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$30k Tiny House on Wheels with ‘Murphy’ Bed For Sale!

This is the Starlighter1 by Show Me Tiny Homes LLC that’s currently for sale in Rogersville, Missouri. Update: Price reduced and new video tour added!

Built by a world renown thermal solar and hydronics expert, this gem of a tiny home would be perfect for an extra family member, remote office or as a vacation home (sleeps 2, or 3 if you’re thin!) Colorful, and nicely finished with loads of practical details, including radiantly warm wall and floors, multiple 12-volt outlets, HDMI connection, a space-making “murphy” bed, and spacious kitchen area. PV solar panels/battery storage provide extra oomph. The mechanical systems are super-efficient, and installed by licensed contractors. The tag-along deck provides extra room for sunset gazing and container gardening. Because of the lower, 10’ overall height and weight, it can be towed by most 1/2 ton trucks.

The colorful tiny space is super cute and whimsical, and whoever buys it will be quite happy, I’m sure! Get all the details and contact information for the seller on the last page.

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Starlighter1 by Show Me Tiny Homes LLC: For Sale (Price Reduced!)


Floor Plan Sketch

Video Tour of the Starlighter1 THOW

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  • Price: $35,000 $29,750 USD (or $28,750 USD without solar PV)
  • Will deliver within 500 miles of N/C from Springfield, Missouri
  • Built 2016-17
  • 160 square feet THOW (20X8’)
  • New Missouri D.O.T. trailer, 9,900 GVW both axles have brakes, electric breakaway brake. black powder coat, adjustable hitch 2-5/16 coupler
  • 2X6 floor joist 16” on center, 5- 5-1/2” EXP foam in floor joist, metal pan below joists
  • ¾” Advantech floor decking glued and screwed
  • 2X4 wall framing 16” OC glued, 3-1/2” rigid and spray foam insulation
  • ½” Zip sheathing, all framing and sheathing glued to framing, sheathing covers rim joist
  • 2X6” rafter truss, spray foam, Simpson hurricane clipped
  • ½ CDX roof sheeting, glued and galvanized ring nails
  • TPO roof installed by Cardinal Commercial Roofing Inc
  • Hydronic, radiant floor and wall heat, with Roth Radiant Panels
  • 2-Kyocera 120W, 12VDC solar PV modules, hinge mount, 110 AH deep-cycle battery
  • Midnite Solar “Brat” charge controller
  • Midnite Solar DIN breakers, Blue Sea 12V fuse block
  • 4- 12VDC receptacles USB plug and battery voltage display
  • 100Amp breaker panel, 1-1/4 conduit stubbed out bottom
  • 50A RV connector on front of trailer
  • exterior 120V receptacle and 12VDC
  • LED ceiling lighting
  • 32” fiberglass shower stall one piece, Delta single handle faucet
  • Flush toilet, also prewired 120V for composting toilet
  • Wood cabinets, two banks of drawers, 1 door base 15 x 22 stainless sink, Delta faucet Granite top 70” of counter length, brushed stainless backsplash
  • Hot/ cold frost free exterior faucet, for outdoor shower, vehicle or pet washing
  • 6,000 lb tie downs on four corners
  • Pre-piped for LP of NG at mechanical room and under kitchen, stubbed under both ends of trailer
  • Plumbing, electrical and roofing by licensed contractors
  • Twin size murphy bed, horizontal mount
  • Bamboo dining table converts to single bed, 70” long, large storage drawers below
  • Cork flooring tiles, composite flooring in bathroom
  • Large closet 60X32 with SlatWal and clothes bar
  • Quaker thermal break aluminum single hung windows with screen kelly green
  • Lincoln wood window in bath with screen
  • Mirror finish stainless wall with radiant heat to hang coats or shoes on magnetic hooks
  • 8X4 pressure treated deck, mounts on front of trailer for travel
  • Plumbing drains stubbed through floor, need to be connected to sewer or septic
  • House is bolted to trailer with grade 8 bolts and could be lifted off trailer
  • Weighs approx. 8,880 lbs, overall height @10-8” very energy efficient
  • 9.9 cubic foot refrigerator, fastened to wall framing
  • Cusimax 2 burner infrared stove top 120V portable
  • Acer LCD R240HQ 24” monitor on Cheetah swivel mount
  • 12 gallon hot water tank 120V
  • Thermo 2000 Mini BTU electric boiler for radiant floor, 3KW glycol freeze protection
  • Builder: Bob “Hotrod” Rohr – master plumber, solar and hydronics expert

If you’re interested in buying this tiny house, contact the builder using the form below! Thanks!

