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If you’re lucky enough to own some extra land somewhere, putting a tiny house there for personal family vacations is a great way to get a lower-cost vacation property! That’s what this Colorado couple did. They reached out to Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to have an off-grid, low maintenance THOW built and delivered to their remote land outside of Durango.

The metal siding should hold up to the wind and snow, and they have multiple off-grid systems, and backup systems, to keep them warm no matter the weather. There’s a loft bedroom, 32″ shower stall, and composting toilet. The build came to about $65,000 without the solar array.

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Durango Cabin Tiny House on Wheels

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For $38,000, this beautiful off-grid THOW could be yours! Sitting on a 20-foot trailer, the interior has a lovely natural feel and a super-neat pull-out bed/sofa to give you a ground-floor sleeping area.

The kitchen is set up a bit, and has a breakfast bar and farmhouse sink. On the other side of the home is the loft bedroom and the bathroom with plenty of closet and shelving space.

It’s situated in Buffalo, NY, and can be delivered within the Northeast/Tri-State area. Contact the seller (Jack) here!

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Off-Grid Tiny House With Unique Pull-Under Bed Design

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This family of three built a tiny house, but intended to sell it and live in a “big house” like “normal” people. Kathy got a full-time job to afford their new normal home, but like so many others, was furloughed because of coronavirus. Thankfully, Kathy, Tilman, and their four-year-old son were able to move out of that large home, and back into the THOW!

I really think tiny house living will only become more popular during this pandemic and it’s fall-out, which is why it’s awesome that Kathy & Tilman wrote a book about their build: “How I Designed, Planned and Built A Small House on a Trailer.” This book is aimed at the DIYer who wants to tackle a tiny house build but needs some guidance. You can buy the book here.

Check out their beautiful build below!

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They Built a THOW and Wrote a Book About It!

Floating Rooms Minimalist Tiny House Design 001

Images via Floating Rooms

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This couple is living legally in their off-grid tiny house and homestead! They live in a 24 ft. THOW in Arizona and describe themselves as “digital entrepreneur nomads” promoting “a minimalistic debt free lifestyle.”

You can see a few screenshots of their crisp, modern tiny house below, and then watch a number of their videos from their YouTube channel, Life inside a Box. The couple started their “vlogs” when they first got the idea to build the house, and now they have hundreds of videos documenting the entire process, including DIY videos for those who want to follow their lead.

I love that they go into detail about the different off-grid aspects of their life, as well as dedicate time to telling us what about their tiny house they’d change, how much the house cost and how they are living legally! You might lose a few hours watching all their videos — don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Couple Living Legally in Off-Grid Tiny House & Homestead

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This is the 20 ft. Bitterroot Valley tiny house on wheels by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

This off-grid marvel is simple and to the point with solar panels, a composting toilet, and a basic kitchen. It features a lot of great reclaimed materials and “leftover” materials at Rocky Mountain because the owner was on a thrifty budget. Take a look and then read more here.

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20 ft. Bitterroot Valley Tiny House on Wheels That’s Off-Grid Ready with Solar Panels

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