tiny can be long-term rentals (although you only rent for 90 days at a time, and renew every 3 months).

This is a resource I think we’ve all been waiting for! Check out one of the homes for rent below.

Try It Tiny: Rent Tiny Homes and Land On This New Site!

Images via Try It Tiny

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If you’ve ever wanted to take a tiny house vacation I think this is yet another great option for doing just that.

There’s nothing better than trying out tiny before you make the huge commitment to downsize into a tiny house.

It can take a really long time, a good amount of money, and a lot of hard work to design and build your own tiny home.

So it’s really smart to give it a try before you do all that just to make sure that it’s something you can see yourself doing for a long time, don’t you think?

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8’x12′ Tiny House Vacation in Austin, TX


Images © Airbnb

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