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This is a 409 sq. ft. modern tiny house by Studio NOA.

It was designed and built for a couple with no children who needed a home on a small lot in a neighborhood called Sanno in Tokyo, Japan.

From the outside, you’ll see it has a very modern look. When you go inside, you’ll find three levels with a bedroom, basement/storage, loft space, kitchen, bathroom, and more. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

409 Sq. Ft. Modern Tiny House

409 SF Studio NOA Tiny House in Sanno 001

Images © Studio NOA

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The Pit House is a modern small home in Japan designed by UID Architects.

It has about 1487 sq. ft. of total floor space inside, so to most of us, this not that small at all.

But to others, it might be. Either way I thought it was so unique I had to show you!

And any one of us can take some of these design ideas and incorporate it into our own DIY build, right?

The Pit House: Modern Small Home in Japan


Images © Hiroshi Ueda/UID Architects

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This modern small house that was for sale is in Victoria, Australia back in 2015. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the sleek and modern slanted roof, right? Once you step inside you’ll find a very open space with plenty of natural light because of the large windows throughout the main living area.

This modern small home boasts two bedrooms, one bathroom, an amazing kitchen, a large open living space, and a cozy covered outdoor space. It also features a separate garage/storage. This isn’t a tiny house, but it’s a pretty cool small home, isn’t it? And it’s definitely no McMansion so I thought you might be able to get some inspiration from it. Please enjoy and if you like it re-share below with your friends. Thanks.

A Modern Small Home in Australia


Images via Hodges.com.au

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Check out this 3-story 624 sq. ft. house in Japan. The architects, Takahashi Maki and Associates, call it the “White Hut and Tilia Japanica”. Set in a older residential community this small house sits much higher than it’s neighbors.

The large windows of the home give the owner views of the surrounding area. Heading inside the house you would find on the ground floor the bedroom with space for a small desk. On the second floor you will find the kitchen, dining and living area.

The top level would be my favorite. Along not pictured here that is where you would find a large and luxurious bathroom. Would this type of small house design work for you?

624 Sq. Ft. 3-Story Small House in Japan


Images © shigeta satoshi/nacasa & partners inc

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Don’t be fooled by the sleekness of the outside because the inside of this modern small home is full of light.

Like a stack of modern lego blocks this small house looks very boxy yet when you go inside all the rooms are very open, bright with plenty of windows and overall just spacious.

It was designed this way so when the entire family is in the house they could all easily spend time together. The living room is the main space and every other room besides the bathroom open up to the living area.

There are many small gardens or terraces that bring in natural light and give the small children extra space to play outside which I like. Also- I’m curious- do you consider a family of four living in 964 square feet ‘living small’?

Family with 2 Kids Living In 964 Sq. Ft. Modern Small Home


Images © Iwan Baan and Ken’ichi Suzuki

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If you’re into tiny living but just need something with more space long-term than you might really enjoy this 778 sq. ft. Japanese family small house designed by Alts Design Office.

It’s a simple and minimalist style home that’s perfect for a couple that’s planning on having children or already has small children. I can also see this space working well for a professional that works from home.

778 Sq. Ft. Japanese Family Small House by Alts Design Office


Images © Alts-Design.com

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