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If you’re researching for tiny house communities, you may want to add The Sanctuary Minnesota in Ogilvie, Minnesota to your list.

It’s a small tiny house village and event center with workshops, retreats, and even tiny homes to rent. Learn more below!

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Tiny House Village And Event Center: The Sanctuary Minnesota

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This is a rustic tiny house for $9,500 out of Saginaw, Minnesota.

It’s listed via Jesse C. on the Tiny House Marketplace.

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Rustic Tiny House For Under-$10k, In 2021

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This is to let you know about this Minnesota Tiny House vacation experience hosted by Kim on Airbnb. The tiny house is located right on Minnesota Lakeshore out of Faribault, Minnesota.

It’s a 267-sq.-ft. home on wheels, parked with an oversized deck, all overlooking the lake which you can kayak on if you want to. Did you know, this THOW was featured on Tiny House Nation back in 2015, it’s on Season 1, Episode 8, according to the Airbnb listing? You can probably watch the episode on Amazon.

The family that owns it lived in it for 4-and-a-half-years, but once their kids grew up, they decided to have more space. So now they share their tiny house with the community as a vacation rental experience. How cool is that?

267-sq.-ft. Family-friendly Tiny House Vacation in Minnesota (Lakefront!)

Family-friendly Tiny House Vacation in Minnesota Lakefront via Kim on Airbnb 001

Images via Kim/Airbnb

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This is a pop-up camper remodeled into a tiny house that’s for sale via the Tiny House Marketplace out of Hutchinson, Minnesota.

It’s available for $4,100.00. The micro cabin is built out of a 1969 Starcraft Starmaster-6 Pop-up Camper. It’s intended for use as a fish house or camper. What do you think?

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8×11 Pop Up Camper Turned Tiny House/Travel Trailer

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This is a freshly-built (2019) 8×16 tiny house for 10k.

It’s out of Montrose, Minnesota, custom-built, queen loft, mahogany floors, Anderson windows, spray foam insulation, road-ready, interior just needs a little bit of finishes. Could be a great deal and one could add their own finishing touches, what do you think?

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10k Tiny House in Montrose, Minnesota

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This is a pioneer style tiny log cabin with trim work done by Wilderness Woodworks in Ely, Minnesota shared by one of our readers.

As you can see below, it’s a traditional log cabin with a covered front porch entry. Go inside and you’ll find your kitchenette, living area, bunk beds, and dining nook – all in one room. Facilities are nearby. Please enjoy the tour below and let us know what you think in the comments. What would you do with a little cabin like this? Would you live in it?

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Tiny Pioneer Style Log Cabin in Minnesota

© Jacen James

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This is a 120+ year old Finnish Log Cabin that has been modernized and is now available as a vacation rental in Biwabik, Minnesota. It’s called the Green Gate Log Cabin and to me, it’s the perfect tiny house, wouldn’t you say?

From the outside, it looks like a very simple cabin from the 1900’s. But when you step inside, you immediately notice the modern updates! Inside, you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and a cozy upstairs sleeping loft. Enjoy!

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120+ Year Old Finnish Log Cabin in Biwabik, Minnesota

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We got a tip last week that Cook County, Minnesota is tiny house friendly, but I wanted to double-check before spreading a rumor.

I contacted Bill Lane, the Planning and Zoning Administrator for Cook County, and he straightened out the details and specifics for those of you interested in going tiny in Minnesota. It’s certainly not a free-for-all, but they are more receptive than many counties!

In short: You’ll need to build on a foundation (or remove the wheels) and comply with zoning and building regulations (and pay taxes!), but it can be done.

Take a look at some pictures of Grand Marais, named one of the coolest US small towns by CNN, and then read what Bill told us below!

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Cook County, MN Allows Foundation Tiny Homes

Tiny House Friendly Land in Cook County, MN

Photography by Bryan Hansel/MPR

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This is the “Tiny Moving Castle” built by Brandon and Calvin.

It’s currently for sale in Minnesota for $37,000.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

$37k Tiny Moving Castle (For Sale!)

Tiny Moving Castle

Images © Brandon Piekarski

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