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This professional organizer had the tiny home of her dreams built by a local carpenter for around $45,000, and now she lives a comfortable tiny life in the Australian forest! She is partially retired and able to live on her reduced income because of her smaller footprint.

Her house has a living room, large kitchen, and a loft bedroom — but the most spectacular part has to be the big deck on the front that doubles her living area!

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Her $45K Tiny Home in the Australian Forest

Semi-Retired Professional Organizer’s THOW 2

Images via Different Media

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Here’s a one-floor “Shacky,” a tiny house vacation cabin in the Grampians, Australia. Shacky has a number of tiny homes in scenic, peaceful locations around Australia.

Each Shacky has a shed-style roof that curves into the back of the home. This unit features a studio-style layout, with a bench couch, compact kitchenette, double bed, and a bathroom. What do you think?

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Modern & Cozy Tiny House Rental in Australia

The Forest – Grampians 6

Images © Shacky

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Here’s a beautiful, secluded tiny house vacation tucked into the Tasmanian Bush. It’s everything warm and cozy, with a perfect reading nook with green velvet cushions and a modern wood-burning stove.

There are warm wood tones everywhere, from the kitchen cabinets to the bathroom vanity. The little kitchenette has all you need to make simple meals, and a huge soaking clawfoot tub gives you a perfect spot to relax. Want to stay outside? You can soak in the wood-fired hot tub instead!

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Wood-Fired Hot Tub, Clawfoot Bathtub & Vintage Vibes!

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This compact THOW situated among cattle pasture in Kurrajong, Australia is an eco-friendly getaway complete with solar energy, rainwater collection and still all of the amenities you love.

Inside the tiny house you’ll find an L-shaped eating and lounging area that opens up to the outdoors. The kitchenette provides all the basics, with a gas cooktop, microwave and fridge, and there’s the most lovely loft bedroom with a skylight for stargazing.

You can book your stay and try out tiny living through Airbnb.

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Partially Off-Grid Tiny House Vacation in Australia

Eco-Friendly Tiny Home on the Farm

Images via Airbnb/Jeanette

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Jesse started his tiny journey as a van-lifer, before upgrading to his own DIY tiny house on wheels, with clapboarding inside and out created from old fencing that was going to be thrown away!

The use of reclaimed materials allowed him to spend just $20,000 on his home. Jesse (@_moving_castles) even built the house around old windows he had salvaged. The whole thing runs off-the-grid, with a solar setup and rainwater collection system that feeds the home’s plumbing and indoor shower (he chose an outhouse for his toilet, since he didn’t want bathroom germs mixing with his kitchen area).

I particularly love the layout of his THOW, with the staircase at the back of the home, allowing more useable space in the main living areas. Enjoy the video tour with Bryce from Living Big in a Tiny House at the end of the post.

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His Off-Grid THOW on a 400 Acre Farm

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Cally and Luke bought a Red Gum tiny house on wheels from Treehab in Australia, which gave them the financial freedom of no mortgage, while also allowing them to have a home before they were ready to settle down in one place!

The couple moved into the tiny house in early 2020, and have been making it theirs, adding shelving and decoration, and making it fit with their lifestyle.

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A Home without Roots (In Australia) for Cally & Luke!

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After loosing her home to the bush fires in Australia, this woman opted to go tiny and asked Rolling Homes to build it for her!

Because she has an elderly dog, she chose to keep her bed on the first floor, and put her living area above the bedroom. This created a lovely three-tiered home interior since the staircase to the living room turns and takes you to the higher “lounge loft” that can double as a guest room or storage area.

She also has a full kitchen and bathroom, with some amazing green dot tiles in the shower! This model starts at $89,000 AUD (~$64,000).

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Rolling Homes’ First Tiny House on Wheels!

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Monique and Aswan (@living.laarge) wanted to build something together, so they spent months meticulously planning out their own tiny house, called the Tyny, which they now sell plans for online (get them here).

This eco-friendly abode features tons of hidden storage and a multi-purpose couch/bed/dinette they designed themselves. The coolest feature, though, might be the bathtub hidden under their deck! Monique and Aswan both have “normal” jobs in the city which they work at part-time, but tiny living has cut down their living costs drastically.

We got to do an email Q&A with the couple which talks about how much they spent and their build process, which you can read after the photo tour of their stunning tiny house.

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They Hid a Bathtub in Their Deck! The Tyny!

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I think my favorite aspect of tiny homes has to be that they force a certain amount of creativity that one doesn’t need in a larger home. That becomes incredibly evident in this cabinet maker’s stunning 39 ft. tiny house in Australia!

Colin and his wife Megan built this incredible modern tiny house on a gooseneck trailer. While they subcontracted the frame and some other aspects, Colin’s expertise as a cabinet-maker came out as he added all kinds of hidden drawers and cubbies to help them store and organize their goods.

There is seriously not an inch wasted in this home! They have a stand-up bedroom over the gooseneck complete with plenty of hanging storage and dream-worthy closets, a living room with a large comfortable couch, and even a clever stand-up work desk space in the secondary loft. Living Big in a Tiny House did a lovely job (as always) interviewing the couple and touring their home, so check that out at the end of the post!

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No Space Wasted in this Cabinet-Makers THOW!

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