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Not every 78-year-old boat is seaworthy, but this one got a new life nonetheless as the cozy bedroom of a unique Airbnb! It resembles a shark fin rising from the English countryside.

The owners had a bespoke marine “Hobbit door” built for the boat cabin, which adds to the charm. But don’t worry — there’s comfort as well. The adjacent cottage has a kitchenette with a stone sink and a gorgeous, moody bathroom with a lovely shower stall. What do you think?

  • A 78-year-old boat transformed into a charming Airbnb cottage in the English countryside.
  • Unique marine “Hobbit door” added to boat cabin for extra charm.
  • Off-grid retreat with adjacent cottage, offering cozy amenities and stunning views.

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Stylish & Quirky Boat Cottage in England

1945 Boat Turned into a Tiny Cottage

Images via Airbnb/Steven

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Here’s a magical little barn conversion in North Carolina with a sleek modern farmhouse interior that’s all the rage these days! You walk into the main living space with a chaise lounge, TV on a swivel, and the staircase up to the loft bedroom that includes a queen-sized bed.

There’s an L-shaped kitchen at the back of the barn, and next to it is a little bathroom with a shower and toilet. This is such a great example of what can be done with a shed kit! Would you live in a shed-turned-tiny house?

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Sleek Little Barn Home Vacation

Embrace Tiny Living in a Magical, Bespoke Little Home 83

Images via Airbnb/Mel

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This stunning Airbnb in the Tasmanian Bush was built by Artisan Tiny Homes, a local Australian tiny house builder. It feels like a romantic, cozy escape inside with a wood-burning stove, gorgeous wood tones, and a luxurious bathroom.

To get your own Naivasha model it would cost $119,000 AUD (about $83,000 USD). But if you just want the experience, you can book on Airbnb and enjoy the wood-fired hot tub!

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Cedar Tiny Home Built By Local Artisans

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If you live in California, you might want to get one of these amazing Fat Barrel homes, “where Airstream meets wine barrel.” Fat Barrel Studios builds and installs these units (only in California) for $65,000, but you can also purchase plans to build your own!

Not interested in owning one, or you’d rather try it out first? You can vacation in their original Fat Barrel on their 5-acre property in Paso Robles, CA. The compact units fit in a queen bed, micro kitchen and a tiled wet-bath for a luxurious vacation experience.

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Sleeping Pod Airbnb on 5 Acres in California

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Precious Price is an amazing woman who used the lockdown of 2020 to completely overhaul her life! She already managed a number of Airbnb rentals while juggling a 6-figure corporate job, but decided to take on a new project — transforming a shed kit into a tiny house!

The tiny home sits behind her “normal” home, and after firing 2 contractors, she ended up building out the shed home herself. She rents it out on Airbnb and coaches other people on how to make money with Airbnb as well — which has allowed her to quit her 9-5 and pursue what she enjoys.

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At 25, She Built a Tiny Home from a Shed Kit!

She Quit Corporate America to Run Airbnbs 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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The Shiva Tiny House is a beautiful tiny house Airbnb built and operated by Simplify Further in Alachua, Florida. It features a loft bedroom, human-sized catwalk to a balcony, and a stunning outdoor waterfall shower that will make you feel like you’re staying in a rainforest.

Unfortunately, the family-owned company is having legal issues with a couple of their rentals and is being forced to shut the tiny homes down, despite previously getting approval from the powers-that-be to operate. If you want to help support them as they battle against their town for renewed permission, you can sign their petition here.

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The Shiva Tiny House in Florida

Shiva Tiny Home ~ Outdoor waterfall shower 16

Images via Simplify Further

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Have you ever considered putting your tiny house on Airbnb, but weren’t sure about the logistics such as insurance, location, and what guests are looking for? Ethan Waldman, who built his own tiny home in 2012 and lived in it for years before putting it on Airbnb, shares his experiences in his podcast episode here.

He had to move the tiny house to a new lot in order to start renting it out in May, but within a couple of days, he already had his first visitor! Check out the tiny house below and tune into the podcast to learn how you could do the same thing.

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Ethan has had his Tiny House on Airbnb Since May

Putting Your THOW on Airbnb 24

Photos by Rikki Snyder

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Jeff Hirsch owns this beautiful Airbnb tiny house on Westchester County’s oldest working farm which he calls, “Camped Inn.” Jeff and his buddy Dave bought and renovated this 8.5′ x 16′ structure, turning it into perfect little off-grid vacation cabin, with the comforts of home and the surrounding beauty of a working farm.

You walk into a breezy living room that melds into the kitchen area. There’s a small bathroom at the very end, and a ladder takes you up to the loft bedroom with a skylight. You can sit out on the front porch to sip your morning coffee and enjoy the pastoral views. Read Jeff and Dave’s story below!

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136 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Tiny House on a Beautiful New York Farm

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Looking for an awesome tiny spot to vacation? This sustainable tiny house has stunning views of rolling hills and the Green Mountains, and is close to outdoor activities like skiing and hiking in Stowe.

You’ll feel secluded and comfortable in this private getaway. It has electricity and is otherwise off-grid, allowing you to enjoy an eco-friendly vacation. The living room is particularly stunning with oodles of windows and a sliding door to the back deck.

You can book your stay on Airbnb here.

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Stay in This Sustainable Tiny House in Vermont

Vermont Tiny House Vacation with Green Mountain Views 19

Images via Airbnb/Michael

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