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Here’s your chance to help the homeless and get your own Jay Shafer/Four Lights Tiny House Company plans for just $250.

Shafer and affordable housing advocate, River King, have teamed up to build a 5-to-6 home community for the homeless in Sonoma County, California. Along with the houses, Shafer and King will create a common area and garden where children can play safely.

They are looking for $100,000 to complete the project, and in order to raise the funds, Four Lights is offering any of its designs for a tax-deductible donation of $250. This is really a win-win if you like Shafer’s designs and you support his mission to provide affordable housing for those in need.

Check out the video about Tiny Houses for Humanity below, and head over here to donate (and get your blueprints!). To see Shafer’s plans, go to Four Lights Tiny House Company.

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Help the Homeless and Get Shafer Tiny House Plans for $250

Image via HatchFund

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This is a recording of Jay Shafer’s speech at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree.

So if you really wanted to be there, but couldn’t make it, this makes things a little better, doesn’t it?

The speech’s topic is on the Evolution of the Tiny House Movement. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Jay Shafer’s Speech at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree

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Dee Williams built her tiny house on wheels in 2004, so long ago that she had to track down Jay Shafer in person just to figure out how to build one. It was before the tiny house movement as we now know it – there were no blogs, videos or ebooks back then. Dee has lived full time in that little house in Olympia, Washington for over ten years, although last year she added a second, even tinier house to the mix: an eight-foot-long Don Vardo design with no loft. This second house has become her home-away-from-home in Portland, Oregon when she visits friends or teaches tiny house workshops.

The full story of how Dee came to build her first little house more than ten years ago is a long and rich one. Her memoir, The Big Tiny, came out last year and arrives in bookstores in paperback on April 22nd, 2015, and there’s no better way to hear the story than from Dee herself.

When I visited her simple little house in Olympia last year, most of our conversation focused on how the house has changed her life and perspective. For Dee, one of the biggest changes was that despite building the house to be “self-contained,” it actually taught her to be interdependent with others – to lean on her friends more, and let herself be leaned upon.

Dee Williams’ Life in Two Tiny Homes

Dee Williams tiny house at the University of Oregon

Dee’s new tiny house went book touring with her through California and Oregon. Photo by Dee Williams.

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A 5 day hands on tiny house build workshop has just been announced for July 1-5, 2015 in Ogilvie, Minnesota.

It will be held at The Sanctuary Minnesota. Participants will get to spend the entire week with Jay Shafer, B.A. Norrgard, Daniel Bell, and Mark Fallin.

Mornings will begin with on-site yoga and a continental breakfast. Attendants will break up into groups to help build the framing for Jay Shafer’s new tiny house design.

In between building you would also have classroom presentations to learn from if you decide to go. Also, B.A.’s Gifford tiny house on wheels will be on site for tours.

5 Day Hands On Tiny House Build Workshop

jay mark

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Meet B.A. Norrgard. She’s a woman who attended a Four Lights Tiny House Workshop in February of 2013. After the event, she bought the Gifford tiny house plans and started building.

Five months later, her little house on wheels is complete. And now she’s been hired as COO to work with Jay Shafer and the rest of his Four Lights Tiny House Company team in California. Now that’s a pretty awesome story, isn’t it?

Once upon a time she was a litigation paralegal. And she desired a change. Now she’s helping others simplify their lives to live more purposeful lives. Just like she’s doing. Jay Shafer is calling her a “tiny house superhero.” And right now I just felt I had to introduce you to her. So, please, take a video tour of her new tiny house below, enjoy, and re-share if you feel compelled to!

Meet this Tiny House Superhero (And Her Gifford)


Images © Isha Erskine/YouTube

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Right now I’d like to share with you a Tiny House Movement interview with Joel Fleck with Stephanie Martin Taylor for KQED News (NPR/PBS).

The story covers how Joel Fleck, a Sonoma County local living on his parents property in a tiny home on wheels that he built himself, is living simply while finishing his law degree.

The audio interview you can listen to below covers an upcoming tiny house community being designed by Jay Shafer, of Four Lights Tiny Houses, and how this Sonoma locals is living tiny already.

Tiny House Movement Interview with Joel Fleck and Jay Shafer

Image © Faircompanies/YouTube – featured in this story on Tiny House Talk

I encourage you to listen to the 4:53 minute audio interview and story below:

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This is a guest post featuring a Jay Shafer tiny house workshop in the Bay Area by Pauline Sugarman

Jay Shafer is doing a workshop soon and I thought, since this is sort of a rare opportunity lately to spend time with him and learn from him, that your readers might be interested. I’m attending so just helping to get the word out.

It started from a great MeetUp tour of Alek’s tiny house ( http://tiny-project.com/) in Sebastopol, CA, which Jay also attended.

Lots of people at that meetup voiced their desire to have him do a workshop. So if you’d like to attend you can sign up and reserve your spot right here.

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Jay Shafer Tiny House Workshop in Bay Area – October 4 2014


Learn more about this unique opportunity to learn how to design and build tiny houses with Jay Shafer below:

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