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Nestled among the pines and oaks in Mimizan, France sits this charming Shepherd’s Hut owned by Evelyne. She rents it out on Airbnb for those looking for a peaceful, but luxurious vacation stay.

The hut has a little front deck that leads into a single-level living space, complete with a kitchenette and bathroom. The interior has a quaint cottage feel, with crisp white walls and robin’s egg blue/yellow accent colors.

What do you think about the Shepherd Hut design? Here are (FREE) plans to build your own. Book this spot on Airbnb here.

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Single Level THOW Surrounded by Nature: Vacation Spot

Evelyne’s Charming Shepherd’s Hut in France 6

Images via Airbnb/Evelyne

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Today we want to introduce you to Foxdown Huts! They recently reached out to show us their two amazing Shepherd Hut models — the Octagon (a shell) and the Fox Den (outfitted with tiny, collapsible furniture).

Starting at £10,000 (~$13,800 USD), these affordable homes are a great choice for a tiny house, guest room, or an Airbnb to rent out and make a little side income! They’re 12.5ft x 7.5ft, and the finished hut comes with a double bed with storage, double hob, electric fire or log burner, folding table & chairs and log storage! They also offer custom huts that can include a kitchen or bathroom area.

You can learn more and contact Foxdown Huts on their website here.

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Beautiful, Custom Shepherd Huts Built For Full-Time Living or a Grand Vacation!

Foxdown Huts: British Shepherd Hut Builder 3

Images via Foxdown Huts

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This is one very original vacation property! Unique Home Stays rents these two shepherd’s huts and cottage (all connected by tunnels!) out to vacationers. They call it the Nomad.

One hut features the bedroom, and the other houses the bathroom. Then the tunnel passage connects the huts to the hillside cottage where you can warm by the wood stove and cook in an updated 17th century kitchen. Even if you can’t book a stay, it’s worth being inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship of the place!

Want to vacation here? Book your stay on Unique Home Stays.

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“Nomad” Huts and Cottage Vacation with Unique Home Stays

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It’s stories like Robert’s that remind us you can do a lot without a lot of cash! He built this DIY Shepherd’s Hut for just $3,500, and then wrote a book about how he did it so you can do the same thing.

Right now he uses it as a guest cabin and camper, and has friends who live in their own hut all summer long. Robert’s book, “How I Built a Shepherder’s Wagon” ($23, Physical Copy) is completely illustrated with over 100 color photos and sources of the supplies he used to build the home. He’s sending us a copy to review and if you’d like one, you can check it out here.

Enjoy the pictures of his tiny wagon!

“Duck” Shepherd’s Hut Vacation in Somerset

Robert’s DIY Tiny Shepherd’s Hut and “How To” Book

Images via Robert

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If you’re just one person looking for a tiny house with a downstairs bedroom, I think shepherd’s huts offer the perfect size and layout. Here’s the “Duck” Shepherd’s Hut vacation home in Somerset, England to give you some inspiration.

It’s decked out like a English cottage, with quaint cream paneling, French doors, and hardwood flooring. The dining area transforms into the bedroom, making double use of the same square-footage, which you just have to do in something this short!

Want to try it out? Book your stay at Skye Cottages!

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“Duck” Shepherd’s Hut Vacation in Somerset

Images via Skye Cottages

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This is the Kayak Cafe Shepherd’s Hut Vacation on the Rogue River in Quebec.

Staying in their “Wagon de Berger” means you have a quiet spot to rest on a 22 acre nature site with access to canoeing/kayaking, hiking, cycling, dog-sledding, ice fishing, sledding and more. Want to book your stay yet?

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Kayak Cafe Shepherd’s Hut Vacation in Quebec


Images via Kayak Cafe

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I’m excited to introduce you to the Pixie Palace Hut Company that’s based in Northern Michigan. It’s a family owned business specializing in building English style Shepherd’s Hut Tiny Houses.

These Shepherd’s Hut tiny homes are unique because they’re designed and built on trailers with cast iron wheels. Originally beginning in the 1600s these structures were used as shelter for Shepherds while they tended their flocks during lambing season and they would tow them with by horse.

Inside you would find a tiny living space with a cooking area, sleeping quarters, sitting/living area, heat, and storage for all of your supplies. Today structures like these are being used as backyard accessory structures, tiny guest homes, bed and breakfasts, offices, writing cabins, and more.

English Shepherd’s Hut Tiny Houses: Pixie Palace Hut Company


Images © Pixie Palace Hut Co.

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I had to show you this handmade micro cabin built on a 4×4 diesel truck that’s for sale. (SOLD)

It’s a custom built wooden cabin mounted on a 4WD Mitsubishi L200.

The owner/builder calls it a Demountable Shepherds Hut Motorhome.

And he’s selling it because he’s moving out of the country.

Right now it’s located near Guildford, United Kingdom and is ready for a new owner.

4×4 Off Road Micro Cabin Truck

See the rest of this DIY truck camper and learn more about it too below:

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