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This is a tiny modern pod cabin with a wood-burning stove in Falun, Sweden.

It’s located in the woods and can sleep up to four guests and features a small kitchen and dining area inside.

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Tiny Modern Pod Cabin Vacation in Sweden

Tiny Modern Pod Cabin with Wood-Burning Stove

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is a tiny zen cabin on stilts in Vallsta, Gävleborg, Sweden. It’s an elevated cabin vacation with incredible views. It seems like the perfect spot for anyone who likes to meditate.

The main level of the cabin is where you have your living area, kitchenette, table, and a sleeping area. Then you have the upstairs area that’s accessible by ladder outside where you can really take in the view, meditate, do yoga, or just sit in stillness.

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Elevated Zen Cabin Vacation in Sweden

Elevated Zen Cabin Vacation in Sweden 001

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is a little off-grid cottage in Sweden.

It was originally built in the 1930’s in Karlholm bay.

Originally, it was even smaller but two wings were added on to it in the 1970’s, according to Small House Bliss.

Today, it’s a beautiful 592 sq. ft. cottage. The property also features an additional tiny guest cabin with a bathroom too! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Little Off-Grid Cottage in Sweden

Little Off-Grid Cottage in Sweden 001

Images © Maklarhuset.se

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