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Open Concept Tiny House with Clever Custom Furniture

Kate and Simon built this 250 square foot Scandinavian-style tiny house as a cottage for their family of 3, and have since started a tiny house-building business called Cabane.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

This tiny house measures 8.5′ wide, 13′ tall, and 20′ long; and it has two lofts.

It’s designed to be fully off-grid with a solar panel and 12-volt battery bank for power, propane for the stove and water heater, and a cubic mini wood stove for heat.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

We love the clever furniture they custom built for their tiny house, including the sofa bed, the folding breakfast counter, and the wheel well bench.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

To see a full tour of this lovely tiny house, check out the Exploring Alternatives video below!

VIDEO: Open Concept Tiny House with Clever Custom Furniture – Off Grid Home Tour

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Danielle is a digital nomad who is passionate about tiny spaces, living with less, reducing waste and eating plant-based food. Danielle is half of the Exploring Alternatives blog & video project. You can find more of her at www.ExploringAlternatives.ca and her Exploring Alternatives YouTube Channel.
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  • Eric
    December 31, 2017, 12:47 pm

    Open Concept? LOL Aren’t they ALL “open concept”? Regardless, this is a great looking unit. Except for a loft bedroom, which is a deal breaker for me, this is a really nice design. I especially like the bench seating for the table. You could even enclose under it and use it for storage.

    • James D.
      December 31, 2017, 4:24 pm

      While a great many are open concept, not all Tiny Houses are designed that way…

      Especially, structures styled after or actually built in the early half of the last century. Along with those who design it to provide privacy with multiple people living in the same house.

      Like Stafford Structural Concepts and Design (Saint Helens, OR) made two large Tiny Houses with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which was most definitely not open concept, for example…

      You can look up the videos on them titled Now This is Livin and Now This is Livin, Too…

      Some, who build them after boat designs, also compartmentalize them as well…

      While, of course, there’s the ones built on foundations or prefab/modular that follow more what you expect from a traditional house design.

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