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This is a 291 sq. ft. minimalist multi-functional apartment redesigned by architect, Brad Swartz.

He took an originally awkward space and transformed it into a smart space-saving home. Inside you’ll notice a large wall that holds a workstation, bookshelf, television, wardrobe, and more.

When you slide open the left side the bathroom is revealed. When you slide to the right you’ll find the bedroom.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

291 Sq. Ft. Minimalist Multi-Functional Apartment


Images © Katherine Lu

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I’m excited to share this new small space furniture called Rest Relax because I think it might be perfect for studios, tiny houses and lofts.

It’s multi-functional and space saving furniture that can be used as footstools, beds, and sofas. They’ve got several multi-functional furniture designs for small spaces in the works which is very exciting.

One of them is a gaming chair that doubles as a double bed. Please enjoy, leave your thoughts in the comments below (which is your favorite?) and re-share below.

Rest Relax Space Saving Small Space Furniture


Images © RestRelax

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This high tech Twofold furniture by Christy Oates is a great invention for small spaces, tiny houses, and any multifunctional space.

The video below will do more than my words can describe as to what’s actually possible with smart design.

It’s described as folding furniture and when not in use it’s stored on your wall like a piece of art. When you’d like to use it, you simply pull the furniture out and set it up. When you’re done, you can enjoy your open space and your furniture is used as art.

A laser cutting machine is used to cut the plywood and engrave the art onto the furniture. Innovations like this certainly makes me look forward to the next few decades as our small spaces get better and better. Please enjoy and re-share.

Amazing Twofold Furniture for Small Spaces by Christy Oates


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I’m thrilled to show you this all-in-one tiny house furniture called 3Moods by UNAMO design studio in Spain. It’s not only for tiny houses because it works well for just about any small space thanks to its multi-functionality.

But basically… It’s a sofa, bed, chaise lounge, armchair, desk, dining table, and 4 benches, in one. And it can serve up to 8 people. What?! Yeah. It’s the most versatile piece of furniture I think I’ve ever seen. So of course, I know it would work perfectly in a tiny home, micro apartment, or any other small space. And I just had to share it with you. Please enjoy and re-share below.

3Moods All-in-One Multi-functional Furniture Kit


Images © UNAMO Design Studio

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I love getting to show you space saving small space furniture like this multi-functional table that converts into a bookshelf. Pretty neat, right? On top of the multi-functional nature of this piece it’s also made from reclaimed wood so every each unit is different.

It’s definitely a high priced but also seems like a high quality and unique piece that’s made to last. But really I just had to show it to you and ask you what you think about it?

Would you use this or something like it in your current or future small space? It’s different, isn’t it?

Multi-functional Table That Converts into Bookshelf


Images © dotandbo

See more and- how it works- below:

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If you’re thinking about living in a tiny house or even just downsizing to a smaller house, you’ve probably been thinking about space-saving tiny house furniture… And today I wanted to show you this sofa that converts into a bunk bed in just a few seconds.

It’s a foreign product that’s probably really expensive and completely unobtainable for those of us like you and me who want to live simply so we can also live affordably. But either way- I thought it was worth sharing because who knows? It might inspire somebody to create a DIY version- with a how-to- that’s more affordable (crossing my fingers).

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Sofa Converts into a Bunk Bed in 14 Seconds Flat


Image © ProteasGR/YouTube

To see how it works you can actually watch a 36-second video below which demonstrates how it converts from comfy sofa to bunk bed in 14 seconds flat below:

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One of the most important parts of tiny houses and living in small spaces is furniture.

With the right or wrong furniture, you can either make your tiny house awesome and comfy or crowded and stuffy.

Tiny House Space Saving Furniture #22

So every week I’m going to show you several space saving furniture ideas that might work perfectly with your current or future tiny home.

This week we’ll be zoning in on space saving beds, desks, and staircases so you can add more functionality to your current space.

Staircase Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

loft staircase storage

Even More Staircase Storage Ideas for Small Homes

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If you follow this website or others I’m sure that you remember the tiny Hong Kong apartment that transforms into a multitude of rooms within just 330 square feet of space.  A key part of that apartment’s design was it’s furniture.

Furniture plays a key role in small spaces, especially when families are involved.  In fact I think the right furniture can make or break many people’s decision to go small.  These designs offer incredible convenience.  Desks can turn into beds (without having to move everything off of your desk!!), shelves turn to tables, and more.

Small living spaces for today’s people need to have multi-functional furniture.  Listen and watch as Ron Barth, president of Resource Furniture, shows you their designs. How about some of this furniture in a tiny house?