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Family’s Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home

Wonder what family life in a tiny home looks like? Check out this family’s wonderful and whimsical tiny house built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

The roof line resembles a wave and swoops over dormers on either end of the house. Half-circle windows follow the contour and allow in natural light. The metal roofing has a purple hue, which compliments the bright blue trim around the bottom of the house. Horizontal pine clapboards and uneven shingles cover the middle of the home.

Inside, however, the colors are far more muted. Pine covers the walls and floors, and creates most of the furniture. The kitchen includes open shelving, a fridge, and a small oven. A nifty pull-out/collapsible table sits in the living space near the couch decorated with cloud-shaped pillows. Upstairs you’ll see something very unusual: two lofts connected by a glass bridge. The childrens’ bedroom is on one end with toys and couch beds, and the parents’ queen-sized bed is on the other end of the walkway. For more information about what it’s like living in a family tiny home, check out their blog.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Family’s Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home

Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 001

Images Β© Crystal Zull Photography

Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 002 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 003 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 004 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 005 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 006 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 007 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 008 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 009 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0010 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0011 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0012 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0013 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0014 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0015 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0016 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0017 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0018 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0019 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0020 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0021 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0022 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0023 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0024 Family's Life in their Beautiful Tiny Home 0025

Images Β© Crystal Zull Photography

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  • Avatar Debbie Johnson

    I love this THoW. I love the deck, and am wondering if it folds up when moving? This inside is the perfect size. Everything about this Tiny House is perfect. Thank you for sharing.

    • Look carefully and you’ll see the hinges attached to the THoW as well as to the deck sections. Thus, they do fold up against the body. What I didn’t see, however, is how they hold it in place. Maybe with either a giant rubber band or shipping tape wrapped around the vehicle. Generally, when decks fold, there are clamping mechanisms visible on the outside walls. Not so here. Even strong springs under the decking wouldn’t hold those planks up when traveling down a hiway at hiway speeds.

      • Avatar Baillie

        There are clamps on the corners and loops on the deck to hook it too. Everything has been thought out!
        Beautiful home! I couldn’t live in loft I need more height to a bed than that but that’s just me. It’s one of the nicest tiny homes I’ve seen! πŸ™‚

      • Avatar Evelyn Kinb

        There are eye bolts on deck and fasteners for them on trailer. They kind of blend I .

      • Avatar Bigfoot

        If you look at the bottom two pics, there are turnbuckles just above where the decks would terminate if folded. One end is captive & the other has a hook which I would assume mates to a ring or something on the deck edge. I’m unable to find the attachment points on the decks from the pictures given. I did not see any info about the decks on their blog.

  • Avatar Ann

    Now that is one of the nicest tiny homes I’ve seen. I wouldn’t be very comfortable on the “couch”, though. And I will not have my bed in a space I’d have to crawl into. Too old for that! Other than that, I like the open spaces it has and the light wood, steps, etc. Beautiful outside as well. : )

  • Avatar LouAnn

    Love the bridge between the lofts ! Perfect for a family with children.

    • Avatar Eric

      Love the loft walkway made of glass. I just LURVE cleaning up visible messes all the time. NoT!!

  • Avatar Carol

    I have looked at a lot of your Tiny House you send to me by email. I have a few favourites but this one has to be the best so far. I never thought of the bridge between the two lofts..What a brilliant idea. Its a wasted space otherwise. They have made the most of space. Good design.
    The window in the bathroom. What a great idea. Attention to detail.

  • Avatar podmate5

    One of the nicest THOW I’ve seen. Would prefer a soft sofa to the bench, but that’s an easy fix. Just beautiful!

  • That is simply adorable!

  • Avatar Patricia Turner

    This place is so pretty and unique on the outside. I like the half moon Windows that fit so well with the roofline. The inside is really functional,, and I love the glass bridge. Safe, and it keeps the kids connected to their parents

  • I love this tiny house inside and out. I did see some Giant Hooks on the body to hold the deck when folded up for traveling. Look closely!! Do you build them in Texas?

  • Avatar Kristina H Nadreau

    interesting and attractive exterior.

