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Vanessa struggled with homelessness for years and had fallen into depression when she came across van life on YouTube. It seemed like a way out for her — but she needed a van! With a bit of inheritance money and a miracle, she ended up with her current rig for $1,300 and successfully completed a budget renovation on her home on wheels.

She has a lovely rig with a unique layout! Her kitchen is actually at the back of the van, her bed/lounge/closet is in the middle, and her “bathroom” setup takes up the front. Keep scrolling for their great tour!

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Her Low Cost DIY Cargo Van Conversion

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This is a tiny house village designed as transitional housing for those currently experiencing homelessness.

The goal is for the village to help residents become self-sufficient through the offerings at the village. It’s located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Currently, they are not accepting new applicants until March 1, 2021. According to their website, there is already an extensive resident waiting list.

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First Residents Moving Into New Tiny House Village in Albuquerque

youtu.be-EUxR8RRVqRc (2)

Images via YouTube/KRQE

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Aryeh Berkovits is just 10-years-old, but as part of his Personal Interest Project in school, he and his teacher Colin May built a micro house prototype to help solve homelessness in Sydney, Australia.

The little home was constructed from recycled materials and only cost $200 to create.

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Schoolboy Helps Build $200 Micro House for the Homeless


Image via Carly Earl/The Daily Telegraph

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Right now I want to give you an update on OM Build which is a tiny house community for the homeless in Madison, Wisconsin.

If you feel called to I’d also like to invite you to help support the growth and completion of the community with your own donation.

Occupy Madison is building tiny houses for people who don’t have homes. So far, they have completed the first three tiny houses, according to this article on the Huffington Post.

The next phase is to build six more tiny houses along with a community area with a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and more.

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Tiny House Community for Homeless Finishes 3rd Tiny Home


Images © OM Build

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Right now I wanted to re-explore the topic of affordable tiny housing with you as a solution as well as a tool to help alleviate homelessness as led by the article and conversation over at this article at Moyers & Company.

As you know one of the main benefits you experience when living in a smaller home is affordability. Your rent or mortgage is cheap and so is your utility bill. In addition, it’s also better for the environment because of efficiency.

Lately tiny homes are being tested as a way to help house the formerly homeless with fantastic results. It’s being done in Seattle, Oregon, Wisconsin, Portland, California, New York, and more. The question is, is it working?

In most areas it’s too early to tell but in my eyes, I see that it most certainly is. Slowly but surely it’s working. You can see for yourself in the videos below. And if put into practice across the nation, it will only continue to help more and more people. It already is in certain areas.

Right now there’s a growing community of tiny cottages near Ithaca, New York called Second Wind Cottages that are having success with the model, proof that the model can and does work to alleviate homelessness with help of the surrounding community.

Affordable Tiny Housing Alleviating Homelessness?


Images © John Light/BillMoyers.com

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I’m not sure about you but here’s something I’ve never really thought of… Billboard tiny houses.

A Slovakian firm called DesignDevelop has created a triangular tiny house design on stilts that can be used in conjunction with a billboard ad as housing for the homeless. Right now it’s called The Gregory Project.

And like me, I think you’ll be surprised as to how nice the interior design of these units might be. Inside you’ll find a loft bed with storage, a bathroom, kitchen, and desk space too. Enjoy and re-share below.

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Slovakian Design Firm Creates Billboard Tiny Houses for Homeless


Images © ProjectGregory/DesignDevelop

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I was just contacted by Jack Ballo who is a filmmaker working on a documentary on homeless people, tent cities, and potential tiny house villages for those in need and I wanted to share it with you.

There’s a lot we don’t see that goes on unnoticed and I believe this film gives us all a glance at why affordable housing is so important. And why tiny housing for the homeless is so important. And why standing up to laws that are unjust like building codes is so important.

In this particular case, we see a community of homeless people taking care of themselves without the help of government funding. And sadly, they end up arrested and mistreated by the authorities. Not only that, but they also have destroyed their homes.

Destiny’s Bridge Film: A Home for the Homeless


Images © UltraVision Films

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I’m glad to announce that a team of good hearted people in Chico, California have organized the Chico Housing Action Team and their mission is to bring a tiny house village to serve their homeless population.

Right now there’s a growing trend of tiny house villages and communities being created to help the homeless population throughout the United States. I list current communities in this page.

If everything goes as planned for Chico’s first tiny house community it will open Winter 2014. This ‘village’ model has been working successfully in Portland for more than a decade and is now spreading throughout the country to benefit more people in need of truly affordable housing.

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Tiny House Village for Homeless in Chico, CA

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I had to share this story with you on a couple who has been living simply in a tiny house for the last six months and counting.

Christopher Derek and Betty Ybarra have been living in this micro cabin since December 2013. And it’s all of just 98 sq. ft.

The formerly homeless couple now have a solid roof over their heads. They park on the street and are required to move every two days to be compliant with city laws.

Formerly Homeless Couple Living Simply in Tiny House

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