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The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck

This is the Lovestruck tiny housetruck that you can rent in Scotland if you’re interested in a house truck vacation.

From the outside, it looks like a vintage box truck with a glorious deep burgundy color that gives it character and charm.

Step through the lovely burgundy back door, and you’ll find a built-in bed on one end with privacy curtains, a couch that turns into another bed for two, and a tiny wood burning stove to keep warm. There’s also a lovely dinette and beautiful gingham curtains hung on curtain rods crafted from branches.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck

The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck 001

Images © TheLovestruck.co.uk

The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck 002 The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck 003 The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck 004 The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck 005 The Lovestruck Tiny Housetruck 006

Images © TheLovestruck.co.uk

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  • Avatar Empress Lockness

    Haaa! Your comment had me laughing so hard. I agree with you about not having a bathroom. To me it’s just a decorated shed without a kitchen or bathroom.

  • Avatar Gabrielle Charest

    The Lovestruck put a smile on my face. What a great way to travel and enjoy the scenery!

  • Avatar jake

    Wander wonder.

  • Avatar Theo

    Well, well, yesterday got a e-mail saying there was a reply to my comment, both were included. I checked the site, but no comment from me, or any reply. It did say there were 3 comments, and there were. Rechecking today, my comment and the reply were still gone. AND today it still says 3 comments, but there are only two showing up. Is this censorship, or what. In any event, here is my lost comment, and the lost reply to it.
    Well, that video was a total waste of time. No loo that I could see, even outside, and didn’t see any mention of one. Before a bunch of you go on about how cute it is, just remember this – no inside loo means not cute.
    Theo 2016-03-09 14:14:56
    Here is the new reply:
    Haaa! Your comment had me laughing so hard. I agree with you about not having a bathroom. To me it’s just a decorated shed without a kitchen or bathroom.

    • Avatar Diane

      I am replying to Theo. Not everyone out there enjoying these tiny homes are old. They appeal to young people as well and it is clear that the people that were using this were young people looking for an adventure. Let them have it. I loved the video it made me feel young again and happy. Inside the truck was well done and the use of the space was pure genius. Bears shit in the woods and maybe for a road trip an outdoor portable is fine. It won’t smell up the place inside. I wish I had been invited to come along. l loved this cute place. Especially the stained glass window by the couch. I could sit there forever and read a book. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Not everyone is an old coot.

      • Avatar theo

        Hey, you want adventure, you’re welcome to it. With an outdoor loo. At least I know what I’m talking about, as we had one until I was in the 7th grade, I have used them in a number of states, and several countries. They always smell in warm weather, I don’t think I’ve seen one without at least one wasp nest, always flies, always spiders, always the possibility of a snake and/or rodent. They’re always cold in the winter, and there is always a draft up your rear. Yep, nothing like having to go after dark, especially in a driving rain, and if you’re in bear country, that’s just an added bit of adventure. And I have gone in the woods, am not a fan of it. Before I forget, there is absolutely no reason why an indoor loo, whether a composting toilet, porta-potty, or whatever, has to smell, unless you’re doing something wrong. At least I speak from experience, can you say as much?

        • Avatar Diane

          Go to an RV store and you will find small porta potties that have lids and are completely contained. There is a chemical you put in the tank and you do not put your toilet paper inside. They work very well and do not smell. I bought one for a trip I took with my girls years ago. This truck is not meant for full time life but for adventure and outings. I am a designer. My family has a hall named after them at Harvard.

    • Avatar KJ

      Hmmmmmm. When I was a younger man I didn’t have a problem digging a hole and doing my duty. If you ever camped in the woods and I mean the woods, you know what doing your duty requires. Just because it doesn’t meet your standards doesn’t mean it wasn’t a nice job. Frankly, I like it a lot. Just because you need a toilet to follow you around, that doesn’t mean everybody does.

  • Avatar theo

    Diane. Do you think I am so uninformed that I do not know what a porta potty is? Bought my first in about 1977, and the only mention of toilet paper in the instructions says best to use biodegradable tissue. Never any problem putting it in the porta potty after use. Oh, now I have a composting toilet.
    What does being a designer have to do with anything? Interior? Clothing? I design too, so?
    Hall at Harvard, eh? Best I can come up with is, my family has a town named after them. Neither has anything to do with anything here.
    OK, game over, I’m tired of playing.

  • Avatar ROSEE

    Very colorful and boho! Would be great for those who do a lot of traveling.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Yes! It would be.

  • Feel much folklore, strikes me the Alcove Bed almost
    Scenic-theatrical, that protects from the cold.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      I love the little alcove bed! Cozy.


    It’s nice…!

  • Avatar Patricia Chang

    Not all elderly people are “coots.” Since when did anything about THOWs have to do with age. You could be young, for example, and still not like to climb up ladders. Let’s keep it civil , please. Right now there is so much hate on websites. Let this one be pleasant observations with constructive criticism, when it can help improve a design. Thanks.

  • Avatar SuperFly

    I lived in a converted Greyhound bus when I was 5. Of course, it had a toilet. I’m an old coot and this was 60+ years ago.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Wow that’s cool! Did you like it?

  • Avatar Jamie

    The toilette debate has raged for decades amongst the grey nomads for years, some people I know are like- why would I want to waste valuable space for something I wouldn’t use, would still go elsewhere. Mobile toilets are not hooked up to the mains sewage. Emptying the tank comes under heavy bio-waste laws. It can be dirty work and sometimes hard to find the correct disposal point. Many people who do have a toilet use it as sparingly as possible for the latter reasons. Even grey water from the sink and shower is not legally allowed to be freely disposed of in any public areas (this may vary according to location).

    • Avatar Jamie

      and by “use it as sparingly as possible” I dont mean holding it in for days; but when convenient using a public toilet or ducking behind a bush

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      True about disposal if you don’t have some kind of composting system!

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