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Family Builds Gypsy Caravan Tiny House for WWOOF Guests

Guest Post – WWOOF Gypsy Caravan Tiny House by Bianca Voyer

We are a fruit orchard and alcohol maker in Quebec, Canada. We’ve decided last year to start participating with WWOOF.

WWOOF is an organization where people from around the world decide to come help on farm while getting to discover a new country.

We host them, giving them somewhere to live and something to eat and in exchange they work with us in the orchard for 5 days a weeks, 5 hours a day and then they have 2 days of break to visit our country.

Family Builds Gypsy Caravan Tiny House for WWOOF Guests


Images © Bianca Voyer

wwoof-gypsy-caravan-tiny-house-002 wwoof-gypsy-caravan-tiny-house-003 wwoof-gypsy-caravan-tiny-house-004 wwoof-gypsy-caravan-tiny-house-005

Images © Bianca Voyer

We decided to build something for them to host them somewhere separated from our house. We built it during the winter. It’s a gypsy caravan that includes one double bed room, one tiny living room and one double bunk bed (4 simple beds) room.

So we can host 6 people in this tiny house. It does not include the bathroom nor the kitchen because we have these facilities nearby for them to use.

Learn more: http://www.vergersdevelours.com/

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