Contact the Builder: 


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  • Avatar Joyce

    That horizontally mounted Murphy bed makes all the difference in whether I could live in this; not having to deal with a loft is huge, and I could quite easily live with this setup. Very nice home altogether!

    • Avatar Alex

      Totally! Thanks Joyce I’m glad you liked it too!

    • Avatar Angela

      I am seeing more tiny houses being built with beds accessible to people who would have trouble with the ladders and steep stairs. I like the murphy bed idea, and I’ve seen a bed on an elevator-like lift that came down over the sofa (the back of it folded flat) and beds that slide into a compartment beneath the floor of a one-step-up living room. They’re getting more and more creative!

  • Avatar Meg

    Love all the colors, the murphy bed and the dining table that turns into a bed! And not a bad price.

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Meg I’m glad you liked it too!

    • Meg, an architect friend stopped by and suggested that I allow the table to turn the long way also. This gives you more room to slide in and out, and the table somehow feels larger. I made the modification today, so either orientation is possible.

  • I loved the kitchen nook. We haven’t used our dining room table for 3 years. Toss out the dining room idea…and say hello to internet. I loved the horizontal bed. I would have built up wood above it so I could install a counter that over hangs 2 to 3 ft and use a bar stool to surf the internet or guests to eat from? And a window. And, saving is the game.

    • Iris, great idea, I’m going to use it on the next build, thanks! I would also consider raising the entire bed so it would double as couch. I have see those Murphy/ couch, online with coffee table in front, clever Italian built versions.

      • Avatar Kathy

        Exactly my thoughts when I first saw the great murphy bed…..it needs a partner sofa! I love the layout! Cute as Christmas! Nice job!

      • Avatar James D.

        If you want to be really clever then turn it into a convertible Bed/Bench-Couch/Table/bookshelf…

        With the bed raised you have room for a couch but that can either be built into the wall to allow it to be pushed in when not in use or pulled out to be also used as a bench seat…

        Leaving the back area of the bed, where you can place a folding table and/or a self leveling shelf… Thus using the entire space…

        Using the couch as a bench seat also means you don’t need another seat for when using the fold down table and you can also push it towards the dinette table for additional seating for a larger group to gather as well as adding the option to use it to widen that bed option for more people to sleep…

        While, for the closet area I’d add some fold out metal bars… By themselves they’d serve as places to hang stuff but a group of them can serve as the basis to attack floating selves that you can just place a retaining clip to hold in place and thus have a adjustable storage system that can fit multiple closet layout possibilities… And it could also work with dresser draws, etc to help hold them in place and not have to worry about it shifting when moving the house…

        I’d also add some storage options to the bathroom… Those walls are too empty and there’s too many things people need in the bathroom to not use more of that space rather than storing that stuff in other places of the house… Like you could put a fair bit of storage above the toilet, as well as to either side of it…

        A bathroom sink is also a must for some people and you clearly have room for a low profile one at least…

        Also, if you halved the height of the window by the dinette table, you’d have room for a fold down bunk bed

        Still, for the price you’re asking it’s more than I’d usually expect for this price range and it would be asking a lot to have everything I listed without a big bump in the pricing… So overall a very nice design…

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    Didn’t see any closets, and the list of things posted indicates there is none..So where would one put hanging clothes and store other things like broom , mop etc. ? Otherwise nice the layout. And the fact there is no loft.. Having the solar panels placed where they are doesn’t do much for curb appeal . why not put them on the roof where they belong instead?

    • Avatar Alex

      Hey Dominick take another look at the third photo on the first page: https://tinyhousetalk.com/starlighter1-tiny-house-on-wheels-for-sale/ and you’ll see where you can hang clothes, store mop, broom, vacuum, etc.

    • Thanks Dominick for the comments and for taking a look. The closet measures 32X60 and is built with Slatwall panels, infinitely customizable, also a 1″ steel clothes bar. A small notch on either side of the Murphy bed for broom etc. Large drawers under the bench for bath storage. I envision additional PV modules on the one piece TPO roof, possibly a ballast mount to eliminate penetrations, The roof is 2X6 construction so it could handle a couple rows of modules landscape mount. My goal was a cozy very tow-friendly home, low profile.

      • Avatar Alex

        Thanks for the info Bob!

