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Nico designed and built a high-tech, luxury tiny house for just $100,000 that meets all his living needs and more! His home features a Murphy bed, convertible table/coffee table, tons of flat-front cabinets, and luxury finishes.

His bathroom includes an incredible tub with jets and a faucet that can spin up to help you wash your face/mouth. Beyond that, he has a cozy office loft and an incredible rooftop deck where he can do yoga. Enjoy the fascinating tour of his home below.

  • Nico designs and builds a $100K luxury tiny home with high-tech features.
  • The tiny home includes a jetted tub, convertible spaces, and a rooftop yoga deck.
  • The smart design showcases a Murphy bed, hydraulics, and modern luxuries.

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Nico Designed and Built a High Tech Tiny Home

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I think most of us would agree that a 5,000 square foot house for two people is…excessive. That’s why this couple decided to sell their mansion and build their very own tiny house on wheels with all the bells and whistles. They’ve significantly reduced their overall footprint, and we should commend them for that.

Considering all the high-end features in this build, the $125,000 they spent in materials is actually pretty reasonable! And I love that they set out to do the build themselves when they probably could have afforded to contract it out. Plus the entire home is off-grid, with an awesome solar system and even a composting toilet!

The kitchen is any cook’s dream, and they have a roof-top patio that’s absolutely dream. Enjoy the video tour from Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey below.

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Couple Goes from 5,000 to 300 Square Feet!

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This is a luxury tiny house in Asheville, North Carolina that quickly sold for $65,000.

It’s never been lived in and the interior is all reclaimed barn wood. It sold on Craigslist faster than the previous owner expected.

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Luxury Tiny House in Asheville Sells Fast for $65k


Photos via Mattie/Craiglist

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This is a luxury Tiny Heirloom home on wheels custom designed and built for a couple by the Portland builders.

When you go inside, you’ll find a full kitchen with granite countertops, full bathroom, living area, dining nook, wardrobe closet, desk, skylights, and a cozy upstairs sleeping loft.

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Couple’s Luxury Tiny Heirloom Home on Wheels

Couple's Luxury Tiny Heirloom Home on Wheels

Images © Ian Pratt via TinyHeirloom.com

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This is a 120 sq. ft. tiny cabin and I think you might be surprised as to how many people it can comfortably sleep.

With space saving fold-down bunkbeds and a sleeping loft, four people can easily stay in this tiny house.

Built by Tinywood Homes, this tiny home also features a creative staircase to access the sleeping loft which is always better than a ladder, isn’t it?

The kitchenette has a wooden table that seats four and the built-in seats double as steps to get up to the sleeping loft! Please enjoy the tour and re-share below. Thank you!

120 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin by Tinywood Homes

tiny home rental

Images © Tinywood Homes

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Tiny Heirloom is a tiny house builder that specializes in luxury tiny homes on wheels in Portland, Oregon.

You probably remember when I first showed you them. See this post and this one if you already haven’t.

Their first tiny home was built with dormers. But this one seems longer. What I really like about it is that you can definitely star gaze from bed! And that’s just awesome, isn’t it?

Tiny Heirloom has more than a decade of construction experience and are focused on offering dependable service with the highest quality materials using the clients imagination to create their future tiny home on wheels.

And today I’m really excited to show you their latest build because it’s just awesome. I mean look at it (below). Whether you’d live in it or not, please enjoy and re-share with your friends if you want to below. Thank you!

Tiny Heirloom’s Larger Luxury Tiny House on Wheels

Luxury Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Heirloom in Portland OR

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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