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The two things that were holding Michelle back from van life were her stuff and other people’s negative opinions. Once she got rid of those, she was able to jump into her van joyfully and after two years on the road her only regret is that she didn’t do it sooner!

She travels with her two dogs and made them a gate from paint sticks (love it)! She has a nice, deep sink, outdoor shower, indoor composting toilet, closet under her bench seat and a TV so she can play video games on rainy days. I love it and hope you will too!

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Solo Traveler & Her Dogs: Two Years into Vanlife

Michelle Ignored the Naysayers, Sold Her Stuff & Bought a Van

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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“I didn’t move into the van to be in a VAN. I moved into the van to be in the WORLD in more intimate and profound ways,” Rachel said.

After some other plans fell through and the pandemic hit, the stars aligned for Rachel to start #vanlife. She only owns what she could fit in the van, and she used the time during the end of her lease to really evaluate what she used daily and what she could part with.

Like many vanlifers, she works remotely and has a simple pop-up desk system to complement her pop up shower system! Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours to see more.

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She Used Sticky Notes to Prepare Herself to Downsize!

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