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Nico & Jona are on their third tiny house on wheels, and by now they knew exactly what they needed to make their truck tiny home nearly perfect. Learning from past builds, they got this one professionally-designed by Nico’s brother-in-law (an architect) and it really shows!

Plus, they chose to splurge on all kinds of upgrades, like a dishwasher, washing machine, eco-flow shower head and incinerating toilet! As Nico says, could they have done it cheaper? Of course. But are they happy? Absolutely. What do you think?

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This Awesome Rig Has Everything But A Mirror!

Thier High-Tech Almost-Perfect Truck Tiny Home 4

Images via Nico & Jona

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Artist Michael Ostaski built this house truck in the 70s — long before the #skoolie or tiny house craze took off. He lived in it for 18 years, but is now ready to sell it to a new owner. While the vehicle drives, it’s not up for cross-country travel any longer.

That said, it would be a great for anyone with some land to use as a home or vacation property. It has a couple of lofts, lots of living space and a great kitchen. Check it out.

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Vintage House Truck – Handbuilt! – For Sale

Michael Ostaski’s The Rose For Sale Bus Home 3

Images via Michael Ostaski

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Check out this super neat box truck conversion that makes an awesome stealthy house on wheels. While the exterior looks like a typical industrial truck, inside you’ll find a homey wood interior that makes you feel extra cozy!

You’ll find all the basics inside, including a walnut bathroom closet, a fold out table and bench, and a little kitchenette with a water pump.

The seller is asking $24,995 for the build, but is open to offers. Contact him here.

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110 Sq. Ft. Box Truck Conversion For Sale in Illinois

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This is a 24′ 1977 Ford Camper that has been converted into a hobbit-tree-house inspired glamper motorhome called ‘The Griswald’.

It’s located in Marshall, NC (about 30 minutes North of Asheville). And, it’s actually for sale with an asking price of $98,000.

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24ft Hobbit-Inspired Motorhome Conversion


Photos via Justin Pepin

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This is “The Manor” built for Gemma and Darryl by HouseBox, a handcrafted horsebox-conversion builder in England.

We asked House-Box to convert our 1989 Layland DAF Roadrunner in to a liveable space for us to use as our touring home while we travel with our circus. House-Box took our ideas and created a beautiful home far beyond our expectations. Their use of natural light and design has made a relatively small space into a fully functioning home with plenty of storage and all the comforts a home should have. They fitted fantastic electrics and plumbing including 3 large solar panels and a gas heating pump for hot water. I would recommend the company for any type of conversion. Beautiful craftsmanship with plenty of vision and thought put into each design.
We love our home x Gemma and Darryl x

And yes, there’s even a bathroom! Watch the video tour to get all the details and find the builder’s contact information below.


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The Manor: Gemma and Darryl’s HouseBox

Images via HouseBox

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This is a DIY Dodge Diesel truck camper.

Paul built this camper 42 years ago and still uses it today, swapping it from truck to truck. Read his story below!

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DIY Dodge Diesel Truck Camper: One Man’s Story


Images © Paul Larsen

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This motorized tiny home can also be referred to as a tiny house truck because it’s built right onto a 2009 Ford E-350 Super Duty Chassis.

It’s fully self contained and even has 500 watt solar panel power system already set up.

When you go inside this motorized tiny home on wheels you’ll find a kitchen, living area, sleeping nook, bathroom, television, and more.

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Ford E-350 Motorized Tiny Home on Wheels

Ford E-350 Motorized Tiny Home on Wheels

Images © TinyHouseRVs.com

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Meet John. He’s a 75-year-old man who built this awesome tiny house truck for him and his wife to travel the world in.

Even better, they even use it as their primary home when in Homer, Alaska.

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75 Year Old Man’s Tiny House Truck

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This is John’s custom built tiny house truck. It’s 8′ wide, 23′ long and weighs about 6 tons.

And right now we get to tour it thanks to our friends at Tiny House Giant Journey. When they were driving down the highway with their tiny home in tow they spotted it at a gas station and raced to go see it and hopefully meet the owner.

John has been traveling with his tiny house truck for over a year. Please enjoy the story and house truck video tour/interview then re-share it with your friends below. Thank you!

Man’s Simple Nomadic Life in a Custom House Truck

John's Tiny House Truck

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey

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