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Today we’re introducing you to Rolling Homes in Australia! They’re an amazing family-run tiny house company which specializes in gypsy/vardo-style builds (although they’ve also built a tiny house!).

Their first model, the Gracie, is a traditional roll-top gypsy caravan with a canvas roof and magical queen-sized bedroom nook. It has custom hand-painted artwork on the front and was sold for use as an Airbnb (you can book it here). That said, a caravan like this could make a great guest cottage, office space, or even a full-time home if you’re ok with finding bathroom facilities on the road like many van-lifers.

The home has a stunning vintage feel to it and stands out from the crowd. This model starts at $58,000 AUD )(~$41,000 USD). You can learn more about Rolling Homes here.

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This Family is Building Gypsy Wagons!

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This is one very original vacation property! Unique Home Stays rents these two shepherd’s huts and cottage (all connected by tunnels!) out to vacationers. They call it the Nomad.

One hut features the bedroom, and the other houses the bathroom. Then the tunnel passage connects the huts to the hillside cottage where you can warm by the wood stove and cook in an updated 17th century kitchen. Even if you can’t book a stay, it’s worth being inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship of the place!

Want to vacation here? Book your stay on Unique Home Stays.

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“Nomad” Huts and Cottage Vacation with Unique Home Stays

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With a full bathroom and kitchen this tiny vintage camper is perfect for a tiny house vacation in Oakland, CA. The caravan is a 1964 Kenskill camper that was originally used as a food truck to deliver cupcakes and other treats in Arizona.

The owners have rearranged the interior and completely renovated it. Now it’s a great spot to vacation especially if you have ever been curious about living tiny. This would be a great way to try it out.

Inside the camper caravan as you go in the front door to your right is the bed/couch, the kitchen is directly in front of you and to the left is a small dining area with the bathroom at the very end of the unit.

All the details in this camper are awesome. I love the cupcake curtains. If you are interested in vacationing in this vinatge caravan check it out on Airbnb.

1964 Kenskill Vintage Camper

1964 Kenskill Vintage Camper

Images © Airbnb

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This expandable gypsy caravan design is called the Fat Gypsy and is created by Edmund Peter Sylvester.

It’s a 12′ long design with the design elements of a traditional gypsy wagon only this one is expandable.

He’s working on finishing up the plans, instructions, prototype, and more by Christmas time in case you’re interested in getting to be able to build this for yourself.

Man Designs Expandable Gypsy Caravan: The Fat Gypsy


Images © FatGypsy.com

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If you ever find yourself planning a trip to Azay-sur-Cher, France (about  3 hours south of Paris) you could rent this 252 sq. ft. gypsy caravan cabin.

It’s location is not far from Loire castles and royal city of Amboise. This cabin is just the right size for two people staying on a holiday.

As you walk up the stairs to a small porch you enter the cabin through glass French doors. In the living area you will see the full-functioning kitchen, dinner table and small couch to relax.

Towards the back of the cabin you will find the bathroom and master bedroom. The bathroom has a shower, toilet and sink.

The large deck outside provides great space to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Let’s take a look at the gypsy cabin below.

252 Sq. Ft. Gypsy Caravan Cabin in France


Images © La Roulotte des Augers

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Guest Post – WWOOF Gypsy Caravan Tiny House by Bianca Voyer

We are a fruit orchard and alcohol maker in Quebec, Canada. We’ve decided last year to start participating with WWOOF.

WWOOF is an organization where people from around the world decide to come help on farm while getting to discover a new country.

We host them, giving them somewhere to live and something to eat and in exchange they work with us in the orchard for 5 days a weeks, 5 hours a day and then they have 2 days of break to visit our country.

Family Builds Gypsy Caravan Tiny House for WWOOF Guests


Images © Bianca Voyer

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If you have an interest for gypsy caravans Timothy Leimke is bringing them back to life.

He’s written a book titled The New Gypsy Caravan which features caravan history, assembly instructions, drawings and full construction plans.

There’s also a kit where you can build your own gypsy caravan for under $1000.

The book is $19.95

The kits start at $359.95

This wagon is 9′ 6″ in length, 6′ wide and 6’2″ in height. Weight without a trailer is approximately 500 pounds.

More photos, details and ordering information at their website.

Photo Credit: Tim Leimke
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