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For Francesca, travel was a part of life, and van life gave her the opportunity to *live* her travels. So she and her dad spent five months building a truly gorgeous van! You’d never know this wasn’t a professional conversion.

She chose a convertible bed in the back and while this layout is “controversial,” she did it so well! It allowed for an incredible amount of counter space in the kitchen, which makes cooking from “home” so much easier. Check out our Q&A with her below, and be sure to look at her amazing macrame creations.

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Her Van Conversion with a Convertible Bed

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If you’re wondering if tiny homes appreciate or depreciate in value over time, we’re here to tackle that question for you!

Roy Asks, “Do Tiny Houses Appreciate or Depreciate in Value?”

Could you do an article about whether tiny houses appreciate or depreciate in value. I would think that one built on wheels, so it could be moved, would depreciate like an RV or trailer. But one built on a permanent foundation would appreciate in value, like any regularly built home. Am I right or not? Thanks for the help.
Roy Bonnell

So what do you think? Do tiny homes on trailers appreciate or depreciate? And why? Well, here’s what we think and why:

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The Pearl Tiny House on Wheels by MTL

Unfortunately, Most THOW’s ARE Going to Depreciate In Value

Here’s Why:

Roy’s got the right idea because if you have a tiny home on a trailer, like most other trailers or motorhomes, it’s going to depreciate in value over time because of normal wear and tear.


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This 40′ gooseneck trailer tiny house is a guest question by one of our awesome readers David Haas

I’m new to the tiny house movement and am exploring tons of options for myself. I’m reaching out to you as you seem to have a ton of knowledge. I like the idea of living small but was looking for something in the range of 300-400 square feet while remaining on wheels.

I don’t plan to move it often but maybe every 3-5 years. I was curious if you’ve ever heard of someone building on a longer industrial trailer. I’m aware of the dimensions to DOT certification and was curious if you’d ever heard of anything being built on this type of trailer (40 ft gooseneck)? This trailer bed has a height of 32 inches…obviously impacting the overall height limitation but I thought it was interesting.

Thank you!


Building a 40′ Gooseneck Trailer Tiny House?


Great question, David! I decided to answer it publicly here so we can all benefit by talking about it in the comments and sharing any good links and resources, too. Really quick, I’ll share my thoughts below in case you’re interested.

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If you’ve been wondering how long does it take to build a tiny house on wheels, you’re at the right place.

I received a question from a reader (you can read it entirely below) who was also wondering how long it takes to build tiny, and I thought you might be wondering the same thing. So why not answer it right here on a public blog post and open the topic up to discussion in the comments?

This is a great question and there’s obviously not just one answer because it largely depends on your situation. Like what you want in the house, how detail oriented you are, how much learning you have to do, and more…

Like whether or not you want to take the extra time to find reclaimed materials like a used trailer that needs to be refurbished. Or if you want to harvest your own wood and need to find the time and resources to mill it.

This question also largely depends on not only how much construction experience you already have and who might be available to help you but also on how much time you are able to dedicate to the project every week. Let’s dive deeper and get your question answered below.

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How Long Will It Take Me To Build a Tiny House?


Image © TheRitzOnWheels (featured here)

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Today, in the comments on this post, Shelby asks, “What kind of interior siding looks like conventional sheet rock — thought that was a no no for tiny house on wheels due to the stress off moving??”

Great question! A lot of people ask about how some builders install drywall on the interior of tiny houses that are built on trailers because they worry that when towing it will cause the interior drywall sheets to crack.

And that’s definitely a smart thing to worry about. When I saw Shelby’s question, I remember reading about a trick to prevent your drywall from cracking… even in a tiny house on wheels.

I learned about this ‘trick’ thanks to Carrie and Shane from Clothesline Tiny Homes. They used this method and it worked. Plus they traveled quite a bit with their tiny home with no issues.

Tiny House Drywall ‘Trick’ Prevents Cracking

Learn how it works below:

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If you’ve been looking into tiny house sleeping lofts and wondering it wouldn’t be stuffy and hot up there you’re in the right place.

I like answering tiny house questions I receive from Facebook and Email here on the blog because then everyone (including you) can benefit from it.

Today’s question is from Michael and you can read it yourself below:

Alex, I love some of the tiny house designs in your newsletter, but one issue I never see mentioned is the terrible heat problem of sleeping in a loft with no air conditioning. Anyone who has gone up in an attic of a home in the summer knows you could not live in one of these small homes.

This is a great question and I’m glad he brought it up. (Thanks Mike!)

Isn’t It Too Stuffy & Hot in Tiny House Sleeping Lofts?

Well, I can introduce you to Dee Williams, who has been living in her tiny house (with a loft) for more than 7 years now.

But since she’s in Portland, OR heat is not too much of an issue for her.

So what if you live in somewhere like Florida? Or even New York in the summer. It gets hot.

Here’s how to stay cool in a tiny house loft during the heat (and I invite you to add your tips and tricks in the comments too):

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Every so often I enjoy doing some Q&A on tiny houses and simple living.

And what usually prompts me to do it is an email or question in the comments from other readers.

So here’s a question I got yesterday along with my thoughts. I’d love to read through your thoughts and suggestions too.

Family Desperate to Downsize/Simplify

Below is a copy of the email I received. Let’s let the sender remain anonymous.

Subject: needing to downsize and simplify with a quickness

Message: Hey Alex. I am such a fan. I have been following you on you
tube for a few months now. The Tiny house movement is everything i am
into. Here is my delima… My husband and I just moved up here to
Alaska just over a year ago. Getting a bank to back us for land and a
build, not easy. We are a family of 4. We both work and feel like
hampsters on a neverending wheel. We work to pay rent and so the cycle
continues every month. How do we get out from under it and on our way to how it ought to be?

Pretty tough question, right?

If you want, read my response/thoughts below then add your own in the comments at the bottom.

I have a feeling there are many of us who feel like this too and by us sharing our own experiences, thoughts and tips, we can really make a world of difference for others who are trying to do the same.

Blue Tiny House with a Garage

Photo by Alex Pino

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Downsize, Simplify and Consider Moving Into a Smaller Home

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The other day I got this great question from a reader on the topic of tiny houses and pets (big dogs) so I thought I’d use it for a tiny house Q&A post.

Hey Alex and crew I was wondering as I’m in the very

beginning stages of starting my Tiny House, But I have pets I have 3

dogs to be exact they range in size from 45 pounds 65 pound to 120

pounds, as I don’t plan on parting with them, I was wondering what

others have done that seem to have bigger animals then say a cat a

tiny dog or a bird…..

Thank you

Big Dogs Living with you in a Tiny House?

Pets and Dogs and Tiny Houses

Photo by Juko Martina (Flickr)

Could You or Do You Live in a Tiny House With One or More Dogs or Pets?

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