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Right now I wanted to share this 144 sq. ft. Tennessee Tiny Home for sale with you because it’s such a great deal.

It’s an 8×18 tiny house on wheels, named Tiny Whitey, built by Joe Everson and his team at Tennessee Tiny Homes and Tiny Happy Homes.

When you go inside there are two lofts, a bathroom with full shower, composting toilet, kitchen with refrigerator, 2-burner stove, sink, living area with futon, shelving, storage, and more. There’s also a built in covered porch outside. If you ask me, I’d say this is a steal of a deal for a done-for-you tiny home on wheels with an asking price of only $22,500.

Tiny Whitey: 144 Sq. Ft. Tennessee Tiny Home For Sale


Images © Tennessee Tiny Homes

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Lisa over at the Bumble Shack sent me some exciting news today I wanted to share with you. And heck, you might even be able to help. Either way it’s fun and interesting because they’ve recently bought a tiny house on wheels from Joe Everson at Tiny Happy Homes and they’re moving in really soon.

Right now they’re living in a normal house in Florida but they’ve already had their tiny home for a while. Her husband, Jon, has already found the perfect job and he’s to be in Asheville in only six weeks. So this tiny house family is in need of a space to park and live in their beautiful little home.

Tiny House Family Needs Land Near Asheville


Images © The Bumble Shack

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The other day I got to meet up with Joe Everson of Tiny Happy Homes along with his happy clients, Lisa and Jon, who he just delivered their tiny house to in Florida.

Unfortunately the timing of everything wasn’t perfect so I didn’t get to visit the house  yet (don’t worry you’ll still get to see it) but I did get to hang out with them and get to know them for a bit which was awesome.

We met about an hour away from the house so we can hang out at the beach. We had so much fun we totally forgot to take pictures together. I’m planning another visit soon once the tiny house is ready to stay in. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to because for a little while they’ll be renting it out until they officially move into it.

Tiny Happy Homes Delivers Tiny House to Florida


Images © Tiny Happy Homes

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Had to show you Deek’s recent $1200 DIY A-frame micro cabin that transforms. I think it’s an amazing design and he had Joe Everson of Tiny Happy Homes (formerly Tennessee Tiny Homes) build it for him.

Also soon if you’re interested you’ll be able to get the design directly from Deek over at his siteRelaxShacks.com. The coolest part about this A-frame cabin is that it’s really tiny, cheap to build, but it also transforms (in good weather).

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Transforming A-frame Micro Cabin Built for Just $1,200!

Transforming A frame Micro Cabin you can build for $1200

© Derek Diedricksen of RelaxShacks.com (via YouTube)

See it all for yourself in the video below:

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I’m excited to share one of Deek’s latest tiny house videos with you… It’s a 227 sq. ft. a modern industrial tiny home on wheels.

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is the author of Humble Homes Simple Shacks, HGTV/DIY Network host/designer, and creator of RelaxShacks.com.

This micro house on wheels was designed and built by Yestermorrow Design School students in Waitsfield, Vermont.

It features a full kitchen, bathroom with a composting toilet, and lots of storage throughout.

Yestermorrow actually created a documentary you can watch right here based on the students who built this house from design to completion.

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Would You Live in This 227 Sq. Ft. Modern/Industrial Tiny House Built by Yestermorrow?

Would you live in this 227 Sq. Ft. Modern Industrial Tiny House?

Image: Yestermorrow

Watch the video below so you can go inside the 227 house w/ Deek:

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I’m excited to show you my friend Joe’s latest tiny house build. He’s the man behind Tennessee Tiny Homes who I got to have beers with while at Deek and Steven’s Relaxshacks.com workshop in North Carolina earlier this year. The house has already been delivered to a customer near the Arkansas/Louisiana border.

I think you’ll enjoy the interior because for some reason most people don’t end up installing murphy beds in tiny houses. And I just don’t get that. But Joe finally did just that and I’d love to read your thoughts about it in the comments. I think it’s a great way to avoid the need for a sleeping loft and you can instead use the available loft space for storage. You’ve got to love the built in porch, too. I’m sure it disassembles relatively easy for when you need to tow the house. But for me something like this is a must.

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Tiny House w/ a Covered Entry/Porch


Photo Credit Tennessee Tiny Homes

I encourage you to take the rest of the tour below:

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