      • Avatar Dominick Bundy

        That would be PERFECT! Then,, sorry I missed/over looked it, (My Bad)A tiny house like this would be something I and probably others would prefer without the loft. and the measurements you gave for the closet is more than generous for a tiny house . I really like the concept of having a Murphy bed. with everything you need on one level.. Bravo for such a nice layout.

        • I should add a floor plan sketch and better pics of the closet and accessories, your comments trigger that thought. Great community here, thanks all.

        • Avatar Alex

          That would be great, Bob! If you want us to add the sketch to this post just email it to [email protected] and include a link to this post in the email so we know where to put it and we’ll add it right away! Link to include in the email: https://tinyhousetalk.com/starlighter1-tiny-house-on-wheels-for-sale/

        • Avatar Alex

          It happens! 😀

        • Avatar Kathy

          Bob, if you do add a link to the floor plan (yes please!) please also add pics of the bathroom — is it to the left of the front door?

        • Avatar Alex

          Just added floor plan sketch and new shot of the closet. Just refresh when you come back to the page 🙂

  • Avatar two crows

    Lovely home. Love the horizontally mounted Murphy bed and the kitchen layout is great.

    I do have a question about the solar panels: are they mounted in such a way as to be seasonally adjustable? I currently have solar panels on my home with a fairly shallow-pitched roof. The result is lower energy output during the winter due to the height of the sun in the sky. Here in Florida, the threat of hurricanes makes ratcheting the solar panels on the roof not practical — but on the wall, it would be very doable. That would be a lovely plus.

    • yes the PV modules are hinged at the top, they clip down for travel. An adjustable arm or some gas shocks would allow for quick easy adjustments.


    Pretty nice…!

  • Avatar Michael

    Great floor plan which shows that all you need can be accommodated on a 20′ by 8′ footprint and doesn’t need to be 13’+ high.
    You have a nice living space when the bed is up (I would put two folding comfy chairs with a coffee table there), a dining area (I hate to eat without sitting down), a decent kitchen and a bathroom.
    Great job and a decent price tag.

  • Avatar Danielle DiLisio

    Very practical, nicely done and great price!

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    I’m totally loving this build. At 20 feet long x 8 feet wide, it is a perfect size for me. I love the Murphy bed, the breakfast nook, AND the mounted exterior solar panels (GREAT idea!) My only concern would be a split air system to make sure humidity levels were low so no mold gets started with the raw wood ceilings. And kudos to the builder for being price sensitive for Tiny House Patrons; we sincerely appreciate this builder consideration. All in all, two thumbs up; GREAT job!!!

    • Avatar Bob

      Yep Lisa, thanks. I left two options for AC.
      LG has a 6,000 BTU window, around $300.00 unit that I prewired for at the dining or bedroom window. Or I left provisions for a mini split, @ $1800.00 mounted on the tongue of the trailer. A split unit would use up some wall space also. The smallest mini split I can find is still a bit too large for the home however.
      I would certainly work with a buyer to make additions or slight modifications. It is challenging to build a “spec” THOW, not knowing the owners needs or wants ahead of the build.

      • Avatar Lisa E.

        Thank you, Bob, for the information about the two a/c package options.
        It’s clear you have thought of everything. And thank you for being a Tiny House Builder; we sincerely appreciate having you on board!

      • Avatar James D.

        Have you considered one of the in wall or in ceiling options?


        At the very least you should have the option to do a bump up area in the ceiling where you can then mount it…

      • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

        Thanks Bob!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      So glad you loved it!

  • Avatar Joseph

    A bit too small for me, but very beautifully done.

  • Avatar Marivale

    Beautifully done and well thought out! What is the R value in this THOW?

    • Avatar Bob

      the floor is 5″ of DowBoard EXP, 3/4 Advantech, 1/2 foam Rothpanel, 1/4″ underlayment, cork flooring so R-26 or so.
      Walls are 2″ EXP foam board with spray foam, 3-1/2″ total R17.5
      ceiling is spray foam 4″ R-20

      I ran a heat-load calculation, to maintain 70° inside with 0° out requires 4777 BTU/hr.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Good question! You can contact Bob (the seller) here: 417-380-0485 – cell
      417-753-3738 – office
      [email protected]

