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Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Güte

This is a Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Güte in Ontario, Canada.

The hut has a comfy L-shaped sitting area that converts into a double bed, a clever folding desk & kitchen table, a small murphy bed for a single person or child, and some storage space for blankets, pillows, cups, plates, etc. It also has space to mount a tv, as well as hooks on the wall for storing folding chairs out of the way.

The design includes a unique half-round bump-out on one end that provides extra living space inside, without increasing the square footage of the structure on the outside.

Every part of these huts is custom made, including the structure itself, the furniture, the doors, and the window frames; and the pair make a huge effort to source their materials and labor locally for things like milling wood and casting iron.

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Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Güte

Modern Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Gute 001

Images © Exploring Alternatives via YouTube

Modern Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Gute 002 Modern Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Gute 003

Images © Exploring Alternatives via YouTube

Video Tour: Modern Shepherd Hut Tiny House


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{ 16 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Cassie

    Could you please provide info on the hand pump water faucet it’s what I’ve been searching for??? Your designs are stunning hope mine can come close…thank you cassie

    • Avatar Kathleen

      Lin, go to the website and either call or email the company about the hand pump. http://gute.ca/

      • Avatar Kathleen

        Sorry, I meant Cassie. (Also Lin)

  • Avatar Lin

    Very well thought out. I like the desk-to-dining table…no dropdown legs for support?
    I, too, was excited to see the hand pump and would like info for one. Thank you – very cool that you and your father are doing this together and the local sourcing for materials and goods is wonderful -great job!!

  • It’s really pretty inside with the bright yellow shelves. I was amazed to see how much room you really had in the shepherd hut. From the outside it’s deceiving but the way you have things set up you seem to have it nicely organized with chairs on the walls, table that turns into a desk. The L-shaped couch/combination bed/storage along with a your Murphy beds. You and your Dad do a real nice job designing these shepherd huts! You can tell you put a lot of hard work into a them! Carol???

  • Avatar Rue

    Sounds like they could build one of these with SIPs instead of sandwiching the foam insulation between the wood (which is essentially what SIPs are!)

    I gotta say, I don’t see the point of that skinny little Murphy bed, unless you’re buying this to use as an Airbnb and want somewhere for folks to put a kid. It’s barely wide enough to really sleep on, unless you’re the kind of person who’s comfortable in a mummy-style sleeping bag.


    I had to laugh the moment I saw this house, and not because of anything derogatory..! It’s because it’s the same exact design I used for my first attempt at a single person bicycle travel trailer that I was planning to tow behind my recumbent on the way to the Fla. Keys… How ever this model has a nice interior…!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      No way! Did you like design?


        No not really, but I’m in a good mood today, so I said to me self be nice even though the design didn’t work out for me, it works for them…! LoL….!

  • Avatar kid cardona

    This is really cute. What I really like was the wheels this is setting on.

  • Avatar Patty

    I missed any heating or cooking capability, because I thought he said you could cook. I didn’t see either. It is a cute place.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Maybe there’s a hot plate or a microwave under the counter?

  • Avatar ROSEE

    CUTE! But no bathroom? Well I guess this is only for camping, right?

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Ya there are bathhouses nearby.

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