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IKEA is giving away the ESCAPE tiny house they decorated through an online scavenger hunt on their Instagram.

The contest giveaway details are outlined on their website on how to register to win the tiny house on wheels. You have to go on an online scavenger hunt to find six secret letters to be able to submit an essay and enter to win. Sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it?

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Win the IKEA Tiny House (2021)

Win the IKEA ESCAPE Tiny House 002

Images via IKEA

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This is the story of Fabienne and her Swiss tiny house on wheels!

She and her dad built it themselves and decked it out with IKEA furniture and accessories throughout.

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Swiss Tiny House Built With Dad, Loaded With IKEA

Fabiennes Swiss Tiny House Built With Dad And Loaded With IKEA 001

Images via IKEA

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What happens when IKEA does a tiny house? Well, it all started with an ESCAPE tiny house on wheels, and then they completed decked it out with IKEA furniture and decor. We talk about how much it costs to get one for yourself below.

It’s a beautifully built Escape IKEA Boho XL, directly from ESCAPE (the builder/developer). By the way, have you seen their new tiny house village near Tampa, Florida? You can get a tiny house there, and decorate it like this.

6/11/2022 Update: Escape has a new IKEA style Boho XL in production right now (it’s available to order). Check it out and learn more here!

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Escape IKEA Boho XL Tiny House on Wheels

IKEA Boho XL Tiny House from ESCAPE 001

Images via IKEA/Curbed

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If you thought assembling a bed from Ikea was a headache-inducing experience, imagine being tasked to build a whole (if tiny) house for pennies on the dollar.

That was the assignment tasked to two Danish architecture students who were challenged by Ikea to create an adaptable living structure that would use as few materials as possible, as cheaply as possible. (You can see where this is going: Ikea is totally going to flat-pack a house eventually).

Ikea Flat Pack Tiny House

Image via Digital Trends

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This is Aiko’s 260 sq. ft. apartment in Japan.

She used a multifunctional coffee table to create a living room that easily transforms into a dining room.

Since the apartment has 11.5ft ceilings, Aiko was able to take advantage of the vertical space too. So the bedroom hovers over the kitchen, and the bathroom is slightly elevated with storage underneath.

Aiko’s 269 Sq. Ft. Multifunctional Tiny Apartment in Japan

Aikos 269 Square Feet Apartment in Japan 001

Images © IKEA

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This is IKEA’s low maintenance, chain-less bicycle that’s now available in the U.S.

Going tiny can often mean getting rid of one or more vehicles, and this snazzy SLADDA bike could be a great new way to get around town without a car.

This bicycle is powered by a belt drive, which is a rustproof, durable and maintenance-free alternative to a regular chain. The automatic 2-gear system is integrated into the rear hub, so there are no wires that rust or break.

Want one? Me too!

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IKEA Offers Low Maintenance, Chain-less Bicycle to USA

Images via Ikea

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Today I ran into a modern yet creative small space I think you’ll like. Check out Ryan and Tony’s funky and cool Brooklyn loft with a view. They share this space with roommates.

Ryan says, “That’s how we afford this cool place. Sometimes there’s just two of us here, other times four or five.”

There are three bedrooms that they rent out.While the eclectic living area and kitchen are the common gathering place for everyone.

Inside this Brooklyn loft they have decorated and used a lot of space saving furniture and items from Ikea.

753 Sq. Ft. Creative Brooklyn Loft with a View


Images © Adrian Briscoe

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In this video IKEA interior designer Ray shows you a 430 square feet (40 square meters) that sleeps six people using IKEA furniture.

The space is very open. Three sets of bunk beds surround the dining table which is used for eating and working.

A corner of the tiny home is used as a music and reading area. And there’s a large kitchen with open storage and lots of vertical storage throughout the entire home.

How Six Adults Live in 430 Sq. Ft. Small Space



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