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Micah, Jana, and their son Silas moved from Birmingham, Alabama to the San Francisco Bay Area for a work opportunity but they weren’t prepared to pay the high price tag to rent an apartment.

Instead, they contracted a tiny house building company, American Tiny House, to build their tiny house and the family has been vlogging about their experience on YouTube.

Family of Three’s Tiny House Life

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is the Hogan tiny house family.

Below, you’ll get to tour their tiny home and enjoy our exclusive interview with them so you can learn from their experiences.

From the outside, you’ll notice that this family of four lives in a tiny home on wheels!

Inside, you’ll find they have everything a family needs – kitchen, laundry, living area, bunk beds, master bedroom, and more!

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Hogan Tiny House Family: Interview and Tour

Hogan Tiny House Family 001

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Wonder what family life in a tiny home looks like? Check out this family’s wonderful and whimsical tiny house built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

The roof line resembles a wave and swoops over dormers on either end of the house. Half-circle windows follow the contour and allow in natural light. The metal roofing has a purple hue, which compliments the bright blue trim around the bottom of the house. Horizontal pine clapboards and uneven shingles cover the middle of the home.

Inside, however, the colors are far more muted. Pine covers the walls and floors, and creates most of the furniture. The kitchen includes open shelving, a fridge, and a small oven. A nifty pull-out/collapsible table sits in the living space near the couch decorated with cloud-shaped pillows. Upstairs you’ll see something very unusual: two lofts connected by a glass bridge. The childrens’ bedroom is on one end with toys and couch beds, and the parents’ queen-sized bed is on the other end of the walkway. For more information about what it’s like living in a family tiny home, check out their blog.

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Family’s Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home

Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 001

Images © Crystal Zull Photography

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This is the story of a young woman, her partner James, their great dane dog named Denver, and their two babies who are all living together in their 232 sq. ft. DIY tiny house that they built and expanded upon as their family grew.

Over the past few years, their family has grown exponentially – and I’m not just talking about Denver gaining 140 pounds! Macy and James have welcomed daughter, Hazel, and their newborn son, Miles, into the tiny house, but not before adding on an additional living space. Originally the house had an attached covered patio, but they recently enclosed the space to create a shared bedroom for their children.

In this tour, Macy tells us about living in a tiny house with children and speaks about plans for the future. Hazel (18 months) gives us a tour of her new bedroom, which she will one day share with her brother.

At the time of filming this tour, Macy was nine months pregnant. Her son, Miles, was since born on October 1st, 2015. Today the “Mini Motives” tiny house is 232 square feet and accommodates two adults, two babies and a great dane!

Tiny House with Two Babies, a Great Dane, and Mom & Dad!

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This custom 32′ gooseneck trailer tiny house on wheels was built by Greg Parham, of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, for a family of three (husband, wife, toddler, plus a dog and a cat).

The family wants to simplify their lives so they can pay off their debt sooner. They named this tiny home on wheels the Rio Grande. It took Greg about 6 weeks to custom build it for them.

Inside you’ll find beautiful built-in furniture, spacious sleeping lofts, fully functional kitchen, a full bathroom, mini split A/C system, beautiful custom windows, and much more. Please enjoy and re-share below.

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Family’s Custom 32′ Gooseneck Tiny House on Wheels


Images © Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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I’m excited to introduce you to this family of five (plus two cats and a hamster) who are living in a 40×12 tiny house on wheels at a KOA campground. They moved out of a 1700 sq. ft. normal house and into this 440 sq. ft. cabin on wheels. Please read their story in their own words below.

Hi Alex [and Tiny House Newsletter readers],

We have finally gotten our house to where we feel comfortable showing it to people we don’t know (yet). The five of us (plus 2 cats and a hamster) live in our small cabin (on wheels) in a KOA campground. The exterior dimensions are 40 ft. x 12 ft.

We had been reading your newsletter for about a year and decided to build our own cabin. In looking for a property we could rent and use the yard for a construction site, I stumbled upon a listing for this cabin, and it was very close in design to the house we wanted to build. We jumped on the opportunity to go small sooner rather than later, sold most of our stuff, and moved out of 1700 square feet and into this 440 or so square foot cabin. It was an excellent decision – we LOVE it! As is apparent in the video, there are still ongoing projects in the house, but we are very happy with where we are at right now.

I teach philosophy at the local university (Coastal Carolina), and my wife, Laura, has her Masters in forestry and hopes to work as a park ranger during summers when I don’t teach. We also home school the little ones. The kids have made a video tour, which we put on YouTube.

Family of Five Living Tiny in a Cabin


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