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$38k Spartacus Tiny House FOR SALE with Rainwater Collection And Filtration BUILT-IN!

This is a $38k Spartacus Tiny House on Wheels FOR SALE out of Brooklyn, Illinois. According to the listing on Tiny Home Builders, it was built in 2018 and has 140-square-feet of space.

The tiny house even has a rainwater collection and filtration system. It has some other interesting features you can learn more about too.

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Spartacus Tiny House w/ Rainwater Collection and Filtration System for $38k


  • $38,000
  • Brooklyn, Illinois
  • 140 sq. ft.
  • Built in 2018
  • 130-gallon tank
  • Rainwater collection and filtration system
  • Composting toilet
  • Wood burning stove
  • Seven large opening windows
  • And much more!

More info and photos at the link below.😊

Learn more: https://www.tinyhomebuilders.com/tiny-house-marketplace/spartacus-tiny-houses-modern-off

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  • Make it your own with fresh paint if you don’t like plywood walls and cabinets. No image to see which type of compost toilet. Seating area looks like twin size for sleeping. No clear view of loft. I missed the length of this model. Like the wood stove option. Very doable for some folks.

    • Avatar Michael L

      Painted plywood walls are still going to look like plywood!

      • Avatar James D.

        Not if you do it right, and there’s also ways to make it look like plaster or drywall. Among other finishes that can be applied…

  • Avatar James D.

    Dimensions listed in the listing are 8.5×20 and 13.2 high…

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