  • Avatar Bigfoot

    I really like the exterior design & how they utilized the different materials, textures, colors, & shapes as they work so well together. The roof line alone sets this unit head & shoulders above most of what I’ve seen. Nice! The corresponding feeling of the ceiling inside gives it a unique feel. Almost like your in a spaceship. Lofts for sleeping aren’t my cup of tea, if it was, this would score at the top of the list for sure with that ceiling & catwalk. Bay window in the bathroom with shelving, yes! Fold up/down decks – I can’t understand why more people don’t incorporate this into their designs.

    I got a weird vibe looking at the couch & pull out table next to it. There are all the great curved lines with the ceiling & these things just look uncomfortable & out of place. The sharp straight edges stand out to my eye. The kitchen countertop is nice but I found the continuation of the top all the way down the end of the cabinet to be distracting & busy. One other thing that bothered me was the top stair tread sticking out into the aisle/doorway. I’m tall & this looks like a headache waiting to happen. Please note, these are just my opinions & personal tastes, that’s ALL.

    It’s nice watching people bring their dreams to fruition & this unit is overall way cool !

  • Avatar Gabrielle Charest

    The exterior of this home is just plain fun! The interior seems to fit the family’s needs perfectly. Great job.

  • Avatar Jamie

    Anyone know what the hatch is in the kitchen ceiling?

    • Avatar Bigfoot

      Made me look again:) I did not notice it the first time & a second look gave me a chance to appreciate some of the other things again like the portholes. re hatch ? Maybe when the kids are real hungry they just pop down out of the ceiling. Got me stumped.

      • Avatar Lisa Hartford

        “pop down out of the ceiling” !!! LOL!!! The visuals on this… πŸ˜€
        You’re making me laugh here, Bigfoot.

  • Avatar Brian

    This is great! I think the space is used very well. My only thought would be a tub instead of a shower. That is just personal preference though. I see THOWs and some seem to generally look the same. Quite frankly, they are seemingly becoming a bit mainstream and dare I say “cookie cutter”. Not this one though. It has a well thought out floor plan and the outside design is unique. I really like this overall. Being a woodworker I especially like the counter top.

    To possibly help in answering some questions I read in the comments, or at least offer my opinion. I do see eye hooks on the side of the deck in several locations in order to hook to the turnbuckles for travel. As far as the hatch in the kitchen. The only thing that comes to mind is a possible fire escape route for the children? Mom or Dad being in the kitchen and the children being able to get down to them in their arms. IDK, just a thought on that one.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Avatar Deb

    Wow! Love this design, inside and out. I appreciate architecture that is beautiful and functional. I’d add more cushions to the couch and make the armrests more curved. I’d also add trough sink with a vanity to the bathroom. Everything is a perfect height for me ( I’m tiny at 5′ too, lol). The attachable deck is a sweet bonus!

  • Avatar Deb

    I just saw how they attached the deck. The deck has brackets and lifts up and then it’s held up by hooks and eyes. Very clever!

    Have a great day!

  • Avatar Lisa Hartford

    Talk about snazzy digs! What a place!
    The only thing I’d add would be a slab of covered firm foam and a back bolster to the “sofa” there. My posterior is too bony to take a wooden sofa. The clear catwalk above keeps the space feeling open but allows for the function of flooring; nice one. Love the Mason Jar pullout storage, and that garlic planter is the best I’ve ever seen for kitchen utensils.

  • Avatar Denise

    This is lovely, both inside and out. There is something about wood – despite this one not having pine on the walls – that brings a warmth that white walls never can. It is very well designed except I am wondering with a small child still in diapers, how do they keep the babe from crawling through the guy wire on the glass bridge? That to me is a concern.

    I really, really like the whole interior- it seems too spacious to be a tiny house on wheels and the fact that the bathroom is on the opposite end of kitchen is a big plus. The stove tucked into that small spot is perfect and I bet keeps the house absolutely cozy and is in a safe spot without taking up too much room.

