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Do you remember the MOOV van conversion we showed you back in February? Well, here’s another version of it! And Vandoit has slots open in 2024 for you to get your very own custom MOOV. These are built on a Ford Transit chassis and there are oodles of upgrades/options to make sure this adventure vehicle meets all your needs.

One thing I really love about this van design is the split Murphy bed! Half of the bed folds down from each side of the van and meet in the middle for bedtime. There’s also both a shower and toilet system inside, so you don’t have to suffer cold showers in the wintertime. What do you think of this van conversion?

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Amazing Professionally-Built Ford Transit

Newest MOOV Van Conversion 3

Images via Vandoit

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The founders of Vanning in Plain Sight came from a background of hotel work, which means each of their vans is designed to be a “hotel on wheels” combining luxury and comfort with the ease of traveling wherever your heart takes you. They definitely succeed in their latest build that’s for sale now.

The moment you open the front door, you can feel that “hotel” vibe with the sleek finishes and calming color scheme. There’s a shower, toilet, oven, cooktop, and multiple configurations for the bed and work/dining space. The most unique feature is the built-in bookshelf that acts as a barricade between the back doors and the bed. While most vanlifers leave this space open, closing it off creates added security and extra storage.

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Hunter Green, Gold & Cream Hotel on Wheels

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Blaine loved his life of international travel, but the pandemic shut the world down back in 2020 and he was looking for something to satisfy his wanderlust. When he dove into #vanlife research, he found his niche! His Ford Transit conversion is simple and stealthy and allows him to go just about anywhere.

At 6’3″, he needed to carefully craft his van so he could stand up and fully lay down in his bed — and he succeeded! The interior has a log-cabin vibe, while the exterior has nothing indicating it’s a home and not a work van. Very creative!

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His Simply & Stealthy Log-Cabin Van Build

International Traveler to Van Lifer in Stealthy Ford Transit 3

Images by Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story of Casey and her four-season 2019 Ford Transit camper van build, where she lives tiny and travels with her dogs.

Casey has always had van life brewing in the back of her mind, and when the pandemic hit, the timing seemed ideal. She designed her 2019 Ford Transit tiny home by teaming up with Live a Little Vans.

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Life in her Custom Camper Van by Live a Little Vans…

Doggie Foster Mom’s 2019 Ford Transit Build Out.

Images by Tiny Home Tours

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BlackHawk and Madi took this Ford Transit van with two sliding doors and transformed it into one of the loveliest van conversions I’ve seen, complete with a shower and toilet (no gym membership required!).

They’ve enjoyed traveling the country in it, and are on to another adventure, and are now selling the gorgeous conversion (you can make an offer by sending a DM on Instagram here).

The interior has sleek black cabinets, hexagon tiles, a nearly-queen bed, and two swivel chairs for hanging out. There’s a Dometic fridge that slides out from under the bed, as well as super-long drawers for clothing storage. Be sure to check out the video tours below to get all the amazing details on this build-out. Thanks again, Tiny Home Tours!

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They’re Selling Their Awesome Van Conversion!

Ford Transit Van Conversion with Two Sliding Doors, Shower & Toilet! 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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