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Natalie and Lucas have lived in tents as wilderness guides, rented small spaces and cabins, and even lived in a 29-foot sailboat while building their tiny house! Now they’re proud owners of their off-grid THOW, which they’ve lived in for 4 years.

First they parked in Northern Wisconsin on a friend’s land, and now they rent from a couple in Oregon they met via Facebook. Their home doesn’t have running water, but they do have a great solar system set up for electricity.

Many of the materials in their home were reclaimed from places that have significance to the couple, and all in all they spent about $30,000 on their tiny home. We got to do an interview with Natalie (@nataliejacksonwellness on Instagram) which you can read after the photo tour of their beautiful home.

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Their $30K DIY Tiny Home in Oregon

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Yes, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, this PassivDom modulOne is the “warmest house in the world.”

And it’s only 380 sq. ft.! The modulOne is a super cool manufactured structure that comes in three “levels” of completeness: The Autonomous (which is 100% self-sustaining), the Standard (which has all your appliances, fixtures, etc. but needs to be hooked up to exterior power/sewer), and the Module Plus (a finished shell with wiring for electrical and heating, but nothing else).

Enjoy the pictures and the video tour, and be sure to check out all the additional details and pricing below!

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The Warmest House in the World: PassivDom modulOne

Images via PassivDom

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This couple is living legally in their off-grid tiny house and homestead! They live in a 24 ft. THOW in Arizona and describe themselves as “digital entrepreneur nomads” promoting “a minimalistic debt free lifestyle.”

You can see a few screenshots of their crisp, modern tiny house below, and then watch a number of their videos from their YouTube channel, Life inside a Box. The couple started their “vlogs” when they first got the idea to build the house, and now they have hundreds of videos documenting the entire process, including DIY videos for those who want to follow their lead.

I love that they go into detail about the different off-grid aspects of their life, as well as dedicate time to telling us what about their tiny house they’d change, how much the house cost and how they are living legally! You might lose a few hours watching all their videos — don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Couple Living Legally in Off-Grid Tiny House & Homestead

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This is a modern off-grid tiny home in Australia by Branch Studio Architects.

When you go inside, you’ll find a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and a bedroom all on one level.

Outside there’s a small built-in deck. This modern tiny home features floor to ceiling windows and plywood-paneled interior walls. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

The Pump House Modern Off-Grid Tiny Home

Pump House by Branch Studio Architects 001

Images © Lakshal PereraBranchStudioArchitects via Dezeen

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Thanks Joceile for sending us the tip on this 336 sq. ft. tiny home for sale with land (SOLD). I think it’s a great find and definitely something I thought you might like looking at for ideas.

It’s a 336 sq. ft. tiny cabin near a lake in the Pacific Northwest for $99,000. And it could be the perfect cabin for the right person. There’s a covered front porch and inside it’s set up like a studio.

This tiny cabin was built back in 1989 on a 7,501 sq. ft. lot which is about .17 acres. The listing says you’re allowed to have RVs parked on the property which is good news if you have (or plan to have) a tiny house on wheels.

Off Grid Tiny Home For Sale (With Land)


Images: Zillow

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The purpose of this off grid tiny house was to offer young couples or millennials the ability to live outside the hustle and bustle of the big city.

To have the ability to live off grid in a tiny house while being more environmentally friendly is the idea here.

Initially  research was collected to see what young people wanted.

Data showed not everyone was completely ready to move off-the-grid. Or to even live in a smaller space.

The goal behind this design was to get young couples comfortable with the idea of living small, simple, but not completely off-the-grid.

Tiny House Designed for the Environmental-Friendly Millennial Generation

Off-Grid Prototype Tiny House Designed with Millennials in Mind-00

Images © Jordan Spuck via Simple Solar Homesteading

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