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This is a tiny cottage on 10 acres of land for sale with an asking price of $99,000 in southeastern Minnesota.

On the outside, you’ll notice a long bay of windows enveloped by cedar siding. The house is well-insulated and just 250 square feet, but includes 128 square feet in an insulated porch and an attached 107 square foot greenhouse. Outside you can enjoy the perennial flower bed and a “pollinator friendly rainwater garden,” as well as a newly-planted apple orchard.

Step inside and enjoy the pine-paneled walls and bamboo flooring. Warm yourself by the Vermont Castings wood stove or eat dinner a the pine dinette. Lift up a door in the floor to find a root cellar to keep your food cool, but not frozen and snooze away on your own wonderful land in a queen-sized bed on the ground floor level. The outhouse includes a solar composting toilet.

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250 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage on 10 Acres For Sale

250 Sq Ft Tiny Cottage on 10 Acres For Sale 001

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