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While there are plenty of tiny house villages popping up around the country, few of them allow you to outright purchase your own lot. In most cases, you bring your own tiny house and pay a yearly lease. Peacewind in Florida, however, has a number of lots where you can own a little lot and the tiny house that sits on it. You’ll pay a small HOA fee while enjoying legal tiny house living.

Braveheart Properties Of Brevard in Cocoa, Florida is a 501( c) ( 3) nonprofit that developed Peacewind, a tiny home and small cottage community offering long-term solutions for tiny homes as a permanent residence. Jinkie Echols is the founder and President. Peacewind is a legally zoned and code-compliant tiny home and small cottage community.

Learn more and take a look at the village below!

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Florida Tiny House Community with Lots for Sale

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This is a 5.44-acre property with multiple tiny houses in Ashland, Oregon. It could be a great opportunity for the right person looking to live tiny and/or to give others the opportunity to do so too. Take a look!

According to the Zillow listing, there are a total of 9 structures on the property, a solar system, a water system, and other interesting features. Lots of possibilities here. What do you think?

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Multiple Tiny Houses On 5.44 Acres In Ashland For Sale (Sold)

Multiple Tiny Houses on 5 Acres in Ashland OR via Zillow 001

Images via Zillow

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This is the Tudor-Style Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom and it’s on the market out of Portland, Oregon.

You can see it for yourself via the listing on Zillow through the WVMLS. According to the listing, the seller pays $530/month lot rent, this deal may be transferrable, otherwise, the tiny house can be moved. Take a look! It’s very luxurious (and expensive)! What do you think?

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Tudor-Style Tiny House For Sale

Tudor Style Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom on the Market via WVMLS Zillow 001

Images via WVMLS/Zillow, MLS#20410920

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