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Des had awesome plans to travel to 30 countries by the time she turned 30, but 2020 ruined her plans and she had to pivot. She’d been interested in RV life and finally had a reason to sell everything and buy a van! Her DIY rig is filled with personality.

She used a tool chest as a large portion of her storage and while she avoids cooking most of the time, she does have a propane camp stove. Enjoy the tour of her floral-filled van.

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Her Solo DIY Sprinter Van Life

Changing Plans & Loving Van Life 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Back in 2014, before #vanlife was trending, this couple got a tiny caravan and traveled in it while holding a home base in a small apartment. Eventually they upgraded to a larger rig, moved into full-time vanlife, and kept exploring Europe. But their adventures didn’t end there! They got a Sprinter van, another caravan, a narrow boat, and eventually an abandoned barn in Portugal.

While they thought about just summering in Portugal, 2020 hit and pushed up their barn renovation goals. Now they are fully moved in and in the process of building garden beds and settling down with an amazing homestead. What a cool story!

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Caravans, Sprinters, a Narrow Boat and a Barn!

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There’s no denying that vans are just about as tiny as tiny living comes, but Sam & Kelly included the major comfort of a shower and toilet into their van design. For Kelly, it was a must-have when they moved in after 10 months of converting their Sprinter into a home — but now? She says she could probably do without it!

She and Sam were working long hours at desk jobs in California, and could have kept working for years and still not have been able to afford real estate in the CA housing market. When the pandemic hit and they decided on #vanlife, they had no experience with it and were taking a big risk! But now they love it and are headed down to Mexico this week to travel there.

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Their High-Top Sprinter Conversion (w/ two dogs!)

Sam & Kelly’s Sprinter w Bathroom & Guest Bed

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Brittani & Adam got married and then though it was time to settle down and do the “adult” thing of holding full-time jobs and renting an apartment, saving for a house. But on their honeymoon they discussed their dreams of jumping into vanlife.

It took three years, but they eventually chased that dream, selling everything and hopping into Clifford (their big red van!). They travel along with Levi, an adorable Aussie pup.

They are such a sweet couple! Enjoy their video tour with Tiny House Giant Journey below.

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No Settling Down for This Couple & Their Dog

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Meet this awesome couple who took inspiration from marine set-ups to create a functional Sprinter van home. Unlike many vans we’ve seen, they put the kitchen along the cab of the van, creating a solid divider between the driving and living space.

That design choice gave them room to include a full banquette, a breezeway and a permanent bed setup. They chose a simple garage without much shelving so they could maximize all their space, and they have a huge battery bank for their solar power.

Watch the full tour with Tiny Home Tours below!

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Boat-Inspired Sprinter Van for this Great Couple

Two-Slider Sprinter Conversion W/ Kitchen Divider

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Adventure Blogger Kristen, her partner, and their Aussie live and work in this amazing Sprinter van conversion.

Her van is packed full of adventure gear that lets her live the life she’s dreamed of, including running her own business: She organizes Open Roads Festivals for other van-lifers and van-life dreamers across the country so people can meet and learn about this extraordinary life. The inside of her van home meets her needs, and she even has a permanent bed and dinette area with a fun “map table.”

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Kristen’s Adventure Sprinter Van Life

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Talk about a portable tiny house. This is a fantastic “Stealth Sprinter” turned motorhome.

From the outside, you’d never know this typical-looking van includes a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room! When on the road, you’d mistake it for any old business transporting supplies.

When you go inside, you’ll find an entire home with clean white walls and pretty red cushions. There’s a full/queen bed that doubles as couch with a pull-out table, a diesel cooktop, and even a hideaway toilet. The entire van runs on solar, so you never have to plug it in or rely on others during your travel. You can walk around on the vinyl flooring and store necessities underneath the couch benches. Best part? It was all done DIY, so you can do it too!

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Van Turned into Beautiful Stealth Sprinter Motorhome

Beautiful DIY Stealth Sprinter Motorhome Conversion 001

Images © StealthSprinter.com

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