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This two-bedroom cabin near the Cascade Mountains was built by Nick out of two 40-foot shipping containers. He had one container cut in half and the other cantilevered over them to create a unique profile. It even allows for a balcony with a two-person hot tub on the second floor.

The first floor of the cabin has a cozy living area with a modern electric fireplace and a large kitchen with all the necessary appliances. Nick didn’t skimp out on materials, with this build costing nearly $250K and making for a truly luxurious vacation stay!

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Cantilevered Containers Create a Magical Vacation Home

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In general, most container homes we feature seem to be in that 40-foot range, but here’s a micro tiny for you! At just 128 square feet, Kountry Containers had to get creative to fit everything.

They made great use of the flat top of the container, adding a porch with a safety railing where one can really take advantage of good weather. Inside the couch doubles as the bed, and there’s a micro kitchen and toilet closet on the back wall.

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Kountry Containers Loft-Free Micro Home

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Container homes are an awesome way to reduce-reuse-recycle, and with the cost of lumber these days it’s likely somewhat more economical than the alternative.

These are plans for a container home (estimated $20,000 in materials to build — expect to pay more today as material costs have gone up quite a lot since this was estimated) that includes a downstairs bedroom and epic rooftop deck with a full staircase!

The example home below has dark, modern finishes, but you could — of course — make it look like whatever you want. You can buy the plans here.

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Get Plans For A Container Home w/ Rooftop Deck!

Model One Tiny House Plans 6

Images via Tiny House Plans

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This is such a great opportunity to get into tiny living without spending a huge fortune up front! This 20′ container tiny house, named “The Abilene,” is finished inside and out with electricity, plumbing, siding, and a mini-split. All it needs is furnishings, kitchen appliances, and decor to make it the perfect starter tiny house.

At just $17,450, you’ll get an open-concept space that resembles a studio. There’s a small 3/4 bath on one end, and the original container doors still open wide over by the living/sleeping area if you want to let the outdoors inside!

To contact the builder and make an offer or ask questions, head over to Tiny House Marketplace here.

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Ready For Your Finishing Touch: Container Home For Sale in Austin

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We haven’t posted any shipping container homes in awhile, so I was excited to come across this gem that’s a vacation rental in Austin, Texas. The dusty blue exterior makes way for a sleek interior lined with lots of galvanized metal.

The home features a studio-style set-up, with a queen bed tucked at one end, and a separate bathroom complete with a rainfall shower and flush toilet on the other end.

There’s a little kitchenette and seating area in the middle, where you’ll find a mini-fridge, microwave, sink, toaster oven and the all-important coffee-maker. Book your stay at HipCamp.

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Studio-Style Shipping Container Home (No Loft!)

Bamboo Hideaway Shipping Container Vacation 1

Images via HipCamp/Carrie

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Meet The Lily Pad at Hocking Hills — a converted shipping container cabin with a giant covered porch with a swing and hot tub.

One of the best ways to maximize your living space while going tiny is to create an awesome outdoor area, and they’ve done just that here. That said, the interior of the home is equally as lovely, with a full kitchen, a cozy living room with a gas fireplace, and a first-floor bedroom with a huge picture window.

Nestled on a 13-acre property in Ohio, this cabin is the perfect spot to hide out for a while and relax. Book your stay at Airbnb, and follow the cabin on Instagram here.

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Shipping Container Tiny House with Covered Porch!

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This $10,000 shipping container dwelling is a great start for your tiny house! The electrical system was professionally installed and can support kitchen appliances, and the entire place has been insulated already.

While it doesn’t have plumbing yet, you could easily connect this to another building or container and make it better for full-time living. The great news is it’s a good start — or you could keep it as a guest cottage.

Take the photo tour below and make your offer over at Tiny House Marketplace.

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Asheville Shipping Container Dwelling For Sale

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Jennifer purchased 42 acres on the Fleurieu Peninsula in Australia back in 2016. At the time it was a complete blank slate, and she’s added paddocks, a rainwater catchment system, a solar array, a vegetable garden, trees and her amazing industrial shipping container home!

She even went so far as to get her home and alternative systems completely “council-approved,” meaning they meet the local building regulations and she shouldn’t have any headaches regarding her property. She owns all kinds of animals including horses, sheep, goats and alpacas.

On her blog, Tiny House Sustainable Living, she’s writing weekly updates about her journey: From dealing with the council to choosing her design to stewarding her property and animals. There’s so much we can learn from her, but first, enjoy the tour of her tiny home!

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She Turned An Industrial Shipping Container Into A Farmhouse Cottage!

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Annina and Pascal wanted to live off-the-grid and found this amazing 10-acre piece of property in New Zealand which they’ve been transforming into a fully self-reliant homestead.

They live in the 40 ft. shipping container home, use the second shipping container for a garage and built a geo-dome greenhouse for starting some of the many plants they’re cultivating outside.

The couple installed an incredible solar array, but discovered they were gathering more sun energy than they needed! So instead of paying for gasoline for a car, they got an electric vehicle they can charge for free. Living Big in a Tiny House did an awesome video interview with the couple, so be sure to watch it to learn more about their off-grid container home!

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Off-Grid Shipping Container Home in New Zealand

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