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2015 myPod Travel Trailer Weights Just 630 Pounds

This is a 2015 myPod Travel Trailer by Little Guy at Princess Craft RV in Round Rock, Texas.

It’s a super lightweight micro travel trailer (much like a Teardrop) that weighs only 630 pounds!

So if you have a Smart Car or even a motorcycle this might be a great option for you because almost any vehicle is able to tow it. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

2015 myPod Travel Trailer Weights Just 630 Pounds

myPod Tiny Travel Trailer 01

Images © PrincessCraft.com

myPod Tiny Travel Trailer 02 myPod Tiny Travel Trailer 03

Images © PrincessCraft.com

Video Tour: 2015 myPod Travel Trailer by Little Guy

Learn more: www.princesscraft.com

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  • Avatar Mame

    Cute as a button. However, given a choice, I believe I would go with a teardrop, simply because they have cooking facilities and a food storage facility at the back of them. They are also very light; don’t know the weight but have seen teardrops pulled by motorbikes.

  • Avatar Dean

    I’m with Mame. I saw this design as something else, in a short youtube video from about 5-6 years ago. Looks like Little Guy bought it and finally developed it.
    As for me, however, if I were to go that compact, I’d prefer an Open Road Outfitters Slipstream…

    • Avatar Alex

      That’s really cool Dean thanks for sharing!

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