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Two Housetruck Tiny Homes That Will Amaze You

This story on housetruck tiny homes is a guest post by Michael Ostaski (builder)

Alex, I’m a big fan of your newsletter, and wanted to introduce myself.

I have a few new developments in my life and would like to share them with the tiny house community.

First off I have been an artist gypsy my whole life, I have built 4 house trucks and the interiors of several more in my time.

1999 Sterling Housetruck Tiny Home by Michael Ostaski


Images © Michael Ostaski

I was part of the “Pacific Northwest Touring Company” from Eugene Oregon with all the guys and gals in the books “rolling Homes” and “some turtles have nice shells” so anyway I just finished one of the nicest house trucks you will ever see-!

1999-sterling-housetruck-tiny-home-002 1999-sterling-housetruck-tiny-home-003 1999-sterling-housetruck-tiny-home-004 1999-sterling-housetruck-tiny-home-005 1999-sterling-housetruck-tiny-home-006

Images © Michael Ostaski

I would like to start a business building tiny homes with my sense of design and style.

I also would like to sell my original house truck 1948 International and even offer up this new one as well 1999 Sterling, Here’s a few pictures and I have many more pictures to post.

1948-international-housetruck-tiny-home-by-michael-ostaski-001 1948-international-housetruck-tiny-home-by-michael-ostaski-002 1948-international-housetruck-tiny-home-by-michael-ostaski-003 1948-international-housetruck-tiny-home-by-michael-ostaski-004

Images © Michael Ostaski

Thanks and keep up the great letters coming-!! Best to you MO

Our big thanks to Michael Ostaski for sharing his incredible housetruck tiny homes with us!

Stay tuned as they may be available and up for sale soon!

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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!
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  • That one is absolutely stunning!

  • Avatar mountaingypsy

    I totally love these 2 truck homes! They are so customized and gorgeous and are probably quite expensive? They are beyond the ‘tiny’ house look. Who would want a Class A motor home, when you could have this!

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    Wow, this first one is what I call Gypsy-licious! Totally AWESOME. I hope this builder becomes a regular contributor and sends us all the pics on each new endeavor. This is one vardo I’d love to take on the drom!

    • Avatar Lisa E.

      PS LOVE the mollycroft!!! 😀

    • Avatar Alex

      Gypsy-licious! I love it 😀

  • Avatar Ken leigh

    Would like to talk with you sometime. I am a designer and builder and love building small homes. If you get a moment drop me a line

    • Avatar Rhonda Hallet

      I would love to talk with you about building Tiny Houses. I have land and many connections to funding and I would like to start a Tiny Houses building company here in Jacksonville, NC. We have a great built in workforce as we have many Marines getting out of military and they want to stay here as we are only a few minutes from Atlantic Ocean. Great number of single men and retirees in area who want to downsize. I think it is a great place for the Tiny House Movement. So far, no competition in area. I am interior designer and great sewer of draperies, upholstered furniture etc. It sounds like our skills could mesh. Please call me at 910-346-2054.
      Rhonda Hallet

  • Avatar Brian

    Wow these are quite superb and you have a great sense of balance in your designs. Hope to see more of your work in the future. Do you have a blog spot or web page? Thanks for sharing….Cheers from Australia

  • Michael, There’s just one word to sum it up my Friend…..” Phenomenal “…

  • Avatar Juli

    Wow; Michael, you are an artist! This is one of the most beautifully crafted truck homes EVER!!! Hats off to you; you inspire me.

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Juli, glad it inspired you too.

  • Avatar Mary

    I am stunned to see something so beautiful and so well put together, both trucks are stunning

  • Avatar Bill McPherson

    Have you thought about selling the old IHC truck on oldihc.org website? That is a rare truck to begin with, before the wonderful house was added. Bill

  • Avatar Mike

    How much? I am very interested

    • Avatar Alex

      Will let everyone know soon if and when he decides to put them up for sale. Give us about another week! Thanks Mike!

  • Avatar lynn

    Hi Michael,
    these are lovely truck homes! What are your asking prices in the trucks that you are selling?

    • Avatar Alex

      Prices, etc. and potential sale of them coming soon after Michael contacts me with more info. Thanks Lynn!

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    I love the richness of the wod and design of both these trucks. Well done!

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Marsha! Very inspiring and lots of detail on these trucks.

  • Avatar Kathi Deaver

    Love both of these, but I prefer the first one. Incredible workmanship. I’m a taker!

    • Avatar Alex

      They’re both unbelievably beautiful. If I could pick, I’d also take the first (newer) one. Thanks Kathi!

  • Avatar Raul Kalev

    verryyy beautifull! I am from Estonia, and i am just starting to build my first truck home…or maybe…..so what about prices and contacts!?

  • These house trucks are fine art. If there’s ever a tiny home edition of “House Beautiful” magazine, they belong on the cover.

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Thomas. I totally agree 🙂

  • Avatar Cheryl riddle

    I would totally enjoy living there …I will take it lol

  • Avatar Dane

    I knew Michael nearly forty years ago in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Did a tour of his original housetruck. All I gotta say, he was an artist then, and only gotten better since. Anyone wanting to start up a business with this guy would be nuts not to partner with him. Nuff said.

  • Avatar dean newbury

    Would like more info.

  • Avatar bill

    Does the Pacific Northwest Touring Co.still exist? We have a small converted school bus I did 33 years ago and have been to the east coast and back as well as many other place and would like to meet and camp with other bus, house truck folks. We live in northern Cal.
    Thanks for any information out there, Bill

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