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This is a $38k Spartacus Tiny House on Wheels FOR SALE out of Brooklyn, Illinois. According to the listing on Tiny Home Builders, it was built in 2018 and has 140-square-feet of space.

The tiny house even has a rainwater collection and filtration system. It has some other interesting features you can learn more about too.

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Spartacus Tiny House w/ Rainwater Collection and Filtration System for $38k

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This is a sustainable small house with solar-power and rainwater-collection near Melbourne, Australia that you can rent on Airbnb.

It’s a sustainable off-grid home on a secluded 20 acres with rainwater collection, solar panels, batteries, a Rota-Loo composting toilet system, and eleven cows on the property. How would you like to live in a setting like this?

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Sustainable Off-Grid Small House with Solar and Rainwater System in Victoria, Australia

Small House with Solar-Power and Rainwater-Collection

Photos via Robert/Airbnb

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This is a 240 sq. ft. tiny cottage in Gabriola Island, BC that was recently remodeled with a studio apartment layout.

What’s neat too is that it has a rainwater collection system, a wood burning fireplace, and you get to sleep downstairs (no loft).

So what do you think? How about living tiny in a place like this?

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The Tiny Cottage BEFORE The Remodel…

240 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage Remodel (Before & After)

Photo credit: Marc Herrmann

Tiny Cottage/Cabin AFTER the Remodel…

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Ian designed and built this 100 sq. ft. timber frame tiny house several years ago. It took many years of hard work and dedication but now he gets to enjoy the benefits of his little cabin. It’s called the Little Timber House.

This timber frame tiny home was built using new, reclaimed and salvaged materials and it even includes a solar panel power set up along with a simple rainwater collection system to make it off-grid ready.

This means Ian can run his computer, lights, and water heater without being hooked up to the grid! Pretty awesome, right? I think so! Either way please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Man Builds 100 Sq. Ft. Timber Frame Tiny House

Ians 100 Sq Ft Little Timber House Solar Panels

Images © littletimberhouse.blogspot.com

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This modern solar-powered off grid cabin by Modscape has solar panels, rainwater collection system, and a septic tank installed on the property.

Inside there’s a master bedroom, full bathroom, open living area, and full kitchen. The solar panels and rainwater tanks make it completely off grid ready.

This small cabin‘s interior dimensions are 4.35m x 15m. Or 14′ x 49’. So it has approximately 686 sq. ft. inside.

The cabin also features oak flooring, a large outside deck, and a fireplace inside. Please enjoy and re-share below.

686 Sq. Ft. Modern Solar-Powered Off Grid Cabin


Images © Jaime Diaz-Berrio for Modscape

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