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This is an off-grid tiny house on land in Hawaii with multiple small structures on approximately .17 acres located in Pahoa, Hawaii in the subdivision of Kalapana Sea View Estates.

It is offered for $185,000 and features approximately .17 acres of land, a tiny house on wheels, a yurt-style master bedroom, another separate bedroom, a solar system with a battery bank, a separate bathroom, a bamboo shower, storage sheds, lots of fruit trees, and a fenced-in grass yard. What do you think?

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Solar Tiny House with Land in Pahoa, Hawaii for $185,000

Off-Grid Tiny House in Pahoa Hawaii 001

Images via Zillow

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This is the Phoenix House, a tiny house on a lava field in Hawaii!

It’s a custom tiny cabin by Artistree Home that you can book and stay in using Airbnb. Take a look and learn more below!

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Lava Field Tiny House in Hawaii

Tiny House on a Volcanic Lava Field in Pahoa Hawaii via Jade-Airbnb 001

Images via Jade/Airbnb

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This is a custom 24-ft. Tumbleweed Cypress Tiny House on Wheels that’s for sale out of Maui, Hawaii.

They bought Tumbleweed plans and had a contractor build the house for them in 2018 but the family has recently outgrown it, so it’s for sale! Learn more below.

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24-ft. Cypress Tiny House in Maui, Hawaii

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This is a 384-sq.-ft. tiny cottage, it’s called the Tiny Paradise Cottage Home shared by Louisa B of Nalula.

It was featured on HGTV in 2018 on their tv show called Tiny Paradise. It’s on the market with an offer pending on a contingency. Check it out and learn more below. And be sure to let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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Tiny Paradise Cottage Home in Hawaii (Sold)

tiny house 1

Images via Louisa B/Nalula

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The truth is, they didn’t have tiny house parking figured out before they started building because they just started building their tiny house on family land and figured it would all work out.

And lucky for them, it worked out quite nicely! Once the word got out as to what they were doing, it came up that Zeena’s father-in-law goes to church with someone who has 5 acres of agricultural land. And that’s how they landed a deal to park their tiny home on wheels for $400 per month in a location that they absolutely love. So that’s how they did it, but it’s not always this easy! And while they don’t recommend it doing it this way (blind faith), they did come up with 6 questions to ask yourself before finding land for your tiny house that might be really helpful for you (see below).

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How They Figured Out Where To Park Their Tiny House in Hawaii

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This is the Rainforest Volcano Treehouse with a private outdoor shower out of Volcano, Hawaii.

It’s a radiant little cabin up in the trees, surrounded by rainforest, and available to book via Airbnb. What do you think of this treehouse and location?

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Volcano Treehouse in the Rainforest (Hawaii Airbnb)

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This is a 300-sq.-ft. tiny house w/ solar power in Pahoa, Hawaii.

It’s listed for $128,000 over at Trulia. The property features a cabin with kitchen and loft, separate bathroom, 8×12 storage building, 20ft’ diameter slab for a yurt, fruit trees, and more.

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Off-grid Pahoa Tiny House w/ Solar in Hawaii

Off-Grid Tiny House w Solar in Hawaii via Trulia 001

Images via Seaview Real Estate/Trulia

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This is a rainforest tiny house with a screened-in outdoor kitchen in Pepeekeo, Hawaii. When you first step in through the screen door, you’re in the outdoor kitchen/porch area. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Step inside this simple little cabin to find a table, bunk beds, a sink, a toilet, and a shower. I bet something similar to this (with your own modifications) can be built pretty inexpensively. This particular tiny cabin, though, is a vacation unit in the rainforest and near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and available to book via Glamping Hub. Take a look and let me know what you think of it below. How much do you think it would cost you in materials to build something similar to it?

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Rainforest tiny house near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park…🌋

Rainforest tiny house with screened-in outdoor kitchen in Pepeekeo

Image via Glamping Hub

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This is the Hale Iki rainforest tiny house vacation in Volcano, Hawaii. This tiny house is built on a foundation with a wonderful add-on deck with an outdoor kitchen.

One of the best parts about it is that you have a traditional bedroom with plenty of space to walk around your bed and beautiful views of the rainforest from your windows. I love this place! How about you?

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Rainforest Tiny House in Volcano, Hawaii

Rainforest Tiny House in Volcano Hawaii

Images via Mark/Airbnb

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