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This is an 8ft by 20ft solar-powered tiny home on wheels for sale in Lago Vista, Texas for $32,000.

It has a 230 watt solar panel hooked up to a 24 volt battery system and also features a rain water collection system so it’s ready for off-grid living. You can learn more about it and its availability at the listing over at Tiny Home Builders.

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20ft Off-Grid Tiny Home For Sale in Lago Vista, TX for $32k

20ft Off Grid Tiny Home For Sale in Lago Vista TX for 32k 001

Images via Tiny Home Builders

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Pat & Mel built this tiny house in Ontario, Canada as a way to stop paying rent, and to start living a simple, minimalist lifestyle.

They lived in it completely off the grid for 3 years while it was parked on a friend’s land, but they recently decided to sell the tiny home and buy a house because it was cheaper than buying vacant land (a down payment on a piece of land in Ontario is often 35%, while the cost of a down payment on a home is often as low as 5%).

While they were living in the house, they were completely off the grid. They used a wood stove for heat, solar panels for electricity, propane for hot water and cooking, and they collected rainwater for all of their water needs. They used a composting toilet (Nature’s Head) since they didn’t have access to a septic system.

Couple’s Off-Grid Tiny House Lifestyle

Couple living 3 years off-grid in a tiny house – Exploring Alternatives 1

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is a 225 sq. ft. tiny cabin on a 1.15 acre lot that’s for sale in Sagle, Idaho on Estately.

This charming, cozy cabin has big lake views and plenty of room on this 1.15 acre lot. Everything you need with power in place, gravity fed fresh water from 3000 gallon tanks, top quality Nature’s Head self composting toilet & on-demand hot water in cedar lined shower house.1

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Cozy Tiny Cabin on 1 Acre in Sagle, ID For Sale!

225 Sq Ft Tiny Cabin on 1 Acre Lot in Sagle ID For Sale 001

Photos via Estately

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This is the story of a family who converted this school bus into their own beautiful off-grid motorhome.

Enjoy as Bryce Langston, of Living Big in a Tiny House shows you the bus and introduces you to the family!

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Family’s School Bus Converted into Beautiful Off-Grid Motorhome

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This is Seth Porges‘ off-the-grid tiny house getaway. He calls it The Glass House.

According to USA Today, “the 33-year-old journalist decided he had had enough of the city life and wanted a unique, personalized and portable getaway.”

So he decided on the ESCAPE Vista by ESCAPE Homes and was able to arrange to keep it on a friend’s farm in Marlboro, New York. Now you can even book the house on Airbnb!

Seth Porges’ Off-the-Grid Tiny House Getaway

Photos via Airbnb

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This is an off-grid tiny library cabin in the Georgia forest!

Hello.  we built this on a permaculture farm this last winter. An off grid library/ lounge in the middle of the Georgia woods. The project was completed in 2 weeks and cost about $2000. It is primarily made from recycled materiel. The major expenses were the wood stove and pipe, foundation and tin roofing.


Tiny Library Cabin in the Georgia Forest

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Mat and Danielle from Exploring Alternatives went to check out this Hobbit House at the Toits du Monde eco-resort in Nominingue, Quebec after seeing photos of the cabin online.

The green roof has a really unique design that extends all the way down to the ground with leg-like extensions that provide shade in the summer and retain heat in the winter.

The cabin was built with straw bale walls and limestone plaster, and log rafters and support beams. It is completely off-grid. Enjoy!

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Hobbit House with Amazing Green Roof

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