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It’s so secret that restaurant owners/workers/chefs work long, tiring hours. And during the past few years, it’s been harder than ever to navigate the ever-changing laws and restrictions. For Captain Tucker, he thought buying an RV to put behind his restaurant where he could catch naps during his 14-hour days would be enough to restore his body and mind. Ultimately, though, he packed up the restaurant and took the RV to Baja for a schedule-less season of rest.

He kept his Class A RV fairly standard, bringing along his fishing gear, cooking supplies, and guitar. He made his own granola to sell on the side and has been surfing, kite surfing, and practicing his music while savoring the beautiful weather. Since his video tour below, Captain Tucker is back in the States and has re-opened his restaurant. Good for him!

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His Winter in Baja & Finding Himself Again

Captain Tucker’s Escape to Baja in His Class A RV 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Four years ago, Kirs and Devin wanted to escape the rising rent in Nashville and decided to go tiny and move into a fifth wheel. They renovated that one, and later moved into a toy hauler. Most recently the couple purchased a gorgeous 44 ft. fifth wheel that hasn’t needed any work and they are loving their RV life.

The two find places to park in the area, and don’t travel right now, but they are financially free (and their home is awesome!). They share the trailer with their three dogs. Be sure to enjoy the tour and the Q&A they did with us at the end of the post.

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This Couple’s 3rd RV Home (Stationary)

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Paul and Elaine wanted to spend more time as a family and work on their debt-free journey, which is why they sold their home and moved into their 5th wheel RV which they had owned for vacations.

Elaine homeschools their kids, and while they’re currently fairly stationary, they have plans to do some travelling as Paul’s job allows. You can follow them on Instagram here.

For them, the hardest part of tiny living is rainy days, but the benefits far outweigh the tough stuff. Enjoy their Q&A after the photos and walk-through below.

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They Sold Their Home & Moved Into Their RV

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Chad and Leanna — ages 26 & 24 — got married three years ago and knew they wanted out of their oversized townhouse and into tiny life — but they didn’t realize *how* tiny.

They started by gutting and renovating a 30-foot RV, but it was too difficult to travel with, so they decided to downsize into “Vinnie the Van” — a Ram Promaster Campervan. Now the couple and their dog have been on the road for three months.  Leanna is a full time virtual health and wellness coach while Chad is a musician in his band.

Allison over at Tiny Home Tours did an awesome video tour with the couple, which you can watch at the end of the post!

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Young Couple Go From Tiny to Tinier in their Promaster Van!


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Meet Jessy and her 1978 Dodge Commander, lovingly named “Mander.” She and Mander (along with her cat) have been on the road now for three wonderful years of travelling around the country!

She’s become her own mechanic for nearly everything her renovated campervan has needed in order to save money — and she only spent $1,900 when she bought the camper with 54,000 miles on it. She just recently updated the interior again, and it’s bright and modern with its popular grey and white hues.

The biggest interior upgrade was her bathroom, which now features a separate shower stall and area for her Nature’s Head composting toilet. The build is beautiful, and Jessy’s story is inspirational! She even wrote a book on how to get into vanlife, which you can buy here.

Check out the awesome tour and video interview with Tiny Home Tours below.

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Life on the Road in her Dodge Commander

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This is a fully-renovated fifth-wheel RV for sale in Sugar Hill, Georgia for sale for $26,000 (sold). While the owners bought it and overhauled it with the intention of living in it full-time, they had trouble finding an affordable full-time parking opportunity (one of the toughest parts of tiny living!) and are now selling.

That said, it would make an awesome tiny house for a couple or small family, especially for one interested in full-time travel. RVs are built to be frequently towed around and are usually lighter than their tiny house counterparts.

The inside got a major facelift, with all the dark trim painted, extra cabinets removed to create visual space, and new furniture added to make it feel like home. Take a look at the photo tour below.

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Could You Live in This RV Renovation?

RV Renovation for Sale 004

Images via Emily

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Tiffany and Derek have two little girls. They bought a home like they “should,” but money was tight leaving them without any extra money to travel or even finish the home the way they wanted to. So they did something totally crazy: They sold the house and bought an RV which they remodeled into a gorgeous space with all the features they would have loved to have in their big house.

In total they spent around $25,000 on their new home and pay around $530/month to park in a nearby RV resort. Now Derek (@_tinyhouse_bigdreams_) can work as a Youth Pastor without the financial stress, and their girls can grow up in a gorgeous home handcrafted by their parents.

We were privileged to do a Q&A with Tiffany,  so be sure to read it below after checking out the photo tour of their home.

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Family Sells Big Home for Renovated RV for Financial Freedom

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Meet April & Jason and their twin girls, Adalyn & Brooklyn, who live in California with their dog Jackson in an absolutely stunning renovated 5th wheel RV!

The couple DIY-ed the entire renovation and took the camper from drab and dreary to light and airy, resulting in a place anyone would like to call home. We interviewed April (@twinning_in_our_5thwheel on Instagram) about their tiny life, so after scrolling through all the pictures be sure to read the Q&A about life in an RV with kiddos!

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Couple With Twin Girls Living In Renovated Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer

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This is the story of Shelby and Rooster, a military couple who renovated an RV into their beautiful tiny home on wheels. On the outside, it looks like a regular fifth wheel travel trailer. But inside, it’s totally re-done to look and feel like a beautiful little cottage!

This travel trailer tiny house is working out wonderfully for them because it allows them to still live together even if they have to change bases. Pretty cool, right? By the way, this story is brought to you thanks to the Tiny House Giant Journey YouTube Channel. Subscribe! 🙂

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Military Couple’s RV Renovation And Lifestyle


Image via @shelbyadrift

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