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This is a 2015 myPod Travel Trailer by Little Guy at Princess Craft RV in Round Rock, Texas.

It’s a super lightweight micro travel trailer (much like a Teardrop) that weighs only 630 pounds!

So if you have a Smart Car or even a motorcycle this might be a great option for you because almost any vehicle is able to tow it. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

2015 myPod Travel Trailer Weights Just 630 Pounds

myPod Tiny Travel Trailer 01

Images © PrincessCraft.com

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If you enjoy the RV lifestyle, and you have about $50,000 to spend, Car Taka can build a Prius RV for you.

Named the Relax Cabin, this converted Prius is 20 inches longer than the standard-issue Prius. With its 80-inch tall roof, just about anyone can stand up and move freely around this vehicle.

Simple food prep and eating are not an issue in this car, as the Relax Cabin contains a microwave and a fridge. In addition, there are countertop surfaces and seats which make dining even more of a relaxing experience.

Thanks to a built-in compartment in the top of the vehicle where one or two people can lie comfortably, sleeping in this car is almost like sleeping in a home. Four people can sleep in this RV at a time.

Car Taka will build this RV for you according to your preferences starting at around $36,000. Here are some photos of the aptly-named Relax Cabin for you to enjoy:

Four Can Sleep Comfortably in this Toyota Prius RV

Four Can Sleep Comfortably in this Toyota Prius RV

Images © Car Taka
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Art Cormier lives in a tiny house on wheels. But when he travels, he doesn’t take it with him. It’s too heavy. So in this video, he’s going to show you how he turns his VW station wagon into a tiny RV. And you can use his ideas to turn your car, station wagon, or minivan into a tiny motorhome too!

By the way, Art also teaches other people how to design and build tiny houses on wheels at Tumbleweed’s tiny house workshops throughout the country in case you’re interested.

If you want to learn how Art uses his VW station wagon as a micro motorhome when he goes on trips or travels on the road then enjoy the video below. And would you consider turning your current car into a micro RV? Let us know in the comments. Thank you!

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Car Camping In A Station Wagon


Images © Art Cormier

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Right now I want to show you how this camper van rental company has turned this Dodge Grand Caravan minivan camper. They’re a company called Lost Campers who specialize in camper van rentals throughout California, Utah, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City.

This way you can show up, and instead of getting a motel, you can rent one of these and truly explore the state the way it was meant to be explored. Pretty cool, right? Well, I’ve been wanting to tell you about them for quite some time. So first let me have you take a look at their Dodge Grand Caravan to micro camper RV conversion below. Please enjoy!

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Dodge Grand Caravan Micro Minivan Camper RV Conversion


Images © LostCamperUSA.com

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Right now I’m sharing how this woman turned her Honda Element vehicle into a Micro RV so she can go on a two month cross country trip throughout the United States and Canada.

Her name is Michelle Sevigny and she even found her dog, Lucy, in Nova Scotia while on the trip. In the video below you’ll get to see exactly how she set up her Honda Element and her little secrets learned and shared while camping and traveling with it.

Before she embarked on this adventure she considered an RV, VW Westfalia, and a travel trailer. But RVs were so expensive, the Westfalia’s were also expensive to maintain/repair, and hauling a travel trailer was just kind of out of the question. Plus, the cost of gas.

So her solution was to create a Tiny RV out of a 2005 Honda Element instead. And she did just that. It’s great on gas, easy to drive around in, and only a few minor modifications were required to make it all work.

She even works out of the van on her location independent business, Dogsafe Canine First Aid (www.dogsafe.ca). And she plans on continuing to save money to build her own tiny house on the west coast of Canada (British Columbia) soon.

Woman Turns Honda Element into her own Micro RV


Images © Michelle Sevigny/YouTube

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