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Ford Transit ModVan Conversion with Pop Top

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The ModVans CV1 is a versatile camper van created by converting a Ford Transit vehicle. It combines adventure, family, and work functionalities and features a pop-up roof for more headroom and sleeping space.

The ModVans CV1 is a versatile van that seats four and has removable RV components. It’s perfect for road trips or weekend getaways.

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ModVans CV1: Flexible Van Life with a Low Center of Gravity

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 001

Images via ModVans

Unleash Boundless Adventure: CV1/X Series Van with Massive 1100-2100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Now, let’s talk power – the CV1/X Series is a beast with its eXtreme capacity LiFePO4 battery. We’re talking about a gigantic 1100Ah to 2100Ah power reservoir here. You can kiss goodbye to the anxiety of finding the next power hook-up; this van covers you for days or weeks off-grid.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 007

Dominate the Road: ModVans CV1’s Versatile 4×4 and Heavy-Duty Tow Package

The ModVans CV1 is a robust vehicle that can handle any terrain. With its low center of gravity and optional 4×4 or All-Wheel Drive, it can deliver up to 400 ft. lb. of torque. The cruise control and heavy-duty tow package make it easy to carry your belongings.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 008

Adventure-Ready: ModVans CV1’s Essential Add-Ons for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The CV1 comes with some sweet add-ons too:

  • Wheels that mean business
  • A bike rack for the cyclists out there
  • A cell booster so you’re never truly disconnected
  • An outdoor shower (because why not?)
  • And so much more, from a house battery to a ladder for those starry night rooftop moments.
ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 009

Driven by Innovation: The ModVans Story Behind the Modern Camper Revolution

ModVans is an innovative camper designed by a group of engineer and scientist friends who were frustrated with the bulky Class C RVs. The result is a modern camper that’s easy to drive and park, making adventure travel more accessible.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 009a

ModVans: Quality, Sustainability, Fair Wages

Based in Sparks, Nevada, but often found on the open road, ModVans is about quality, eco-awareness, and ensuring their team earns a fair wage.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0010

CV1: Your Ticket to Flexibility in Camping

Park your RV almost anywhere at a campground, or find an RV campsite for power and water hookups. Rest and recharge in National Forests or RV campgrounds.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0012

Smart Seating, Spacious Comfort: ModVans CV1’s Versatile Design

The ModVans CV1 comfortably seats four people, providing a comfortable ride for family trips or work retreats. The seats are designed for maximum comfort on the road.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0013

Take the Wheel: ModVans CV1’s Front Seats and Road-Trip-Ready Second Row

The front seats are plush, supportive, and captain-chair-like. The second-row seats are comfortable and perfect for a road trip.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0015

ModVans CV1: Removable Seats, Endless Possibilities

Good news! The extra seats in your vehicle can be removed, giving you more space. You can use it for gear, a mobile office, or for your furry friend to relax.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0016

Adaptable Seating, Endless Possibilities: ModVans CV1

The seating is not just functional but flexible, adapting to the ever-changing demands of van life. Need more room for cargo? Remove a seat. Taking the whole gang out? Pop them back in. It’s your call to make the CV1 a true chameleon of the road.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0017

Elevate Your Experience: ModVans CV1’s Spacious Pop-Top

The ModVans CV1’s pop-top feature is a stroke of genius that expands your space upwards, giving you that extra roominess so coveted in van life. With just a push, the roof creates a loft-like area perfect for sleeping under the stars or sitting in bed with a good book without feeling cramped.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0018

Nature’s Front Row: ModVans CV1’s Elevated Pop-Top Experience

This isn’t just about added space—it’s about the experience. Imagine lying in that elevated space, mesh windows open to a cool breeze, gazing out at a mountain range or the canopy of a forest. It’s your mobile observatory deck, a front-row seat to nature’s grandeur.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0019 ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0023

Stealth Mode Engaged: ModVans CV1’s Aerodynamic Pop-Top Down

When the pop-top is down, the CV1 is more aerodynamic and stealthy for urban camping. This simple upgrade embodies the freedom van lifers seek, making the CV1 an adventure vessel.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0027

Effortless Organization: ModVans CV1’s Integrated Drawer Storage

Storage solutions are integrated into the van conversion. These large drawers can tuck away utensils, supplies, non-perishables, clothing, and gear, keeping things organized and accessible. This way, every inch of space is maximized — because in van life, every inch counts.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0020

Privacy on Demand: ModVans CV1’s Discreet Potty Partition

CV1 values privacy and offers a discreet potty partition for a portable toilet. The partition is designed to be there when you need it and to blend away when you don’t. This feature provides privacy wherever you are, whether in the wilderness or a parking lot.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0021

ModVans CV1: Mobile Living Made Light and Functional

ModVans CV1: a mobile home with a functional and flexible kitchen and storage setup that keeps your living space clear and your travels light.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0024

Unleash Your Wanderlust: ModVans CV1, Your Perfect Travel Partner

Imagine the freedom of the open road with a van conversion like the ModVans CV1 as your trusty companion.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0025

Beyond Transportation: ModVans CV1, Your Gateway to Adventure

This isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a passport to countless adventures and memories waiting to be made.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0026

Trailblaze with Confidence: ModVans CV1, Your Off-Road Companion

Imagine waking up to forest sounds, brewing coffee while dawn breaks. Or conquer trails with the CV1’s off-road capabilities.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0028

Surf, Rinse, Repeat: ModVans CV1’s Beach Day Essentials

With the CV1, your adventurous spirit can take the lead. Head to the beach, catch some waves, then rinse off with the outdoor shower before settling for a seaside lunch.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0029

Connect with Nature, Bug-Free: ModVans CV1’s Pop-Top Mesh Windows

Find solace in the remote corners of the national parks, where the pop-top mesh windows connect you to nature without the pesky mosquitoes.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0030

Party in Comfort: ModVans CV1’s Private Potty at Festivals

Attend a festival and have all the comforts of home right there with you, skipping the long lines for public restrooms thanks to your private potty partition.

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0031

On the Road Again: ModVans CV1, Your Adventure-Ready Home on Wheels

Explore the world with the CV1 van conversion. It’s your home-on-wheels that’s always ready to hit the road. So pack your bags and let the journey unfold!

ModVans Ford Transit Conversion Camper Van 0032

Images via ModVans

Video Tour/Demonstration of the ModVans CV1 Conversion


  • Versatile Seating: Comfortable seating for four with removable options for added space.
  • Pop-Top Feature: Elevates to create additional sleeping or living space with panoramic views.
  • Efficient Kitchenette: Compact yet fully equipped with a stove, sink, and storage.
  • Discreet Bathroom Area: A private partition for a portable toilet, blending seamlessly when not in use.
  • Ample Storage: Ingeniously designed drawers that offer organized, accessible space for essentials.
  • Adventure-Ready Design: Equipped for off-road journeys with a low center of gravity, optional 4×4 or AWD, and advanced driving assistance features.
  • Self-Sustaining Power: Massive LiFePO4 battery system for extensive off-grid capabilities.
  • Eco-Conscious Manufacturing: This was built by an employee-owned company in Sparks, NV, that focuses on living wages and environmental awareness.
  • All-in-One Vehicle: Serves as a camper, family van, and work vehicle, adaptable to various lifestyles and needs.


  1. ModVans
  2. New Atlas

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This post contains affiliate links.

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