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This is a 16×34 cottage cabin by Kanga Room Systems which is part of their Cottage Studio Luxe lineup. It’s a beautiful small home with tiny house-style, but more space. Kanga (Instagram) offers a variety of structures from tiny-to-small. They also offer kits, studios, sheds, cabins, tiny homes, and the like.

This one is approximately 544-sq.-ft. on the main floor, plus there’s loft space which is used as a second bedroom but could be used as storage, office space, or whatever else one would like. The main level features a covered porch (16′ x 6′), a spacious living area with vaulted ceilings, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a full bedroom. What do you think?

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544-sq.-ft. Kanga Cabin With Covered Porch And Add’l Loft Bedroom/Office/Hobby Room/Storage

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This is a 416 sq. ft. modern tiny cabin on a foundation called the Modern Dwell 16×26 and it’s built by Kanga Room Systems.

This absolutely gorgeous backyard dwelling is the mother of all guesthouses. At 416 sqft with 1 bed, 1 bath, and a full-sized kitchen your guests or renters will have all of the amenities they need for a short or longterm stay in your backyard hideaway.

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16×26 Modern Dwell Tiny Cabin by Kanga Room Systems

Tiny Cabin by Kanga Room Systems 001

Images © Kanga Room Systems

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This is a 192 sq. ft. tiny house that was built as an office.

It’s built by Kanga Room Systems out of Waco, Texas.

12′ x 16′ Kanga Kwik Room

192 Sq Ft Kanga Kwik Room

Photos via Kanga

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I first showed you this cabin back in 2014 when I first discovered it. Now it’s 2020 and the design seems very relevant. It’s a Kanga cabin and it’s perfectly designed for a live/work lifestyle. The sort of lifestyle that many of us are now living in because of quarantine and covid-19.

I’m excited to share this 504 sq. ft. modern cabin by Kanga Room Systems with you. I know. It’s not exactly tiny (maybe to some of you) but it’s most certainly small. And I’m not sure about you, but to me, something like this would be an absolutely perfect long-term solution. The home consists of two units with a 10′ covered breezeway/porch/outdoor living area connecting the two units.

A 14’x20′ (280 sq. ft.) unit gives you your living area and kitchen while another 14’x16′ unit (224 sq. ft.) features your bedroom, bathroom, and utility closet. Pretty cool, right? And if you don’t like ladders staircases it’s perfect because there are no sleeping lofts. It’s a one-level design.

If you live and work from home and share your home with loved ones, this is absolutely perfect because you have a separate structure for peace and quiet while your significant other can use the other area as they wish without distracting you during periods of focus and concentration. Please enjoy, let me know how you like it in the comments and re-share below!

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504 Sq. Ft. Two-in-One Modern Cabin by Kanga Perfect for the Live/Work Lifestyle (Great Design If You Work From Home and Lived with Others)

504 Sq. Ft. Modern Cabin Perfect for Live/Work Lifestyle

Images © Kanga Room Systems

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So happy to get to show you this beautiful little Kanga cabin that was built near Blanco, TX. It has an extended open front porch, side screen porch, full bath, kitchen, sleeping loft, and an awesome living area.

The cabin measures 16′ x 30′ and it has an 8′ screened in porch in the back. You’ll also notice that it has a fantastic front porch that’s perfect for a few rocking chairs. But first I wanted to show you the beautiful interior.

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Kanga Tiny Cottage on a Foundation with Spacious Loft

kanga 480sqft cottage

Photo Credits Kanga Room Systems

The layout is absolutely perfect in my opinion. To me, this is the epitome of simple living for a couple, young family or anyone wanting to retire simply but not too tiny. But what do you think?

Please enjoy the rest and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Kanga Room Systems creates modern prefab tiny houses that I think you might like. They are a housing company in Austin, Texas and their units can be used for working, living, or backyard studios.

In addition, they build playhouses, add-on rooms, and cabins. Customers can assemble the parts themselves or they can pay extra for professional installation. With two of their units which you’ll see below, they were able to create the ultimate backyard pool-side guest compound. I really like the way that they set this up and also like the idea of setting up two tiny houses on wheels in a similar fashion with a shared deck. What do you think of these KANGA tiny homes? Would you consider one?

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Two Poolside Tiny Cabins by KANGA

Kanga Studio Tiny House

Photo Credits Kanga Room Systems

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