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Over the years we’ve shown you plenty of examples of people who love living in their truck bed campers. Well, here’s your chance to jump in fairly inexpensively. For $8.7K, you can buy this fully-functional truck bed camper that even has a shower and toilet room all set up.

It’s an 8×10 with a sleeper overhang, and it’s insulated, comes with solar panels, a wood-burning stove, water heater, cooktop, and futon. It weighs about 4000 lbs and is ready to pop onto your pickup. Check out more details below and contact Bob if you’re interested.

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This Truck Bed Camper Has a Shower & Toilet

DIY Truck Bed Camper For Sale

Images via Bob

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This is the story of a couple who built an antique truck tiny house using 80% recycled materials. It’s super awesome!

Would you ever consider building your tiny house on an antique truck frame kind of like this? It’s definitely an awesome idea, even if you decide to keep it put. What do you think?

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They Built An Antique Truck Tiny House Using Mostly Reclaimed Materials

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This is the Happy Camper/Tiny House. It’s a truck camper tiny house that’s for sale out of Woodland Park, Colorado for $9,995, according to the listing. Some of the features include a 100-year-old stained glass window, custom hobbit-style door, custom porch light with Edison LED bulb, tons of hidden storage, and a new Nature’s Head Composting Toilet.

There’s more, though. This tiny camper is designed to fit any regular 6-foot truck bed with two feet of overhang. But if you need a truck too, the seller is willing to include the Toyota Tundra (pictured) for an extra $6,500. The unit is also designed in a way that it can be used without a truck so you can actually park it somewhere and use it as a studio, hideaway, writer’s cabin, or whatever. It can even be an Airbnb rental I suppose. What do you think?

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The Happy Camper Tiny Housetruck For Sale – $10k – Woodland Park, Colorado

Truck Camper Tiny House for $10k

Images via JustReid86/Tiny Home Builders

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This is a 24′ 1977 Ford Camper that has been converted into a hobbit-tree-house inspired glamper motorhome called ‘The Griswald’.

It’s located in Marshall, NC (about 30 minutes North of Asheville). And, it’s actually for sale with an asking price of $98,000.

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24ft Hobbit-Inspired Motorhome Conversion


Photos via Justin Pepin

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This is the D407 House Truck by Jay Nelson.

It’s a beautiful tiny home built onto a Mercedes 407D truck. Enjoy!

House Truck Built onto a Mercedes 407D Truck

D407 House Truck 001

Images © Jay Nelson Art

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This is the Helga Tiny House Truck by House Box.

It’s a former horse truck that they stripped and re-built into the beautiful house truck that you see here!

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Horse Truck Turned into Gorgeous HOUSE Truck: The Helga House Box Tiny House Truck by House-Box

Helga Tiny House Truck Conversion by House Box

Photos by William Bunce

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This is the Gypsy Tug Micro Cabin.

It’s built by Daniel Joseph Weddle, creator of Carpenter Owl, a chemical-free tiny house builder.

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Gypsy Tug Micro Cabin by Carpenter Owl


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This is the Lovestruck tiny housetruck that you can rent in Scotland if you’re interested in a house truck vacation.

From the outside, it looks like a vintage box truck with a glorious deep burgundy color that gives it character and charm.

Step through the lovely burgundy back door, and you’ll find a built-in bed on one end with privacy curtains, a couch that turns into another bed for two, and a tiny wood burning stove to keep warm. There’s also a lovely dinette and beautiful gingham curtains hung on curtain rods crafted from branches.

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The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck

The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck 001

Images © TheLovestruck.co.uk

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These are tiny houses built atop classic farm trucks in Australia. They’re some of the most amazing house trucks I’ve ever seen.

Rob Scott, of Hollyburton Park, has been building studios on the back of old farm trucks over the past few years. The housetrucks offer the extra space you might want to use as a backyard office, guest house, children’s rooms, or anything else you might be able to think of. Would you consider one of these tiny house trucks for yourself? Personally I think it’d be pretty awesome to get to live in one. How about you? Either way, please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

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Tiny Houses Built Atop Classic Farm Trucks in Australia


Images © Hollyburton Park

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