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UPDATE: Want your own cabin like this? Our reader James D. found the kit for this adorable cabin, which you can buy pre-cut and assemble yourself (windows & doors included) for just over $15,000. Click here for more details.

Looking to get away from the city? Book your stay at this private and romantic Woodland Cabin Retreat in the Oregon Forest. Marketed as a writer’s cabin, this place has a writing desk with a comfortable chair and good WiFi, but that’s not all.

Upstairs in the loft is a snug double bed with flannel sheets and downstairs there’s an electric fireplace and kitchenette with a microwave, tiny fridge, and coffee maker. Outside you can sit by the fire pit and roast s’mores. Book your future stay at Glamping Hub!

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Romantic Woodland Cabin in Oregon: Perfect Writer’s Retreat

Private and Romantic Woodland Cabin Retreat in Oregon Forest

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is the North Sister tiny house model by Wood Iron Tiny Homes, a new tiny house builder in Oregon.

It features a wonderfully spacious living room with a comfortable storage couch, a great loft bedroom with storage stairs, and an awesome tile backsplash in the kitchen that I’m coveting. Thanks to Tiny Living for telling us about this home!

Get all the details below and be sure to check out Wood Iron Tiny Homes if you like this home. Enjoy!

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North Sister Model With An Awesome Kitchen

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This is The Cado by Thimble Homes that’s for sale right now in Oregon.

They named it “Cado” because the color looks like the inside of an avocado! As an avid avocado fan, I must agree. The inside is a stunning contrast of light beetle kill pine walls and deep chocolate-colored cabinets. You get a galley kitchen, full bathroom, two loft bedrooms and a spacious living room that just needs some cushy couches.

Get all the details, price, and contact information for the builder below. Enjoy!

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The Cado by Thimble Homes: For Sale in Oregon

Images via Thimble Homes

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Jeremy Matlock of Rogue Valley Tiny Home Construction in Oregon built himself this Custom Clearstory home from mostly reclaimed materials.

The little house cost him about $10,000, and he lived in it for two years before selling the 270 sq. ft. abode. Since then he moved on to his second (and now third!) tiny house build:

This is how it all began. Sick and tired of simply scraping by and throwing money away every month on rent I decided to build my first tiny house. I lived very comfortably in this 18″ house for two years and absolutely loved it. This was built using mostly reclaimed materials and was finished for under $10K. Some of it’s unique features include: Roof-top deck off the sleeping loft, gravity-fed outdoor shower/32″ indoor shower, composting toilet, removable deck, 10 windows, dog door, wood stove, drop in two burner propane stove, double basin sink, propane on-demand water heater, professional hand made couch cushions, breakfast nook, hatch loft door, and much much more.

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Jeremy Matlock’s Custom Clearstory THOW

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