  • Avatar Susan

    I have always wanted to visit a THOW in order to see the actual space and not a “skewed” photograph, but thought that I would have to go out of state. However, when the Starlighter 1 popped up and I realized that it was less than 20 miles away, I couldn’t resist. I went and visited today (I guess yesterday since it’s after midnight) and couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome by Bob and his adorable dogs! He has done a wonderful job on this tiny house and answered every question-and I had plenty. He has thought of so many options and has built it in such a way that you have many choices. I had many “favorite parts,” but up at the top of the list was how he put a track in the closet so that a panel can be added to cover the mechanical area or be moved over to cover the clothing area. Because he made that area to have horizontal slats, you can have many possibilities of hanging storage. He was very thoughtful in every detail, down to choices for a standard outlet or a 12-volt. I encourage you to come and visit. Branson is not very far away, but honestly, when you see the setting, you may just want to hang out there for awhile. Bravo Bob! You did a great job and when I am ready to have a THOW built, I will be making my way to Show Me Tiny Houses! Thanks for sharing the Starlighter 1 with us and putting the dimensions on your floor plan-very helpful!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Wow thank you so much for that testimonial! I bet Bob would love it if you added it to his Facebook page too 🙂 Glad to hear good things.

  • Avatar Dawn

    I love this design, but I think I would add paneling or wainscoting to the bottom of the Murphy bed so it looks like an attractive wall when it is not being used as a bed. I might even permanently affix a framed painting on there also. It is very practical and attractive.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      That’s an idea!

  • with the solar panels on the side of the house, do you get the same amount of power , as you would on top of the house. Since the sun will only be conecting to this part of the day?

    • Avatar James D.

      In this case, since the roof is flat it’s actually better on the side…

      Many solar panels still require to be faced as close to directly at the sun to achieve their rated power output and flat on the roof means that only happens around mid-day…

      He’s indicated in another response that they can be tilted so you can still get a good angle out of them and they can be clipped down for safety when moving…

      Roof mounted panels also means you have a tougher time adjusting them and you’ll have to remember to lock them down before moving as otherwise they may snap off and fly off the roof when moving…

      Ideally, if you have a gable or shed roof then the angle can be good enough for mount and forget…

      But also mind you have some control by just adjusting the angle the house faces the sun with the panels and just consider that when parking…

      Just two panels, though, doesn’t provide a lot of power… It should be enough for LED lights and charging your portable devices but that’s about it but you could always have additional panels that you can hook in when parked if you need additional power or you can ask him to put a shed or gable roof and then can use at least half the roof for panels…

      But if you’re trying to keep the budget low then that would be hard because solar can still cost a lot when scaled up, especially the batteries and other equipment that goes along with the panels…

  • Avatar Melissa

    I’d love to see the Murphy bed in “sleeping mode”. Love the size and use of space in this THOW! ❤️

    • Avatar Mary

      Finally someone realized there is a fabulous product for THOW closets, Slatwalls! Allows the homeowner to customize the interior of their closet as they see fit. Brilliant! I have also seen Slatwall that’s designed to look like brick which makes a nice wall covering for those open shelving concept kitchens!

  • Avatar Bigfoot

    What a great & thorough build. Fantastic job Bob ! It was mentioned that the house could be lifted off the trailer frame. Has this been done or is that a theoretical statement? If house is separated from trailer, could it be reasonably reattached or would it be very difficult? I would guess that lining up the bolt holes would be problematic unless a guide system has been incorporated. I think the cats meow would be a tiny on a trailer that could be lifted off, setup, tied down lived in & then moved if needed. You would have a 1 time setup fee but not have to pay for a trailer. I can think of a number of ways this could be accomplished.
    I’m happy to see dedicated tie downs, solar, AC/DC outlets, exterior hot/cold faucet, small deck, multiple AC choices & wired accordingly, multiple colors, murphy bed, & less than 5,000 BTU to maintain 70 in at 0 out, wow. Gotta love that hydronic floor heating system! Wondering how far up the walls it goes? I am amazed at the build quality at this price point. I really like TPO for a roof. What mill is it? Best wishes with your business Bob!

    • Avatar Bob

      Thanks Bigfoot.
      I have not lifted the home off the trailer, I planned it as more a one time lift, if desired. If removed, it would need to be fastened to a safe foundation of some sort. Best left to a pro or someone with lifting experience. The bonus is you have a great utility trailer after the trailer/home divorce.
      The “headache” rack on the front of the trailer positions it as well as angle iron legs at the rear and sides, if it needed to be remounted.
      The electrical conduit for the RV plug would need to be removed below also, it is mainly to power it when in the mobile mode. A conduit is stubbed for permanent power connection below.

