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Situated on a beautiful lake in Kalvsvik, Sweden this beautiful lakeside cottage was built in 1934 and renovated in 2008. The gorgeous 538 Sq. Ft. cottage features an open kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, bed loft and a large patio. The kitchen is open and airy and is connected directly with the living room so that you can cook and converse with your guests at the same time. The interior is stark white making it feel fresh, open and airy. The door in the living room opens up to a large outside patio with amazing views of the lake, perfect for entertaining.

The cottage’s master bedroom features an open wall that will allow you to feel as though you’re bringing the outside in; the bathroom features a space saving shower that has two swinging leaves that you pull out to form a shower enclosure when needed and can close for additional space when not in use. All in all, the cottage is a masterpiece!

538 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Sweden


Images © Sotheby’s

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This 645 sq. ft. small house with a basement is in Gothenburg, Sweden.

When you walk through the front door you’re greeted by a staircase that leads you into the main level of the house. You’ll immediately see the kitchen, living area and access to the rest of the house which includes a bathroom, wardrobe, bedroom and office corner.

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645 Sq. Ft. Small House in Gothenburg


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This is a 613 sq. ft. small house in the woods of Sweden. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom all on one single level so there are no lofts. This little house was originally built in 1975 but was recently renovated to perfection.

It has a wonderful outdoor space too, doesn’t it? I think it would be a very nice home to live in.

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Small House in the Woods of Sweden

613 Sq. Ft. Small House in the Woods of Sweden

Images © Hemnet

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Situated just outside of Stockholm, Sweden you can vacation in this awesome bus converted into cabin with a rooftop deck.

I think this is by far my favorite bus conversion I have come across.

Once you check it out for yourself I think you will love it too.  The vibe here is funky meets cozy.

The rooftop deck seems to be a wonderful spot to hang out, eat and drink.

The couple, Jon and Stina, converted this bus a while back and decided why not rent it out.

Besides the cool deck there is plenty of space to chill inside the bus with up to 4 twin size beds.

Bus Converted into Cabin with Rooftop Deck


Images © Jon Backlund & Stina Ekstrom / Marta Vargas

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The tiny cabin that I’m showing you today is a masterpiece to me.

It was originally built in 1912 by Swedish homesteaders using local materials.

Recently the structure has been restored using the same principals.

Local and reclaimed materials were used to rebuild it and the cabin now serves as an inexpensive guest cottage for friends and family of the owner.

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Swedish guest cabin by miller architects

Photo Credit Miller Architects, PC

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour of this tiny cabin below:

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I know the title seems crazy, but it’s true…

This is a tiny house where half of it is under water.

And it’s in the shores of Lake Malaren in Sweden. And actually, it’s an Inn called Utter Inn.

It’s like a garden shed with solar panels floating in the middle of the lake that packs a kitchen, dining area, outdoor deck, and an underwater bedroom that is submerged 10 feet. It even has windows down there so you can see the water life!

How cool is this??

When you stay at the Inn you are brought there by boat (of course) from the port of Vasteras and then you are in private solitude armed with a row boat and a telephone. Rates are around $160 per night in US dollars.

Here’s a little excerpt from someone who has actually stayed there.

We had an enchanting getaway at the Utter Inn, a tiny little red house plopped in the middle of a lake outside Stockholm. Staff drove us out to our little villa on a high speed inflatable, and left us with plenty of fresh water and a plentiful breakfast. Conditions are camp-like (propane stove, latrine) but the experience was unforgettable. You open a hatch and climb down a ladder to your sleeping quarters, (two twin beds) and on all four walls are panorama windows allowing you to see the little fishies outside your submerged bedroom. Incredible! They also provided us with a raft, where we rowed to our own little island. The Utter Inn is the brainchild of an artist who also has a tree house inn called the Woodpecker, and is planning a little red Swedish house on the moon! ~ Trip Advisor

Tiny Under Water House in Sweden - Utter Inn

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