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Steve and Audra had camped in tents for years when Steve brought up the idea of converting a van. It took a bit for Audra to warm up to it, but eventually, they bought a high-roof Ford Transit and started a 2-plus-year journey to complete the inside.

They wanted to convert the van on a budget and used a lot of reclaimed materials — like the discarded decking that became their ceiling — in order to keep costs down. What’s your favorite part of their conversion?

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Reclaimed Materials and DIY Ingenuity: Couple’s High Roof Ford Transit Van Conversion Journey

Former Tent-Campers Choose DIY Van Conversion 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Cynthia had been thinking of going tiny for a while, but she was initially nervous about telling her grown children and friends about her idea. But she conquered her fear, bought a Ford Transit Connect, and converted it all herself!

She made sure her conversion fit her lifestyle and her 60-pound dog. She has a bed that folds out at nighttime and a cool table in the back for her outdoor cooking station. Enjoy the tour!

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Her DIY Ford Transit with an Awning

Cynthia & Her Dog in Their Ford Transit Connect Conversion 2

Images © Tiny Home Tours

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Back in high school, Alexandria dreamed of van life and travel via her Pinterest board, but it took the events of 2020, a job change, and a lot of gusto to get her to sell her vehicle and purchase her Ford Transit that she now calls home! Alexandria isn’t afraid to be honest about the struggles of living in a van, and about how many times she has ripped out and redone certain parts of her van to make it almost perfect for her lifestyle!

She replaced her DIY toilet with a Nature’s Head. She took out a wall of tile that didn’t fit her vibe. She spent hours upon hours creating a stunning ceiling and fitting an upper cabinet to the Transit’s extreme curvature. But now? She has a functional and tidy space that works for her four-day/10-hour workweek. She spends her long weekends hiking and biking all around the country!

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Secret Clothing Storage & Awesome Bike Drawer in Her Ford Transit

She Works 4 10 on the Road in Her Almost-Perfect Van. 3

Images via Tiny Home Tour

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This is the story of the ultimate Sprinter van conversion with 2 murphy beds custom design and built by @plansintransit. It’s now listed for sale via Van Life Trader.

It’s a 2018 Ford Transit conversion by @aubernutter and @justinjmorris, who previously built-out this class B motorhome.

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Transit Van Conversion w/ Two Murphy Beds, Shower, And More

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You may be familiar with Mat and Danielle and their incredible Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel, where they show us an array of inspiring stories, not to mention, their own. So this is how they built out their second van conversion.

They went with a used 2015 Ford Transit van with a high roof and 148″ wheelbase. Once they got it, they started by adding a couple of windows, gathering natural and non-toxic materials for the build, and preparing the van for the conversion. They used things like hemp for insulation and cork for flooring. You’ll get to learn all about it right here in this post! Enjoy…

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How They Converted Their 2015 Ford Transit High Top Into A DIY Dream Tiny Home

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This is the Ford Transit ModVans conversion with a pop-up roof. It’s called the ModVans CV1.

With safe, comfortable seating for 5 and removable RV components, the ModVans CV1 is a full-featured camper van, family van and work van all in one.

What do you think of the ModVans CV1?

ModVans CV1: Ford Transit Camper Conversion with Pop-Up Roof

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 001

Images via ModVans

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This is a woman who is living solo in her Ford Transit Connect van.

From the outside, you’ll notice a stealth white van with colorful flowers on it.

When you go inside, you’ll find a twin bed with under-bed storage and a kitchenette. There’s even a pull-out burner for making food or tea.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Woman Living Solo in her Ford Transit Connection Van


Images © Enigmatic Nomadics via YouTube

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