    In the bathroom – SO nice to see a sink in there so one isn’t forced to wash their hands in the kitchen, it has a lot of natural light making it very inviting to be in and perfect for plants to thrive, however, I will never understand why folks go through all the trouble to build one of these stuctures and then put a composting toilet in it. Who wants to have to dump their waste outside on a regular basis and deal with the urine diverter – what a hassle. And what happens if a person is sick to their stomach – do they go outside to take care of that? With a flush toilet, you just push a button, done. But I digress. πŸ™‚

    The outside is absolutely beautiful and a lovely eye draw.

    All said, I give this one an A-. For me it hit a 97% ratio of perfect, the only imperfect being the toilet. For this family, it obviously is working and I trust they love their house so that is what matters.

  • Avatar Jean Garrison

    Love it! Finally some good clothes storage. I really like the cat walk to the other loft.

  • Very nice… I like it a lot that I’m going to ignore the fact that I took a peek at it’s replica cost price tag, and just say it’s a very nice tiny house…!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Haha thanks for the kind words, Zachary πŸ™‚ — Tiny House Talk Team

  • Avatar Large Marge

    We like the shot from the main floor looking up. We thought “Now, that’s an interesting ceiling treatment…”. Later, we realized it was the underside of the catwalk. And we like the catwalk!

    Lack of powered exhaust hood over the cooking area. We don’t care if you don’t care about venting heat and moisture and grease. We don’t. But please, open all the doors and windows BEFORE lighting a gas appliance. Get good ventilation BEFORE that stove and range has a chance to produce Carbon Monoxide.

    Would you run a generator or lawnmower inside your kitchen? Hope not. It’s the same with gas appliances. Sometimes people suicide by running an automobile in a closed garage. Same principle.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Very good advice, Marge! Always want to be careful with gas. — Tiny House Talk Team

      • Avatar Eric

        I get gas all the time. Never killed me so far. Don’t know what the problem is…. oh, you mean… ; )

  • So : how much would this cost ? I looked for $$ but couldn’t find .

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Hi Sydney — not sure about this! Not all families share those details if they aren’t selling it. — Tiny House Talk Team

  • Avatar Lila

    Someone made a comment about the top stair sticking out…
    Well, I think it is used as an arm rest when sitting there and reading. If take a step back and look, the back of the step is long for a back rest and your feet fit comfortably on the step below. Also it looks like the part sticking out, that I think is an armrest or side table for a wine glass maybe, looks like it folds back into the stair. Just my observation, not saying it’s correct, but what do you think. 😎

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      I never saw that! Could be πŸ™‚ What a fun feature — Tiny House Talk Team

  • Avatar Lila

    So I read through their blogs and the builder’s comments and in 2015, the builder says the protruding step was originally to be a step up to the catwalk. Oh well, I still like my idea better. 😎

  • Avatar Lila

    Oh and the owners of the tiny house do not like to discuss finances, because of the nasty comments they have seen for other tiny homes. But the builder says he would charge 80k to build a replica

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Smart people haha πŸ™‚ — Tiny House Talk Team

  • It is just perfect, with the addition of many details that make it unique: the type projecting window (theca) of the kitchen; the two loft areas; and the sympathetic outer coating. I think we should put the safety railings or balustrade with transparent plexiglassresistant panels for the safety of children. OK

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Yes I loved the details! — Tiny House Talk Team

  • Avatar Peter Piper

    I gotta say, that children’s room looks like a LOT of fun! And I’m 66 years old! I like the catwalk, but glass is way too scary for me. I would have preferred wood. The only thing I would have changed is to make the table with rounded corners to keep within the overall style of the house. I kept trying to see the scenery out of the windows. I love the private rural type setting. Made it all the more charming. I always prefer a rural setting for my homes. This showing made my day! Life is good…

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      I love rural spots as well πŸ™‚ — Tiny House Talk Team

  • Avatar Susanne

    It’s not plastic, the catwalk? Glass wood be too dangerous…

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      I think it’s probably plexiglass. — Tiny House Talk Team

  • one of the more attractive houses i have seen. love the connection between the lofts, making access so easy and useful. even the dog could walk over the bridge. but the sitting room is nonexistant, and looks uncomfortable at best. with adjustments, this is by far one of the more attractive and funlooking homes to live in.:-) thanks for so many photos also.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Our pleasure πŸ™‚ — Tiny House Talk Team

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