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This 470 square foot garage conversion is on the Sunshine Coast in Gibsons, BC and the owners converted it into a rental space on Airbnb as a form of house hacking to help pay their mortgage!

It’s kind of like a micro cabin but instead of being out in the woods, it’s in a backyard and close to stores and other services.

470-sq.-ft. Garage Turned Cottage, on Airbnb

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This is a one-bedroom tiny cottage with a garage. It’s a granny flat (guest house) in Australia called the Northmead by 5 Star Granny Flats.

It’s a one bedroom house design with a full kitchen, bathroom, and one-car garage. It’s perfect, isn’t it? What would you pay for a house like this in your area?

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One-bedroom tiny cottage on a foundation with a one-car garage by 5 Star Granny Flats

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This is a garage conversion in Memphis, Tennessee by Dwayne A. Jones Construction. Imagine having a tiny house like this in your backyard. Over time it can serve many purposes, right? Either way, enjoy the tour below!

Garage Converted into 320 Sq. Ft. Tiny House!

Garage Converted into 320 Sq. Ft. Backyard Cottage!

© Dwayne A. Jones Construction

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This is the Crown Hill Backyard Cottage designed by Bruce Parker who specializes in these in the Seattle area.

It’s a built atop a single car garage on the property’s backyard.

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Crown Hill Backyard Cottage Atop Garage

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This is the tiny rose cottage studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

From the outside, you’ll notice that it’s a tiny cottage built on top of a garage in a seemingly wonderful neighborhood.

When you head up the stairs and go inside, you’ll find a studio layout with your bed, living area, kitchen, bathroom, and an outdoor balcony.

This 377 sq. ft. cottage is available as a vacation rental. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Rose Cottage Studio in Cape Town, South Africa

Tiny Rose Cottage in Cape Town 001

Images © Airbnb

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I thought you might like this 429 sq. ft. studio house by José Valente. It’s a modern design that I see working well as a standalone tiny home (as shown) or even as micro apartments in a building.

But this modern tiny cabin is one-of-a-kind and located in V. N. e Gaia, Portugal. All the Comforts of Home in 429 Sq. Ft. and inside you’ll find a kitchen with full size range, sink, storage and full size refrigerator. Check out the cool compact kitchen table below too. With a well designed and thought out small space you really won’t miss any of the comforts of home.

Couple Turn Old Garage into Modern Studio Home


Images © José Valente

See more, including, before and after photos, cost, and more below:

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Guest Post by Michael Kelley – How I Converted My Garage into a Tiny Home for $6k

We live in a 600 square foot cottage in Ely, NV. We have plenty of space for everything except parties and overnight guests.

Our solution was to convert our humble stand alone garage into a party room/casita. Our home and casita project have been furnished and decorated from yard sales and hand-me-downs from friends.

The casita is approximately 380 square feet and features a separate sleeping area and a bathroom with shower. We wanted an industrial look so we used corrugated metal on about half of the interior walls.

A tool chest serves as a kitchen cabinet with drawers. All of the “kitsch” on the walls was obtained for less than $500.00. We did a lot of the labor but did use a contractor for the plumbing and electoral work.

An evaporative cooler provides cooling and space heaters are used for heat. A coffee pot, toaster, and an induction burner have been sufficient for our guests cooking needs. The remaining garage space is just large enough to house our golf cart.

Man Turns Garage into Tiny Home for $6k

Man Turns Garage into Tiny Home for $6k

Images © Michael Kelley

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A few weeks ago I was exchanging e-mails with Kenny in Portland who wants to turn his garage into a studio. It’s just a one-car garage so I’d really consider this to be tiny house living (in a garage). But seriously. With the renovation done right, it can be turned into a really nice studio slash tiny guest house.

I think it already looks good on the outside. Kenny recorded a video walkthrough of the garage as he talks about his ideas for the project. He wants to hear your feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

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Kenny’s Garage to Tiny House Conversion Project

Garage conversion to studio tiny house living

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