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This is a 240 sq. ft. little house on a trailer.

It’s built by Stephen Marshall of The Little House on a Trailer in Petaluma, California.

From the outside, you’ll notice it looks like a pretty little cottage. You can’t even really tell it’s on a trailer!

When you go inside, you’ll find a simple floor plan with a living area, bathroom, kitchen, and loft.

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240 Sq. Ft. Little House on a Trailer

240 Sq Ft Little House on a Trailer 001

Images © Faircompanies.com

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Meet Steve and Wendy, who are designing and building their own tiny house to live in permanently.

About a year ago they began to adjust their lives so that they could achieve some of the things that they have always wanted to do in life.

This Tiny House Means this Family’s Dreams

After years of raising a family and the accumulation of all of the materials associated with American life, they realized that they wanted to take another path.

Their stuff was getting in the way of things that mattered more to them in life, like God, family, friends and extra money.

They will have significantly smaller utility bills and a lot less stuff weighing them down. So let’s take a look at their progress so far! It’s important for me to note that they’re not finished yet.

Trailer Harvested from an RV for their NEW Tiny House

Here is what they started out with… and old trailer that’s going to serve as the trailer for their tiny house on wheels.

Steve and Wendy's Tiny House - Trailer
Photos Courtesy of Steve and Wendy

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Stephen Marshall of Little House on a Trailer gets another interview thanks to Faircompanies. Stephen doesn’t consider this home a tiny one, rather… a little house.

It’s 12 feet wide so that makes it feel much larger. At a first glance you really can’t tell that it’s built on a trailer. You will get a tour of the place including the kitchen which has a miniature sink, stove, and refrigerator combo.

The bathroom is interesting because it uses a $2,000 incinerating toilet which requires no septic tank or sewage hookup. There’s also a shower and a fireplace that I didn’t mention yet. And yes, it’s ready to be towed down the road.

He currently uses the space as an office and it was built with a 19th century Northern California rural farm house in mind so although it’s recently constructed it still provides you with that traditional atmosphere.

Enjoy the video right here…

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