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I ran into this news segment on the Tiny House Movement by Global News 16×9 in Canada.

The episode takes you on an adventure into a few people’s lives who live very tiny lives.

And the question is, for these people, do small spaces mean more freedom?

But it’s not just that. These micro homes are also much better for the environment.

What do you small spaces- including tiny homes- mean to you?

Tiny House Movement: Small Spaces More Freedom?

© 16x9onglobal

© 16x9onglobal

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this article on the tiny house movement, watch the 10-minute documentary video below and see how you may even want to become a part of the small movement for freedom, too, below:

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If you’re like me you also love watching tiny house videos.

Whether they are tours of space saving small homes…

Or interviews with experts on simple living.

That’s why I decided to gather and share three of my favorite “classic” videos on the tiny house movement starting with…

1. Dee Williams in 2008

See below to enjoy the other two of my favorite tiny house movement videos below:

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Oprah shows you Jay Shafer’s 96 square feet tiny home when she had him on the show back in 2007.

Within 90 seconds Jay gives you an entire tour of his house.

Seven years later, in 2014, Oprah received an update from Jay on her #WhereAreTheyNow edition.

Today Jay’s life is different because he’s married and has a family. So is he still living tiny?

Jay Shafer in his 96 Sq. Ft. Tiny House in 2007

Watch the Jay Shafer clip from Oprah’s Where Are They Now? segment in 2014 below:

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Since 1997, Jay Shafer has been wowing the world with his incredible tiny house designs. In 2002 he co-founded the Small House Society with Gregory Johnson.

Last year he split with his original company, Tumbleweed, and founded Four Lights Tiny House Company. “I’m always fidgeting with how to make spaces more efficient,” says Jay. Today he’s working on constantly improving ways to make his tiny houses as flexible as possible so you can adjust the homes to your needs as easily as possible.

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Jay shares his latest tiny house design ideas with you

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Today I wanted to show you Jay Shafer’s Weller tiny house design.

It’s a 115 square feet gabled cabin designed to be built on a 7′ x 16′ trailer.

This home embraces classical geometry which Jay and his Four Lights Tiny Houses are famous for.

What I like best about it is the traditional craftsman bungalow style.


This isn’t the most inexpensive tiny home because it’s a quality designer house but it’s still made to be affordable to ordinary folks like you and me who might want a lot of styles to go with their future little house.

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In this post, I’m going to show you Jay Shafer’s component furniture plans which are made to design your own tiny house.

I think his goal here is to make it easy for us to customize tiny houses for our own needs.

At first, Jay would design little houses for himself figuring that he was pretty average. But it turns out that we’re all quite different…

Not just physically but we all prefer different things. Jay noticed that most people buying his plans would later customize them.

So now Jay’s component furnishings make it relatively easy for us to make our own floor plan within a tiny home. Let me show you how it works below.


Four Lights Tiny House Furniture Components

So far Four Lights is offering the following furniture and appliance components and more details on how they all work are below:

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Jay Shafer will be speaking at TEDx about tiny houses this weekend in Sonoma County in Santa Rosa, California.

So if you’re in the North Bay area I thought you should know.

As you probably know Jay wrote Small House Book and created most of Tumbleweed’s tiny house plans that they started out with back in the day.

In addition, he recently started his very own Four Lights Tiny House Company.


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When I went to our Tiny House Talk Facebook Page this morning I noticed one of Jay Shafer’s original Tumbleweed Tiny Houses for sale.

It’s the Epu that Deek covered a while back when it was near Boston.

It Looks like the person who bought it (not long ago) is selling it.

Jay’s Epu Tumbleweed Tiny House is Available

Who will own it next?

Jay Shafer with his Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House

Photo Credit TumbleweedHouses.com

See more pics, videos, and get the “for sale” info below:

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You may have already heard the news. Jay Shafer, the founder of The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, is leaving to start a new business venture. The announcement was made quietly and there isn’t even anything listed on the Tumbleweed Tiny House website at this time.

On October 27th, the Facebook page for Tiny House Design posted the following status update:

“Jay Shafer is leaving the Tumbleweed House Company. That’s the sad news. The good news is that he’s starting up a new endeavor focused more on “social justice via housing rights.” He needs some feedback on a new name… I’ll post a survey next – please vote to help Jay name his new organization.”

Jay Shafer Leaves Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Photo By Jack Journey Copyright Tumbleweed Tiny House Company 2008

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