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This adorable 240-square-foot tiny house on skids in North Carolina was built by Bonsai Homes and purchased by the current owner, who has been using it as a guest space and is now interested in selling it. They’re asking $69,950, and it’ll need to be moved professionally since it’s not on a trailer.

The cabin has a double loft configuration which is connected by a large catwalk, making it easy to move from one side to the other. A U-shaped kitchen makes it easy to prepare meals, and there’s a cozy living room space with a built-in bench. The bathroom has a laundry set-up, shower stall, and residential toilet. What do you think?

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240 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home on Skids

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This tiny house appears to have been built from a fancy shed base, and the result is stunning! The great thing about tiny homes on skids is that you can increase the width. This one is 14 feet wide, and that provides plenty of space for bonuses like a walk-in closet and an under-the-stairs sewing nook.

The home also has a large kitchen with plenty of cabinets for food, dishes, and small appliances. Plus, the living room has an area for an office. Two loft bedrooms provide sleeping space and additional storage. It’s for sale for $55,000 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

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Beautiful Shed-Turned-Tiny Home on Skids

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This is an excellent skid foundation tiny home that takes advantage of not being tied to the size of a trailer. At 14×24, it feels extra spacious inside, especially in the great room where the living room, dining space, and kitchen all combine.

The additional width also allows for a first-floor bedroom or office space. And the bathroom has plenty of elbow room! There is a large loft for storage, sleeping, or guests. All that, for $57.5K, is for sale now in Indiana.

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14×24 Tiny House: 431sqft and $57.5K

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Affordable tiny homes are tough to come by with all this inflation, but this tiny house on skids built by Cargo Cabins offers a full-time living option for just $27,000!

There’s no loft, but rather a futon allows the main room to go from living space to bedroom. A galley kitchen gives you a spot to prep food, and there’s a bathroom in the back with a residential toilet and tiled shower. What do you think of this design?

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No Loft Nordic-Inspired THOW w/ Deck

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Shed conversions are such a great way to get the main structure of your tiny house completed inexpensively. But this 320 square foot tiny house for sale in Jasper, Georgia is more than a shell — the inside has been finished out with plumbing, electrical and some basic built-ins to make it move-in ready!

Both the inside and outside are white and bright, and the inside has two lofts (one easily fits a queen bed). There’s a spacious living area with a built-in workspace, and a kitchen that’s nearly completed. In the bathroom you’ll find a shower stall and composting toilet. The whole thing can be hooked up to a generator for off-grid living.

It’s only $22,500, and there are so many ways you can customize it! Contact the seller here.

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$22.5K Shed-Turned-Tiny-House For Sale in GA

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Christine Plum (@plum_construction) sold her Houston home and put all her equity into buying a small home in Galveston, Texas and fixing it up. She did all the work herself, and turned it into a vacation rental she later sold.

But after remodeling, she got into designing and building homes from the ground up! She’s now on her fourth tiny house project after completing and selling three beautiful homes under 1,000 square feet.

This home was the first one she built, doing all the interior work herself. It’s called the “Tiny Gem” and is an Airbnb rental now. At 400 square feet, it includes a downstairs bedroom as well as a loft bedroom for kids.

Want a Plum Tiny House? Contact Christine here! Enjoy the photo tour…

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Christine’s Tiny Gem: Plum Construction

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This is a 14 x 32 Lake House (not on wheels) with a downstairs bedroom that’s for sale in Malone, New York.

It was built by Tiny Houses, Miniature Mansions LLC and is listed for $26,000.

This beautiful Lake House, Tiny Home, Cabin, Camp or Rental is for sale. It is stunning with just the right touch of modern meets rustic. Come on inside “everyone says it seems bigger inside than it looks from the outside.” Has a main entrance, front has outswing French doors to maximize space plus numerous windows for that open feel that lets natural light in. This house will need a shower installed (but has a large bathroom), plumbing, and the floor to be insulated (We could get the floor insulated prior to delivery). We can provide the name of a very responsible hauler that will deliver anywhere in the US.

Enjoy the pictures and use the contact form at the end of the post to contact the seller.

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New York Cottage: 14×32 Lake House You Can Buy

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This is a Tiny Timber Chalet that was for sale in the United Kingdom back in March of 2017. This page is now archived.

It’s on skids so it can be transported by crane or truck, and it’s a lovely and simple structure with a spacious loft bedroom, full kitchen a wonderful living room space. I really love the roof design because I think it adds some much-needed headroom in the loft. Read about why and how the couple built it on the last page!

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Timber Chalet in the UK

Images via Gumtree

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This 32′ tiny house on skids for sale is a guest post by Jimmy

This 32′ tiny home was built by my kids and me with love and energy-efficiency in mind.

It’s 8 ft. wide by 32 ft long. It actually has two bedrooms! And it’s built on skids for easy transport.

I also have a 1/2 an acre for sale if someone needs a place to keep the home. No restrictions on the land, you can pretty much do anything on it. I’m asking $16k for this tiny house.

32′ Tiny House On Skids For Sale

Jimmy's 32' Tiny House on Skids For Sale

Images © Jimmy

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