      We are in tornado alley here so holding it all to the earth becomes important. Hence the tie downs at all corners. Many mobile homes around here are “earth screwed” and cabled to the ground, same for ground mount solar arrays. I’d use the corner tie downs when traveling also, for piece of mind.
      2″ web ratchet straps from those tie down loops to the trailer frame hold the deck on the front when traveling, so double duty for the tie downs.

      I’m not sure about the TPO thickness, it was a commercial grade installed by a local commercial roofing shop. I do have a sample piece if someone needs an example.

      I’m surprised by so many low pitch corrugated type metal roofs seen on THOWS, it is discouraged by the metal roofing industry and most of the metal manufacturers?
      2-1/2:12 or steeper is the guideline around here unless it is a system specifically designed for low pitch.

      The mirror finished stainless wall is warmed to just below the monitor screen. It is mainly for warming coats and anything on the movable magnetic hooks.

  • Avatar Bob

    I enjoy all the comments, thanks to the community. I have added shelves in the bath as suggested, I do have more pics coming of the bed as requested.

    If the rain ever stops here I will fix a video tour, inside and out to answer more questions.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      That would be great, Bob! Send it along and I can add it 🙂

  • Avatar Marie

    Wonderful design and execution! This house seems to pack a lot inside without even needing any lofts. And the price tag is great …loving this 🙂

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      It’s a perfect blend of good design and great pricing!

  • Avatar Penny

    Bob, Does the Murphy bed sit flat on the floor? Or is there a hinge I am not noticing and some bracing so normal bed height? As far as bathroom shelving goes, there are plenty of shelving type units made to fit above the commode that are both decorative and functional. So built ins are not that big a deal in my opinion. How much estimated electricity generated if solar panels flat on roof? V and A please. You said the conduit stubbed out bottom and have to be removed if put on foundation, if understood correctly. Was this to protect the connections, for aesthetics, or some other reasons? Thank you!

    • Avatar Bob Rohr

      The bed has a folding leg assembly as it tilts down, about 12- 14″ to top of bed from floor when folded down.
      I did add 3 shelves above the toilet for towels and stuff.
      The two wall mounted PV modules are 120W each, they are hinged mounted for optimizing output.

      The roof is 8X20′ so additional modules, around 160 square feet could be added. One rule of thumb is 10- 12 watts per square foot. Depends on the mounting and orientation of the home to get an exact output number.

      It certainly could be connected to a ground amount PV array, depending on how much PV you want or can budget for. Plenty of closet space to add additional batteries also.
      A PV system really needs to be designed, sized and installed to your wants and needs, best to get a pro solar person involved if you want to be off-grid. The solar PV system included is basically running some 12V lights and receptacles, not enough to power the entire home, of course. Just enough to wet your appetite for renewable energy 🙂

      A conduit runs to the front of the trailer from the breaker box in the closet. It is for the 50A RV plug, it would need to be disconnected to lift the home off the trailer as it bolts to the frame in several places.
      There is a 1-1/4 EMT conduit stubbed from the circuit panel to the bottom of the home for permanent electrical connection, if desired.

      All the wood wall coverings and ceiling are screwed in place, any portion could be removed to add or modify wiring, etc.

      Thanks for the questions

  • Avatar wiz

    Hey Bob~ Beautiful job here! I have also designed an exterior faucet on myt THOW. I see you called it out in the specs, but I dont see it on the photos above. I assume it is on the outside of the kitchen or bathroom facilities? How high did you place it?

  • Avatar Bob

    Correct, the dual hose bib is left of the door, about 30″ above the deck

    Just at the edge of the plants in the pic, it is a frostfree 12″ long so it is into the wall behind the shower

  • Avatar Arthur Decker

    This is the most perfect tiny house on wheels I have seen so far. The best of everything, do

  • Avatar Arthur Decker

    This is the most perfect THOW I have ever seen. Built by Pros, you couldn’t ask for better then that. I would reface the murphy bed though. I recently built one also a horizontal unit. I installed a 4k TV on the face, and put another one on the back wall inside of the unit. Works well while in bed and while it’s in the upright position adds to the feeling of a living room. I have no doubt you will sell this in a week. Especially for such a good price.

  • Avatar Michael

    I am wondering why this THOW doesn’t sell.

  • Avatar Bob

    I was not happy with the cork flooring, it was peeling on the edges of the tile. I replaced it with a floating bamboo. I added some shelves in the bathroom also.

    I’d love to see someone make a cozy home of this unique THOW. Thanks all.

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