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Here’s a one-of-a-kind tiny house built on top of an Italian villa in greater Rome. The house resembles a coral reef mixed with some mosaic-Earthship-vibes that make for a truly unique stay!

The single-level tiny house has a private bedroom with a queen bed, a little colorful kitchen with a mini fridge and two burners, and a 3/4 bathroom. There’s both a covered porch and a sunroom, so you can enjoy the space in any weather. Enjoy the tour below!

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Single-Level Tiny House: Living Sculpture

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Everything about this little cottage in the New Hampshire woods calls out, “cute!” From the tiny covered front porch to the perfect landscaping to the white rocking chairs — it’s a quaint getaway that’s perfect for a couple’s retreat or even a solo trip.

That said, besides the first-floor queen bed, there is a loft bedroom for kids. There’s also a normal, residential bathroom, which is great to see in a smaller vacation property. What do you think of this gem?

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Cute & Quaint Cottage For Any Season Vacation

The Porch Adorable Cottage in New Hampshire 11

Images via Airbnb/John

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The biggest struggle with tiny homes on wheels is finding a place to park them — this adorable bungalow solves that problem! Built on a foundation, this home has its own quaint fenced-in yard in Bremerton, WA.

It’s for sale for $270,000 — hardly inexpensive, but you get a great location and the house is impeccably kept. There’s a main living room area, a little galley kitchen, a separate bedroom, and a full bathroom. What do you think?

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One Bedroom 352 Sq. Ft. Home w/ Fenced-In Yard

Adorable Bungalow with Land for Sale Bremerton, WA 6

Images © Redfin

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When rent was about to hike up again, Eric and Gladys wanted to look for a less expensive and more sustainable long-term option. By chance, they landed on the perfect little cottage for sale on Facebook Marketplace that they could put on a wooded patch of land owned by Gladys’ parents.

The 372 sq. ft. cottage is pretty perfect! You walk into the main living area that they have set up with his and her desks. The U-shaped kitchen has full-sized appliances, and the bathroom features a lovely tiled shower. In the back of the cottage is their bedroom (no loft!). Be sure to read our Q&A with the couple after the photo tour!

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372 Sq. Ft. Pretty Blue Cottage in the Woods

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This small cottage in the Tasmanian bush has a rich 100-year-old history. A timber-and-stone creation, it was added onto in the 1970s and has been lovingly renovated in 2011 by the current owners. It’s a lovely blend of old and new that comfortably welcomes guests.

Fresh white paint covers most of the interior and contrasts with the warm wood tones from vintage furniture. Outside, the most remarkable feature is a gazebo area containing a deep soaking tub. This quiet getaway is a lovely spot to reconnect with friends and family.

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Beautiful Tasmanian Cottage Sleeps 6

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This little cottage in Lee, England is popular with walkers and surfers taking advantage of all nature has to offer nearby. While the exterior might blend into the natural surroundings, inside the owners chose a bright and bold color palette.

There’s a bathroom in a separate building, and you can cook on the veranda with a provided camp stove and all kinds of cooking utensils. Then it’s time to enjoy a walk or drink some coffee and take in the views from the porch.

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A Tiny Cabin in the Woods in England

Bright & Bold Cabin with Gorgeous Porch Views 2

Images by Airbnb/Kate

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Now, this is different! The owners blended an A-frame with a Saltbox style cabin and dubbed it a “G-Frame.” I really like how it opens up the interior and offers more loft headroom, while at the same time keeping that cozy A-frame feel inside.

The whole cabin is run on solar power, and heated with the indoor wood stove, and wood stove in the nearby sauna. There is a foot pump sink for washing dishes, an indoor composting toilet, and during warmer weather, an outdoor shower. What do you think?

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A-frame and Saltbox Inspired ‘G-Frame’ Woodland Cabin

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Stevie sent us pictures of the awesome 8×17 vacation cottage he built from an old playhouse. What was simply a shell, he spent the last 3 years transforming into a fully-livable little home complete with a kitchen, nearby bathhouse (plumbed!), loft bed and comfy sitting area.

I actually see these for sale on Facebook Marketplace pretty frequently. Maybe we should buy one and work on making it into an awesome Airbnb cottage!

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Adorable 8×17 Vacation Cottage

Philadelphia Cottage 8×17

Images via Stevie Cunningham

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Sleep where doves used to rest in this quaint stone cottage outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. The little cottage is surrounded by tranquil, mature gardens.

Inside you’ll find a lovely open-concept kitchen and living room, surrounded by stone walls and featuring live-edge countertops and a wood-burning stove to increase the cozy factor.

When it’s time to sleep, you’ll enter the dove’s tower where you’ll find illuminated nesting boxes from ancient times! There’s also a modern bathroom complete with a rainfall shower head. Book your stay on Airbnb.

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The Bedroom Tower Has Ancient Dove Nesting Boxes!

16th Century Dovecot Cottage with a Tower 3

Images via Airbnb/Sarah

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